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Top 10 Best ATV Riding Trails In Wisconsin

Top 10 Best Atv Riding Trails In Wisconsin
Top 10 Best Atv Riding Trails In Wisconsin

If you want to make an off-road adventure in your ATV, Wisconsin is one of the best places ever in the United States. Owing to its great diversity of terrain conditions and beautiful views of nature, it is regarded as the most organized network of trails.

The boards of Wisconsin Tourism officially classify the maximum number of trails in Wisconsin. Thanks to the ATV clubs across the entire state who took responsibility for managing the trails throughout the year.

If you want to make an off-road adventure in your ATV, Wisconsin is one of the best places ever in the United States. Owing to its great diversity of terrain conditions and beautiful views of nature, it is regarded as the most organized network of trails.

The boards of Wisconsin Tourism officially classify the maximum number of trails in Wisconsin. Thanks to the ATV clubs across the entire state who took responsibility for managing the trails throughout the year.

Wisconsin is also known as America’s Dairyland, an excellent spot for recreation activities because it is near famous picnic spots like Lake Michigan Great Lakes and the fun events spots like snowmobile derbies often held in winter.

Instead of making just an ATV trip, you can combine it with hunting, fishing, or camping because this place offers invitations for other great outdoor activities.

So what are the best ATV trails in Wisconsin? We have reviewed the top ten trails in this area, which we think are the best routes for off-road enthusiasts.

Hatfield Wisconsin ATV Trails

Top 10 Best Atv Riding Trails In Wisconsin

Hatfield, located in the heart of Pines, is a suitable town for recreation activities and is also the home to 840-acre Lake Arbutus.

Off-road enthusiasts visit this area for making trail adventures, and along with off-roading, they also combine boating, fishing, hunting, and camping along the lakeside. Visitors from over the entire state and abroad explore the ATV/UTV and snowmobile trails for the whole year.

It is a fun rendering and a wonderful experience to go on trail riding on an off-roading vehicle. The trend of ATV riding has been settled down to the public in recent years and is still gaining popularity.

You may also be interested in it but first need to test the ATV drive before investing to buy an ATV for yourself.

In Wisconsin, there are a lot of opportunities to explore the ATV trails and the riding parks. You can also rent an ATV without investing a huge amount in purchasing the vehicle.

Owing to their smaller size the parks and recreation spots are quite easy to explore, and you can go to the places where full-size trucks and SUVs have no access.

After covering a lot of miles of exciting trail journey, you can rest on the parking spots along the trail to stretch your legs.

If you don’t possess an ATV of your own, there are several motorsports businesses in the area that offer good-condition ATVs on rent in Wisconsin.

They provide you an ease to get full pleasure of riding in the area. The ATV experience might trigger your interest in entering this sport and buy your own ATV.

It should be noted that there are age and safety training restrictions for the use of ATVs. In order to ride an ATV in the area, you must be at least 12 years old or older to ride.

If someone is 20 years old or younger, he must obtain an ATV Safety Certificate, which can be gained online. While dealing with a rental, always cooperate with the rental agency about wearing helmets and protective clothes for ride safety.

Rome Wisconsin ATV Trails

In the town of Rome, which is located in the shrub rub of Wisconsin, there are a number of off-road opportunities to go outside and enjoy the trails over there.

Due to enormous routes and parks, Rome provides a lot of options for experiencing the power-sports and other recreational activities.

These trails are funded by the state of Wisconsin and get open on the first Saturday of May while closing on the Sunday before the arrival of rifle deer season. For more information, you can see the latest ATV/UTV map of the Rome Municipal Complex.

In the town of Rome, many roads are open for ATV enthusiasts and are marked with signs depicting ATV route signs.

It is advised to stay at the marked routes. Riders are encouraged to stop at the Rome Municipal Building from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., or stop at the Pritzls Trading Post, which opens on a daily basis for the most recent map of the town road directions.

Every possible effort has been made to maintain the current route maps accurate. However, chances of change are possible, so it is good to follow market trails as they will be the most exact.

