Last Updated: August 13th, 2023

Top 5 Best ATV Tire Chains

Top 5 Best Atv Tire Chains
Top 5 Best Atv Tire Chains

As the ATVs mostly run with tires in low pressure it is important to use a protective layer sometimes. The most popular and effective way is by using special atv tire chains to ride worry-free on surfaces like snow.

For trail riders the season of winter especially when it severely snows starts to become quite dreadful. But if good quality atv tires are installed then even riding over snowy trails wouldn’t be so difficult.

When some known trails get totally covered in snow the trails become a completely new experience. You might be thinking about using chains made for other vehicles like sedans and trucks but they won’t be much effective in All-Terrain Vehicles.

The tire chains are a necessity every time you will be riding out into the snow with your atv or utv. The main task of the tire chains will be to provide extra grip on the surfaces like snow and ice.

ATV tire chains are easy to shift and also the installation is quite easy. But riders often get confused about which tire chain to choose which would serve the purpose for them.

Not only for improved traction but the chains are also essential for the protection of the tires. Some riders get the all-terrain tires removed and install specialized tires. This would mean any kind of damage to these tires will cost them big time.

When you will notice the difference it makes in an ATV tires performance you will enjoy riding in the snow just like other terrains of mud, rock, and plains.

Learning to install chains is also a basic skill if you own an atv. During the time of snow, all the trails remain quite empty with only a few expert riders and atv enthusiasts trying their tricks and perseverance on the trails.

So after you experience the snow trail riding it will definitely provide an edge over other riders. The experience is of utmost unique and would give you an urge to ride again every time it snows. The top 5 atv tire chains are discussed here.

Sedona cycle v-bar atv tire chains

These Sedona tires chains are high-performance v-bar chains perfect for atv and utvs. The prime attraction is that these tire chains are available at a fairly low price but with the same quality as other high-performing tires chains among the best ones.

The steel used is of premium quality and provides superior traction on surfaces of snow and ice. The Sedona cycle tire chains are available in four types of size dimensions which means you will surely find a fit for your all-terrain vehicle.

The cleats of the v-bar are specially made durable during the manufacturing process to withstand hard conditions without losing their shape even after several years. This tire chain is also much popular among Polaris owners for its strong grip on slippery surfaces.

These tire chains are among the best value ones that you will find ever. The tire chain weighs about eighteen pounds and is available in variants for both utvs and atvs. Some modern atv and utv tires are quite larger than the prior models.

The Sedona tires chains have an entire D-sized tire chain category to fit these larger tires of atvs and utvs. The ten-inch v-bar cleat provides excellent traction is known to be much enhanced than any other ten-inch v-bar available in the market.

The superior quality hardened steel makes the Sedona chains have a large life span without any damages. These tire chains are much reputed to be used in thick snow areas for plowing.

They provide amazing grip on slippery surfaces. The Sedona chain has some amazing customer reviews from atv owners and the way they have conveyed how this tire chain had proven to be extraordinary would surprise you.

Titan attachment ATV tire chain of 10 VBAR

The type of chains that are specially designed for atv riding in snow and ice will always be the right one among choices.

In that category, the tire chain of the titan brand is exceptional when it comes to performance. The traction these ten vbar chains provide is spectacular and almost never lets the tire slip-on from the desired position and direction.

These titan tire chains are available in four different sizes so that they can fit your atv perfectly without any extra spacings. The tires chains are quite reliable in terms of manoeuvrability and even maintains traction at a high speed of atv.

The width of the v-bar is of ten-inch which is ideal for atv chains. They are highly durable for premium quality manufacturing. The tire weighs around seventeen pounds and fits well with tighteners if there remains some extra pace when fitted. The titan tire chains have amazing reviews and popularity which you can witness on amazon.

Diamond studded chains for ATV Tires

If you are living in a region which experiences really harsh snowfall and it snows often making a thick hard layer of snow everywhere then the conventional atv chains might not work well.

In harsh snow regions like this, you would need the diamond-studded atv tire chains. They are made to perform in extremely hard snowfall areas. These studded tire chains come in diamond shapes as you can check in the picture given below.

The stud portions of the chain provide great traction on the thick snow and maintain the stability of your atv on slippery roads. The unique diamond design also helps in grip and increasing the friction with the tires so that better maneuverability and control can be obtained for the vehicle.

