14 Top Trails For ATV Rides In The USA

Top Trails For ATV Rides In USA

Before you hit an ATV trail, decide on the kind of vehicle that you will drive, understand your skill level, and know the terrain where you will ride and its difficulty level to finalize on the trail to ride your ATV on.

Capitol State Forest ATV Trails

Located in Washington, close to Olympia, the Capitol State Forest (46.9582° N, 123.1149° W) trail lies in the great Pacific Northwest rainforest.

Extending through more than 100,000 acres of wildlife terrain, this trail will create an adrenaline rush. The open season climate from April to December is cool and mild and the perfect time to venture out on this trail.


  • Offers more than 80 miles of motorized off-trail vehicle trails to choose from for exploration.
  • Hardpacked and well-maintained trails with mountain streams and mossy and lush forests.


  • Rains on the trail can result in difficult, muddy tracks.
  • The creek and the middle waddle campgrounds offer parking and access to the trails but are not fully serviced, so boondocking should be planned for.

Imperial Sand Dunes ATV Trails

Also popular as the Glamis Sand Dunes, the Imperial Sand Dunes (32.9584° N, 115.0841° W) in California is a recreational ATV trail under and managed by the BLM. It is a vast trail extending to 40 miles in length and 5 miles in width.


  • The huge area gives you the flexibility to ride as you wish.
  • Scenic to enjoy the tranquillity of the desert.
  • Participate in various ATV events and races conducted each year.
  • A year-round destination.


  • Need to buy weekly permits for $35 per vehicle if purchased in advance.
  • On the spot, permit purchases are priced higher.
  • Seasonal permits run to $150
  • Non-refundable permits

Paiute ATV Trail System

Paiute Trail (35.7733317 ° N, -111.1445864 ° W), located in Utah, is one of the best and largest trails in America. The main loop extends to a length of 200 miles with an altogether total of 2000 miles of trail.


  • Enjoy varied trail experience from smooth and well-groomed gentle trails to a scramble on a steep ravine with a view of the desert, all in one place.
  • Towns play host to ATV jamborees all through the year.
  • Experience the feel of riding a grand tour from the town.
  • Guided tours can be arranged for a first-time rider.
  • Guides take you to explore the off-road trails.


  • Need to purchase a National Parks pass.
  • Some trails also need you to pay state park fees.

Hidden Falls Adventure ATV Park

The Texas-based ATV trail, Hidden Falls Adventure Park (30.5856° N, 98.1733° W) is an outdoor playground ideal for both kids and adults.


  • The trail is ideal whether you wish to ride a bike or a full-sized ATV.
  • The trail network is designed for varied experience levels and challenges.
  • Bunny slopes are available for kids.
  • Black diamond trails are for the hard-core ATV riders.
  • The trails are carefully marked so that you do not get lost.
  • Just reach the trail, get a map and start riding your ATV.
  • There are campsites and varied accommodation options in the park.
  • On Fridays and Saturdays, you can ride until midnight.


  • ATV cannot be rented at the park but you can hire it from the nearby vendors.
  • You need to pay $25 for the vehicle and driver and $15 for the bystander or passenger.
  • Family members who do not want to ride need to pay too.
  • No water features in the park.
  • No gas station anywhere in the park.

Black Hills National Forest ATV Trails

Located in South Dakota, the Black Hills National Forest (43.9166° N, 103.6671° W) is a traditional ATV trail offering an ultimate camping destination. The trail is perfect for off-road riding stretching for more than 600 miles of off-road trail.


  • Offers a plethora of things to do along with riding on the ATV trail.
  • Ride overnight to a lake or a stream and get a fly rod and tent to camp.
  • Get a fishing license and catch the best trout to savor.
  • A range of campgrounds to choose from like RV resorts to rustic spots.


  • You need a parking pass to get into the park.
  • A camping fee needs to be paid to set up the camp at the trailhead.
  • You always need to be alert for wildlife.