In the town of Rome, there exists the Dyracuse Recreational Park, which is situated 15 miles south of Wisconsin Rapids Off State Road 13. Sited over a vast area of 700 acres, the park is funded by the State of Wisconsin.

It is owned and managed by the town of Rome. Across the ten miles of trails, motocross, supercross, and pee wee tracks exist. There also exists a 4-acre sand bowl with a mud bog play area. The state is adding new trails to the park, and it has a plan to further expand the park.

Depending on the riding habits of every individual, there is always something in the park. No matter whatever type of vehicle you possess, like a motorcycle, UTV, ATV, or three-wheeler vehicle. You can enjoy a ride that is accomplished with beautiful views and scenes of nature on the trails.

On the challenge course, you can challenge your equipment and yourself to determine how extreme you can make it to perform best in the mud play area and spin donuts in the sand bowl.

A part of the park is also owned by the Rapid Angels Motorcycle Club, which hosts numerous competitions every year. These competitions include Motocross, GrandPrix, Hill Climb competitions, and a Hare scramble. They also guide the youths about the events.

On March 4, 1979, the Rapid Angles Club thought about the possibility of a Motorcycle Recreation Program or MRP in the area of the park which they owned in the town of Rome.

A group of representatives from the Rapid Angels held a meeting with the officials of the town of Rome and after several meets, their proposal was accepted, and the Town of Rome gained the status of the first place in Wisconsin to hold motorcycle recreations which the MRP funded.

The recreation area is named after Dyracuse Mound, a noticeable milestone in Adams County, where it is found. Their region swarms with sporting open doors with various lakes and timberland encompassing the recreation area. Setting up camp, housing, food, and gas are promptly accessible.

Clark County ATV Trails In Wisconsin

Top 10 Best Atv Riding Trails In Wisconsin

Clark County consists of more than 134 miles of spring, summer, and autumn ATV/UTV trails, and their routes run across 135,000 acres of Clark County forest.

Extra mileage for winter is also available, and you must see the map for detailed information. In winter, only ATVs are allowed, and UTVs are prohibited because of the harsh climate. It is very convenient to access the trails throughout the county forest.

These trails feature loading ramps, parking lots, day-use areas, food service, and fuel stations. Furthermore, these trails also offer accessibility to five county campgrounds.

The County officials influence the visitors and general public to follow the rules and regulations set by the state. ATV travel is only allowed on the designated ATV trails and the marked routes.

Only license holders and legal bikers are allowed to enter the ATV trail system. The non-street legal bikes can only ride on the designated Knobby Ridge off-road trails specific for bikers.

Licensing in Wisconsin

To get information about licensing of ATVs in Wisconsin and the rules and regulations set by the state about the use of ATVs, you should contact the Department of Natural Resources office of Wisconsin at (888) 936-7463. You can also visit the official website of Jackson County ATV Trails.

Wild Fire Prevention

It should be noted that ATVs are a possible cause of fires in the wild. Please abide by the rules and regulations imposed by the state regarding spark arrestors. So the probability of fire in the forest might become lower.

Jackson County ATV Trails in Wisconsin

Top 10 Best Atv Riding Trails In Wisconsin

Jackson County contains some of the most famous ATV trails in the Midwest. The trail runs about 100 miles across the stunning views of Black River State Forest and the Jackson County Forest. The nature of these trails is rolling and sandy.

In order to drive in this area, all the ATVs and motorcycles should be equipped with properly functioning Forest Service-regulated spark arrestors, and they should be capable of meeting the 96dB sound limit when subjected to an SAE sound test.

If your spark arrestor does not meet the state standard or your vehicle exceeds the 96dB sound limit, and you are caught while driving, you must pay a fine of 232 USD without any exceptions.

Most stock machines will come outfitted with a USFS-supported spark arrestor. Then again, most resellers exchange exhaust frameworks that don’t meet the necessities.

All supported systems will be stepped someplace on the exhaust. If you are uncertain, contact the maker of your exhaust system/machine to check if it is USFS endorsed. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s loud, it won’t meet the requirements.

