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Top Windshields for ATV

Top Windshields For Atv
Top Windshields For Atv

Among all the accessories which you can get for your atv, windshields do fall in the purposeful category. Windshields do the essential task of protecting the rider against harsh elements of nature. All-terrain vehicles are made to ride in all off-road terrains which have different kinds of features.

Some trails will have mud and rocks and some will also have snow or wild branches of trees. The windshield can help in protecting the ATV rider from all these elements like mud, snow, rocks, and wood troubles.

Those who ride through rough trails often know the value of a good quality windshield. Except for all the factors mentioned if you like to often ride with your atv into the woods then you would know how much troubling the insects and extended twigs can be.

Oftentimes, when a fair speed is attained with the atv in a woods opening the flying insects or branches of the area, go unnoticed and you might get struck by it. So a windshield also provides severe protection from all these factors.

Whenever you will be attaining some speed with the atv no matter what kind of trail the wind is going to trouble your sighting which can get a bit risky for trail riding.

An unnoticed dent in the road or a large stone can cause interference with the stability of the vehicle.

So as the name stands a windshield is quite important in keeping the wind force in control which reaches you.

Keeping the facial area and upper body free from any type of troubling factors improves the ride experience and helps your off-road riding to the fullest. The windshield also adds to the style factor of your vehicle and makes it stand out from a vehicle that is not accessorised.

Although there remains various consideration for buying an atv windshield which would suit best not only the vehicle but also the purpose of the windshield.

Essential factors to analyze while choosing the right windshield

Before buying the windshield you need to know the factors which need consideration from your side. When you start looking for windshields you will know that the options are numerous. Yet bringing home the right windshield will not only serve the purpose but also yield every penny you had to spend. The prime factors of windshield buying are as follows:

The quality and material used

The quality of the windshield will be of the prime perspective to check for. If the windshield gets easily scratched, cracked, or scarred with the debris clashes then the money you had spent wouldn’t be worth it.

Thus the windshield should be strong enough to provide sufficient protection while itself remaining at bay from damages too. The windshield should also provide a clear vision of the road. There are some windshields that provide protection but are a bit smudged and unclear.

So you need to check for these factors while buying an atv windshield.

The common materials used in the manufacturing of atv windshields are polycarbonate and acrylic. Acrylic is most commonly used because the manufacturing and materials cost is less than the polycarbonate and thus the market price is also less.

The acrylic windshields if chosen from a reputed brand also provide great protection against the natural elements of trails.

This means the polycarbonate ones will be more costly but they will last longer.

Although rarely you will find windshields of actual glass as well they won’t be as good as the acrylic and polycarbonate ones. They are quite poor in terms of safety because when they will break it will be a huge risk for the rider and would also make a hazard on the trail by lying around.

The price points and design

When considering price of atv windshields the acrylic ones will always be cheaper and moderate priced. It is best to get the acrylic ones if you rarely ride trails which are quite rough in terms of atv interference.

If the trails you ride are fairly open ones and don’t involve any sharp branches, mud splashes, and tossing rocks then the acrylic ones would work well enough in protecting against strong winds and blowing sand.

If you are an avid rough trails rider then getting the polycarbonate ones which will be most costly is going to be the right option for you. The polycarbonate ones are often wide enough to cover the atv handbars and thus provide all round protection.

This will not only help with the normal debris but also with the cold winds that riders face in regions of snowfall. Some also do come with a bracket of steel which makes the windshield more sturdy and efficiently durable.

Some windshields are present in the market which are having universal sizes. This means they are made to fit most of the atvs.

These windshields quite easily get installed and would require just some space on the handle bars. You need to check how the windshield is going to suit the design of your atv. You can easily visualize among the options and know which one would enhance the design and style of your atv. You should definitely choose the design which really amplifies the whole lookout of your atv.

Clarity of the windshield

One of the basic requirements which cannot be ignored is the clarity of the windshield. You need to be able to see through with utmost clarity at all times. The ride experience and safety are supremely related to the clarity of the windshield.

The durability and strength of the windshield will also have an effect on the clarity of the windshield you choose. There are mainly two types of material used in atv windshields that you already know. As stated before, the acrylic ones are less resistant to scratches and casual debris hits in comparison to the polycarbonate ones. This means over time the polycarbonate will maintain its clarity and visibility.