Hatfield-McCoy Trails

The Hatfield-McCoy Trails (37.7006° N, 82.2066° W) in Southern West Virginia is supposed to be the Mecca of the ATV riders. Many privately owned trails stretch to around 700 miles offering the perfect backcountry experience in the Appalachians.


  • There are all kinds of trails to try out, from mud bogging to rocky ridge terrain.
  • Offers ample accommodation and hotel options to cater to the ATV rider and his or her family.
  • Early October is the best time to enjoy fireworks, parades, poker nights, and ATV drag racing.


  • If you plan to go during the season time, then book the camp early.
  • There have been occasional fatalities on the trail, which is common in most outdoor sports.

Ocala National Forest ATV Trails

Situated on the northern side of the Everglades in the Florida Panhandle is the Ocala National Forest (29.1669° N, 81.7915° W). It boasts of 200 miles of ATV trails and 80 miles to run full-sized and off-road vehicles. The trail is fantastic for some real exploration.


  • Located in Florida so the elevation change is not significant.
  • Exotic animals and plants and innumerable lakes and streams welcome you on this trail.
  • Springs are located at frequent intervals where you can take a quick dip if you have your swimming trunk.
  • There are ample campgrounds to rest for the night.


  • The park pass does not work in the campgrounds for which you need to pay extra.

Baxter State Park ATV Trails

The Baxter State Park in Maine (46.0273° N, 68.9428° W) in the Atlantic Northwest covers around 1200 miles of ATV trail.


  • It passes through the wilderness region, letting you experience an adrenaline rush when you ride on this path.
  • Amazing scenery, with each trail offering a strikingly different terrain.


  • The trail passes through a remote location so you need to do a lot of research before you venture out.
  • Most trails are closed in the winter months.

Moab ATV Trails

Moab (38.5733° N, 109.5498° W), situated in Utah, is an amazing place to ride your ATV if you are fond of Red rock trails and deep canyons.


  • It lets you choose from several trails stretching across thousands of miles to ride your ATV on.
  • The trail is diverse, with canyons, red rocks, and arches.
  • Fun, challenging, and incredible views are what this trail has to offer.


  • You are not allowed to ride within the park but only on the land that surrounds it.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (43.7035° N, 124.1060° W) is a large coastal dune stretch that extends to 40 miles along the Coos Bay from Suislaw River to Cape Blanco.


  • The trail is perfect to create a thrill.
  • The dunes go as high as 500 feet and extend to 2.5 miles inland.


Aroostook County ATV Trails

The Aroostook County (46.8199° N, 68.4766° W) ATV trail is one of the finest trails in Northern Maine, also referred to as the Crown of Maine. The trail operates between the end of April to late October.


  • ATV trail stretches to 1200 miles.
  • Enjoy riding in the deep wilderness along direct paved roads through muddy bogs and lush forests.
  • An interconnected trail system lets you go on a long and varied terrain.
  • There are many accommodation options available for the rider and his family.


  • Keep an eye for wildlife like wild bears and moose.
  • The trail is cold most of the year so make sure to carry lots of warm clothes.
  • The rocky trail may not be ideal for a fresher.
  • Most trails are in remote areas so travelers have to pack for emergencies.

Tall Pines ATV Park

The Tall Pines ATV Park (33.0102° N, 80.1054° W) in New York is a paradise for avid ATV riders. It boasts of 70 miles of a single dirt track and well-groomed trails perfect for all riders whatever may be their level.


  • One of the largest trails in the northeast.
  • Ample amenities to have the best time in the park.
  • Budget campsites to save you money.
  • Multi-day passes work out cheap.


  • There is two-way traffic on the farm roads so you need to be cautious when you drive.
  • Pixley Hill Road and the Barrett Hill Road are steep and dangerous and are not well maintained.
  • There are some ruts on the road that you need to be careful about.