Trails are managed intermittently by State and County laborers to guarantee the best and most secure riding conditions. The trails are also open to the utilization of lawful road motorcycles. All legitimate road bikes are expected to show a Jackson County use sticker prior to riding the trails.

Stickers are accessible at numerous nearby merchants. For information on getting a sticker, if it’s not too much trouble, contact the Department at [email protected].

Wisconsin regulations expect that all ATVs should show a substantial sticker of registration on the vehicle before driving on open or confidential grounds or show a trail pass.

The law of Wisconsin demands that all state-purchased ATVs should possess a non-resident trail pass.

You should purchase your ATV from the local WalMart in Black River Falls, situated on Highway 54. Moreover, go to the sports section of the store to view the DNR service program.

On this trail, there are many routes that lead visitors to the fuel, food, and lodging places in the Black River Falls forest and the villages of Millston.

For the riders safety, it is highly recommended that they only ride on the marked trails and preserve the sport’s future.

ATV Trails Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells is a place filled with lots of fun and an amusement center for visitors. The water parks in the city are known as the most famous and thrilling in the United States.

It also contains eye-catching scenery, which becomes more fortified along the bank of the Wisconsin River, where the gorges and the forest unites.

If you are in the Wisconsin Dell for driving on the trails and looking for the best trails in the city, then three scenic trails exist in this area.

You can explore any of these three trails in the Wisconsin Dell, and all the trails are family-friendly without any hassle. No matter what your skill level is, these trails are perfect for you.

The three main trails of the Dell are as follows.

Chapel Gorge Trail

You can try riding on this trail, whose mileage is 2.9 km, and it is a loop trail near Wisconsin Dell, Wisconsin. The trail is somehow easy, and it takes almost forty minutes to complete the trail.

The trail is best suitable for hikers, trail runners, and ATVs. You can also bring your dog here.

Rocky Arbor Loop

Rocky Arbor Loop is a 2.3 km loop trail located near the Dells. It is generally an easy route for off-roading.

The trial completes in an average of 30 minutes. The trail somehow remains busy, and you will encounter other people who are also driving on the trail. This trail is best for birding, trail running, ATV adventures, and hiking.

Witches Gulch Trail

​You can explore this wonderful trail of mileage 1.3 km near Dells. It is also a loop trail that is considered an easy route. The trail journey completes in an average of 15 minutes.

The trail is popular for hiking, birding, and ATV adventures. However, you can also enjoy some isolation during silent hours of the day.

Dunbar Wisconsin ATV Trails

Dunbar Wisconsin Atv Trails

In the north forest of Wisconsin, there are miles of ATV trails where you can enjoy the ride and also explore the forest by spending days in it.

The town of Dunbar, named Marinette County, is where you can access these great trails running across the forest of about 230,000 acres, the largest in the state.

This county is known as the “waterfalls capital” of Wisconsin, and while traveling on the trails, you will approach the sparkling lakes and streams. You can also go over the hills and view the beautiful scenery from the hillsides.

Trail System

On the western side of the Dunbar, there exists the Dungood ATV trails system; this trail system can be accessed from McClintock County Park and the Campground, near the south of the Dunbar Airport.

The park contains an ATV performance area just outside the area where you can reach just walking distance of the campground and the park’s comfort.

Following the designated ATV routes in Dunbar will easily reach the trailhead without loading your ATV on a tow vehicle.

​To get to the trail system, you must have your vehicle enlisted with the territory of Wisconsin if you are a resident.

If this is not the case and you are a guest and want to have your ATV in Wisconsin for less than 15 continuous days, you can buy a non-resident trail pass which remains valid for a year. You could also have to get an ATV safety training card if you are over 12 years old.


The only site for camping in Dunbar is the ATV campground in McClintock Park. It contains about ten primitive camping spots along the bank of Peshtigo River that remain open from the first of May to the first of November. This park is famous as “The Bridge Park” because of four wooden bridges situated over the river.

You can also camp in the forest, but for this purpose, you have to get a permit from the forestry department, which is not very expensive. Using the Leave No Trace technique while camping is highly recommended to minimize the human influence on the environment.