The scratches would certainly take a toll on it but the severe cleaning it will receive often will also make the acrylic windshield quite hazy. The atv windshields of polycarbonate wouldn’t catch easy scratches from the mud and sand particles. When you would wipe the mud and sand you would be unwilling to give the atv windshield scratches. But if your atv windshield is of polycarbonate then there isn’t much to fear.

Based on the features, style, atv fitting, and other cost considerations you need to choose the right windshield for yourself. Here you find the listings of the best atv windshields in the market and with essential details to help you decide the right windshield for riding through difficult trails. The top atv windshields are as follows.

BlackBoar Windshield for ATV

This blackboar windshield is one of the best products you can find for your atv that comes at a really affordable price without any compromise in the quality and features.

The blackboard windshield has even a stylish design and perfect finishing edges. The blackboar windshield has supreme clarity with durable characteristics.

The windshield is made from good quality acrylic and has a wide coverage to provide all-around protection from cold winds and debris. The windshield is reputed to have a glossy texture and seems to be quite stylish when fitted to most atvs. This is more of a universal size windshield and can mount onto almost any atv because the windshield would just need some space on the handlebars to get attached.

When you buy this atv windshield they also provide some mounting hardware which makes the installation process much easier.

The acrylic used is very clear and easy to see through. Riders love the feature of the windshield which covers their hands as well and keeps them extra warm in winter.

The windshield weighs around 6.8 pounds. The manufacturing company of this blackboar windshield is known as Camco. Their headquarter lies in Greensboro, North Carolina. The parent company has been around for a long time and has acquired a great reputation for its amazing and durable products.

PowerMadd Cobra Protek windshield

This atv windshield is also a universal windshield that mounts onto the handlebars quite easily of most All-Terrain Vehicles. The powermadd cobra protek has been specially designed keeping all modern atvs in consideration which has accounted for its versatility.

Many atvs require dismantling the windshield before loading the vehicle on a truck or trailer but not in the case of powermadd cobra protek windshields, they do not require being taken out.

This windshield is made from premium quality polycarbonate which is totally optical graded. The powermadd cobra protek is well known for its feature of the rapid release. This means the windshield can be removed and reinstalled by the atv owner in just a couple of seconds.

But this doesn’t mean the windshield is well gripped to the atv handlebars, it maintains a firm grip all the time and never gets loosened on its own.

This powermadd cobra protek is available in two distinct variants which are the standard and the rapid-release ones. The standard ones are a little bit lower in cost.

The windshield is mostly clear or has a black graphic display which also helps in shielding from the sun rays. There is a headlight cutout portion present in the design of this windshield that makes the mounting process easier.

The windshield also gets fixed in a wonderful way for this cutout design. Ribs and Contours present makes the windshield have extra strength and durability. The powermadd cobra protek windshields are available in many variants to suit your needs and preference.

There are windshield variants present even without the headlight cutout to suit your unique atvs. The high-grade polycarbonate maintains the windshield being scratch-free and also provides a crystal clear display.

The mounting brackets rise out of the upsweep bar when mounted and work fine even if the atv has a headlight pod. The two-point mounting system is universal and much unique. The windshield is not much heavy at all and weighs only five pounds.

Check out the amazing reviews from atv owners on amazon to have a more candid lookout into the user’s perspective.

Maier Universal USA ATV windshield

This is also a high-quality polycarbonate windshield that is durable and purposeful. The maier USA also has a universal fit which means it would easily mount on most of the ATVs without any trouble. The maier usa windshield is very strong and provides utmost protection against all kinds of debris and cold winds.

As the windshield extends to the handlebars your hands remain properly protected as well. The design of this maier windshield is more of a general and classic one. If you like accesories a little old-school and much simple then this Maier USA windshield would serve the need amazingly. But it does not have the quick release system as present in powermadd cobra protek windshield.

 Unlike many other brands, these Maier USA windshield comes with a one-year warranty. This windshield requires to be removed when the atv needs to be transported in a trailer or truck. If the trailer will be driven by you then you might keep the windshield attached. But this would also mean you cannot go above fifty-five mph.

That would be quite difficult when you are going to travel through the highways so most atv owners prefer to remove it. Although the maier USA doesn’t have a quick removal system that doesn’t mean the existing process is complicated. The Maier windshield can be removed without any trouble as well. This maier usa windshield will also stay put for a very long time without any kind of scratches and the visibility through it will be much clearer as well in comparison to any acrylic windshield.