Sawtooth National Forest

The Sawtooth National Forest (43.8947° N, 114.8224° W) trail in Idaho is an epic and scenic ATV trail on the South Fork Boise River with hundreds of miles of ATV trail. July, August, and September are ideal for riding on the trail when the snow melts completely on the higher terrains.


  • Fun to ride the ATV trail.
  • The single-track trail is great for those who like challenges
  • The trails give a steep drop, are rocky, and have narrow switchbacks.
  • There are plenty of camping and lodging options.


  • The campground is remote, with basic amenities over 30 miles away.
  • Most of the trails are geared towards the pro riders, with hardly any trails for the amateur.

Black Hills National Forest

The Black Hills National Forest trail (43.9166° N, 103.6671° W) in Wyoming is one of the finest trails in South Dakota, letting riders enjoy a natural and scenic landscape.


  • 600 miles of segment ATV trail perfect for every skilled rider to explore.
  • Lush and green woodlands take you on the thrill of riding through the rock climbing zones.
  • With 2000km of waterways spread across 13000 acres, every turn feels like a different spot.
  • More than 35 campsites are located at a convenient distance from the trails.
  • It is the perfect destination for families offering ample activities like swimming, hiking, and fishing.
  • You may be lucky to spot a historic mining site during the ride.


  • Lots of dangerous wildlife, so you need to be cautious and follow only the designated trail.

What should you know about your ATV vehicle?

When you ride on any ATV trail, you must ensure that your vehicle is registered and legal in the home state.

If you are less than 14 years of age, then you need to demonstrate an ATV safety certificate proof.

Tighten the lug nuts, top off fluids, take a spare tire, inspect the shin and secure the handgrips, lubricate the fitting, and apply dielectric grease on the electrical connections for it to repel water. All these are necessary before you head out on the trail.

If exploring off routes in the backcountry on your ATV thrills you, we have you covered with some of the best ATV trails in the US. Wait no further to go on an adventure spree, but before that, read about these recreation trails in detail to choose the finest and also to be prepared for what lies ahead.

What are the safety tips for riding an ATV?

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when riding your ATV.

  • Ride on the designated trails only.
  • Ensure to keep a safe speed.
  • Wear goggles, long pants and sleeves, dot-compliant helmet gloves, and over-the-ankle boots.
  • Follow all the rules and regulations of the trail and establish some ground rules if riding in a group.
  • Choose the correct ATV for your skill and age.
  • There should be no passengers on the single-rider ATV.
  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol.
  • Always supervise kids who are under 16 years of age.


What attire is recommended for safety when riding an ATV?

For safety when riding an ATV, it’s recommended to wear goggles, long pants and sleeves, a DOT-compliant helmet, gloves, and over-the-ankle boots.

What are the guidelines regarding passengers on an ATV?

Single-rider ATVs are designed for only one person. Therefore, there should be no passengers on a single-rider ATV.

Are there any age-related precautions to consider when allowing kids to ride ATVs?

Yes, always supervise kids who are under 16 years of age when they are riding an ATV. Additionally, if you are less than 14 years of age, you need to demonstrate proof of an ATV safety certificate.

What are the necessary checks and preparations for an ATV before heading out on a trail?

Before heading out on a trail, ensure to tighten the lug nuts, top off fluids, take a spare tire, inspect the shin, secure the handgrips, lubricate the fittings, and apply dielectric grease on the electrical connections to repel water.

Why is it essential to know about the ATV trails in detail before embarking on an adventure?

Knowing about the ATV trails in detail helps riders choose the best trails suited for their skill level and ensures they are prepared for the conditions and challenges that lie ahead.


 Most of the states in the US boast of amazing ATV trails. We have compiled some of the best from the list.

All that you need to do is to figure out the kind of rider you are and which trail suits you the best.

Once decided, just get on your ATV and experience the bump, the thrill, and marvel at the epic scenery that you get to enjoy when riding your ATV meandering through undisclosed and unexplored scenic spots.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on and rev your ATV engine to get ready and explore a thrilling ATV ride.