Oneida County Wisconsin ATV Trails

Top 10 Best Atv Riding Trails In Wisconsin

For ATV enthusiasts, there is a lot of fun in Oneida County. These trails are stretched over miles to the rural areas and routes, and during your journey, you will experience the alluring scenery of Wisconsin’s north woods.

You should always take precautionary measures before making a ride. To begin your journey head towards the southwestern Oneida County. There exist two trail systems that will lead you to the Oneida County Forest across wild creeks, which are situated 82,000 acres from the trail’s head, while the other destination is Woodland Lakes.

You will experience miles of additional riding on the rural roads.

The Little Rice ATV/UTV Trail System

This trail system will take you through the Oneida County Forest. These trails include 16 miles journey of beautiful forest and 23 miles of mild traffic section, which connects the trail with the ATV road routes.

When the trail enters the vicinity of town, it runs about 76 additional miles on town roads that are free for ATV usage. Moreover, parking is available on the north side of this trail system.

The Enterprise ATV Trail System

The Enterprise ATV Trail System incorporates 13 miles of trail and two or three short road courses in the Oneida County Forest—the trail associated with the routes in Lincoln and Langlade counties. The Enterprise trailhead is situated at the north end of the trail system.

To arrive at the trailhead, take County Highway 17 south from Rhinelander, 7 miles to Bowman Road. On this road, go east 1 mile to the trail’s parking area.

ATV setting up camp is accessible at Enterprise Campground, inside the Oneida County Forest, around 11 miles south of Rhinelander on Shingle Mill Road. The camping area is open through the Enterprise ATV trail or by means of Shingle Mill Road.

There are 11 camping areas with barbecues, fire rings, and outdoor tables. Bathrooms and hand siphon wells are also accessible at this location. Expenses are $10 each night per site, payable by self-enlistment.

The camping area is open from the 22nd of May to the first of December.

Always follow the regulations. Oneida County’s trails are open to ATVs and UTVs with a width of 65 inches. Safely ride and follow the rules imposed by the county. Always make sure to stop at the stop signs and follow the speed limit. Remain below 10 mph whenever you see any caution signs on the trail.

Sawyer County Wisconsin ATV Trails

Top 10 Best Atv Riding Trails In Wisconsin

Sawyer County is located in Wisconsin’s Northwoods and is the best place for ATV enthusiasts in North America who are looking for a trail to ride on.

The Sawyer County ATV trails are managed and groomed by the Sawyer Snowmobile and ATV Alliance, which is a nonprofit organization and is comprised of the joint venture of ten individual snowmobile and ATV clubs across the entire Sawyer County, Wisconsin.

The club’s main objective is to groom and manage the trails across the entire county and often in some areas of the surrounding counties.

For making snowmobile adventures, Wisconsin’s Northwoods is the perfect place in North America for snowmobile trail riding both for families and singles.

The Sawyer County Snowmobile and ATV Alliance have gained the status of the world’s biggest owner of trail grooming equipment.

They manufacture the equipment and groom the trails to the vast area of 600 miles within the boundary of the county. This maintenance is achieved by the volunteers who care about the outdoors and promote family outings to the trails.

If you visit Sawyer County, you will reveal why so many visitors return again and again to this area every year. The corporation is proud of the job they do. The county is open for the whole year for recreational activities.

Hurley Wisconsin ATV Trails

The Hurly Wisconsin ATV Trails are situated in Iron County. This county is not a place for just trail adventures; it will keep you coming back owing to its alluring land, water, and friendly people. These trails are brilliant and attract visitors.

There are about 50 pit stops along the trail to welcome the visitors for food, refreshments and a good place for gossip. A number of spots contain fuel pumps where you can fill your tanks.

The Iron County alone covers about 200 miles of all-season trails to explore. This trail system renders eye-catching attention owing to its beautiful views and scenic areas; these are the things that off-road lovers crave.