Polaris windshield-lock and ride tall

As this is from the polaris brand itself this lock and ride windshield is going to ideally fit with any Polaris vehicle. Keep this windshield in your top three windshields for the atv if you own a Polaris ride. This windshield is made with such design intelligence that this lock and ride tall windshield is able to fit any of the sportsman models from 2008 and Polaris models were released much later on too.

The windshield has the name part ‘lock and ride tall’ because of the lock and drive technology present in the windshield. This allows the polaris or atv user to fix or remove the windshield in just a matter of few seconds. The windshield has a cut-out lower design for the vehicle’s headlight. The windshield has a proper sleek design which enhances the style of the Polaris. The height of this polaris windshield is a little greater than most conventional windshields present in the market.

Thus if you don’t like extra eye-wear while riding the atv then this windshield will be much able to protect your face as well. It provides protection from all the natural elements that are present in the rough trails to make the ride experience more troublesome.

This is why having a protective atv windshield is important which will be among the best atv windshields in the market. The polaris windshield is extremely clear and offers perfect visibility. The height of this windshield is about twenty inches. As the polaris brand themselves are in charge of this windshield be sure to get a high-quality product as expected from a powersport brand.

Honda ATV Genuine windshield

The brand name comes with its own weight and kind of guarantees some excellent design and durability. There are multiple variants of the windshields from honda making a perfect fit available for every Honda ATV running through the off-road tracks.

The windshields from honda like one of the popular variants which are the HRWS-1 comes in a super polycarbonate construction.

This makes the windshields highly resistant to scratches and any low impacts. If you own a honda atv then buying the windshield of the same brand would guarantee the perfect fit too.

As high-grade polycarbonate is used in construction this would also mean that the windshield would maintain its shape for a long period even after battling the debris and the harsh winds.

When you are spending a little extra choosing the superior product you would definitely expect longevity in its service and the honda windshields deliver perfectly.

The hrws-1 model and other trx models from honda have an easy installation and take-off system which lets you clamp it and release it in just a few seconds.

As most of the windshields from honda would come with the famous honda logo after a few days of installation it would definitely start to feel like a permanent part of the ATV.

Some windshields for atv start to show a yellowish color due to the beatings from nature but that doesn’t happen with honda windshields which offer excellent protection even from tossing small rocks as the windshields are made impact resistant.

The honda windshield models for atv also provide protection from harsh UV rays.

So if you travel through the desolate and barren trails a lot then this windshield will also protect your body to some extent making you less tired from the heat. You will find various models on amazon including the windshields for honda trx 500 and other trx models.

National cycle Lexan windshield for ATV

This is one of the most affordable polycarbonate options available for the windshields on atv. The national cycle Lexan windshield is highly durable and the lexan polycarbonate accounts for the blooming long life of the windshield. The design has a specific cutout for the headlight and also allows to get easily fitted with most center headlight atvs.

The unique design also helps users to fit this windshield in vehicles like polaris sportsman and yamaha foreman. There are very few atv oriented universal designs that will fit well with the vehicles mentioned above.

The epoxy black powder-induced components for mounting are purely made of steel and are extraordinary in strength. The surface of the windshield from the national cycle is always quite smooth and has utmost clarity.

Along with wide reach, these windshields also protect your handlebars and thus keep your hands protected. The most popular variant in terms of size is the thirty-two-inch width. The national cycle windshields come with a unique rubber trim edge that is rare to find.

The windshield thus provides all round protection from all types of trail debris and also from the cold winds. The windshield is much lighter in weight than the other polycarbonate ones in the market and weighs around seven pounds. This windshield is quite common with polaris sportsman, honda trx 500, and also honda trx 450 series.


The windshield can be considered as the most important accessory that you need to think about just after getting an atv or utv.

If you love to travel through the trails of various features then a windshield is a priority to keep you safe. The windshield as the name suggests does protect not just from harsh winds but also from sand, rocks, mud, and even insects.

If your eyesight gets easily troubled by the debris or the concentration shifts to the tossing debris then your off-road experience will get quite unfulfilling.

So to have the most amazing experience of the wild trails you need to get a strong windshield for your atv. The other priority feature will be clarity.

Always check the clarity of the windshield because if the windshield doesn’t have a proper view of everything in front then it would rather work in a reverse manner of causing damage other than providing protection.

The windshield also provides an enhanced style to your vehicle that makes the ride stand out in front of other atvs even if they are of the same model and brand.

Buying a windshield becomes much easier when you know the important features you should be looking for. Knowing the best ones in the market makes the process of deciding much simpler. It is very important to always check if the variant of the model you are choosing is the right fit for your atv or not.

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