The Iron County trail system is loaded with some of the most alluring sceneries of nature that you have ever seen. It contains five of the ten highest waterfalls in Wisconsin, which lie within Iron County at a small distance from the trails, which means that visitors can also view the waterfalls and enjoy over there.

Inland lakes of Iron County are congested in the Mercer area, and just north of the Hurley, there exists the biggest lake of all of them, which most attracts visitors.

When it comes to the mountains, Iron County possesses the Penokee Mountains, the Northern Highlands, and the thousands of acres of timberland that provide a fascinating and memorable off-road experience in the state.

The dense forest of the county is the perfect habitat for thousands of species of wildlife you will spot while riding on the trails.

Hurley has rapidly developed a reputation for being flexible for the off-road adventures of all seasons. Visitors are also attracted to this place owing to its proximity to Lake Superior, which is a great site for picnics, kayaking, fishing, and camping.

Legendary Off-Road Rally

Iron County is best known for hosting the Memorial Weekend ATV Rally in the spring of every year.

This famous rally attracts thousands of ATV enthusiasts yearly and provides a perfect spot for ATV recreation. This rally includes a great poker run, an ATV parade, and numerous other fun rendering activities.

While in autumn, the county held the Annual Pumpkin Run ATV Rally covering the same above-mentioned activities, which are fortified by fall colors.

Eagle River Wisconsin ATV Trails

Top 10 Best Atv Riding Trails In Wisconsin

Eagle River is a city in Vilas County, Wisconsin, United States. Eagle River is very important in countless people’s lives because it is certainly a home for them.

Some people are gone a step forward and built homes for vocational purposes in this area. The city is undoubtedly full of natural sceneries, and there are many recreational opportunities.

A network of trails exists in Vilas County, which is managed and groomed by the Landover ATV/UTV Club, The Lakeland ATV Club, The St. German ATV/UTV Club, and the operators and sponsors of the present trails.

These club members have devoted many volunteered hours in signing, brushing, and trail work to affirm the safe opening of the ATV/UTV trails—great thanks to their efforts that devoted themselves to the welfare of these trials.

Once you ride the Vilas County trail system, you will enjoy the trail and crave to return to this place owing to its alluring natural views and fascinating terrain.

It is advised that to please stay on the designated ATV/UTV trails and follow the rules. Never exceed the speed limit and follow the trail signs for your safety and that of others.

Always make sure when riding a trail that the connecting roads are open to the trails or not. You can call the local chambers of commerce to check road conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do ATV Trails open in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is a challenging place to make off-road adventures. A test for your driving skills includes driving on steep hills and rough terrain valleys.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eBesides the thrilling adventures, there is also an opportunity to enjoy all the seasons. Moreover, you will pass by the small lakes and beaver ponds and spectacular views of the hills and enormous wildlife.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAll the trails in Wisconsin are usually open for ATV riding from the first of May to the 15th of November every year. Except in case of emergency or tough weather conditions, the trails may close for some time.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIn order to enjoy the ATV trails in Wisconsin, you should register your ATV or UTV if you plan to ride on any public recreational spot in the area.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWithin ten days of buying the ATV, registration must be accomplished. However, if you purchase from a dealer, they have 5 days to hand over the registration. Moreover, you must hold a pass if you are driving an ATV in the area.

When do ATV trails close in Wisconsin?

The ATV trails in Wisconsin generally open on the 1st of May and close on the 15th of November, but this date can vary depending on the weather conditions and the visitor’s influence in a particular county.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIn case of an emergency or worst weather, the trails may also close for some time. Generally, the municipality of each county in Wisconsin is now developing an ATV ordinance according to which ATV operations are prohibited during the hours of 12 am to 7 am.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eMoreover, an ATV speed limit has been imposed while driving on highways. The allowed hours for ATV operations are from 8 am to 9 pm in general practice.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThis duration may vary from one county to another depending upon the climate of the specific county. All ATV/UTV driving enthusiasts are required to ride a single file. Operators must be of 16 years of age and hold a valid driving license.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eMoreover, the operators should have liability insurance and should be able to provide proof of this insurance. Possession of alcohol or any form of alcoholic drink is prohibited while driving on the trails.

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