The common design of ladder style is not so bad if chosen the right ones but these unique diamond design ones are perfect for the extremely snowy regions. The chain should also be kept on top of tread lugs having great depth.

These studded chains are also highly praised for Polaris vehicles claiming they to be the ideal fit and perfect for escalated performance. This tire chain has extra two studs for every specific link when compared to tires chains of other brands.

This tire chain has more longevity and durability than other tire chains because of the perfect combination of studs and diamond patterns. Many tire chains would not be able to provide throughout lateral stability but this studded tire chain would provide that too.

The space area between the cross chains also matters a lot which can be found to be perfectly minimized in these tires providing more traction on the snowy and ice surfaces.

The tires are also found to be zinc coated that is rare to find and adds to the longevity of the tires. The tires are quite popular and weigh around thirty-five pounds. The deep tread of the tire chains is much better than other competitors in the market and the presence of the turf tread makes the studded diamond pattern chains much better.

Kolpin v-bar ATV Tire Chains

These kolpin tire chains have the conventional v-bar formations and the most reputed tire chain from them has the model number of 50-0020.

Very few atv tire chains in the market come in a handy case but these kolpin tire chains do provide an awesome briefcase type cover. The presence of a convenient plastic case makes storing and transporting a lot easier.

The 50-0020 model from kolpin has the category ‘B’ size which is the most common size for atv tire chains and would likely fit any popular atv with fair size tires.

They provide really firm stability on snow-covered trails and provides a smooth ride which you wouldn’t expect on snow surfaces.

The nine-inch v-blocks are crossed together in a certain design that easily penetrates the upper layer of snow and ice and catches a firm grip. The kolpin v-bar chains weigh around fifteen pounds. These chains to easy fits and don’t involve much labor from the atv owners.

Security Trac V-Bar ATV Tires Chain

When talking about a tire chain brand that has a colossal set of experience then you should definitely check out the Security brand and specifically the trac v-bar chains ideal for atv tires working in snowy conditions.

The brand has been around since the early sixties and has developed a prestigious reputation for its purposeful products.

The trac v-bar is known to ideally fit most atvs and serve for many years without any issues due to their strong manufacturing factors that account for its durability.

The security trac v-bar chains are available in various sizes ranging from twenty-one to twenty-six inches so that almost every atv and utv present can find the ideal fit for their vehicle.

All of the chain sizes will be perfectly zinc coated so that not even an inch gets any rust after a long period of rigorous use. Some tire chains function very well at first but with time they slowly catch rust in few places which disrupts the overall performance of the chains and thus the ride experience also deteriorates.

The security trac v-bar chains weigh around fourteen pounds and are easy to install in the tires. Some tires chains do not function quite well if the atv or utv runs at a fairly high speed but the tire chains from security always maintain their rigid grip if you don’t go quite above thirty-five mph often.

These chains have a two-link chain block system that allows more traction in the snowy surfaces whether it’s wet or dry snow.

These security trac v-bar chains are quite versatile as they are reputed and praised to have great performance not only in snowy or icy tracks but also on other trails. Always check the proper dimensions before buying which fit your atv well enough as there are many sizes available.

Grizzlar gtn-728 tire chains with diamond studs

These tires chains from grizzlar are quite popular among atv and utv riders. The gtn-728 are available in such versatile options that they can easily fit not the tires of atv and utvs only but the tires of other vehicles as well.

These versatile chains are also available for trucks and SUVs which make them quite unique from other brands.

The diamond cleft design saves the tires from direct contact with the snow and thus the tires also remain durable. The totally covering diamond designs are high-performing in really harsh winter conditions. They can operate in thick layers of snow by peeling the primary surfaces of ice and snow.

The additional studs make the tire chains have excellent traction on the messed-up surfaces and runs smoothly maintaining the proper grip.

If you have tires in your atv with an aggressive tread then these tire chains would work amazing. The combination would further improve the performance of your atv in thick snow.

The diamond designs would always have better traction than the conventional v-bar as there is throughout more contact with the surface.

The tire chains from grizzlar have every dimensional size available and thus you should always check the variants from grizzlar if you can’t find your atv’s ideal size.

How to Fit and Attach ATV Tire Chains

The fitting process of ATV tire chains

Those who don’t know how to fix the tire chains in their atv might feel a little bit lost after the chain had arrived.

But that is completely fine because there is always room to learn more about your all-terrain vehicles. Learning the step-by-step process would make it much easier and would just demand your patience and time.

Firstly you should check your atv tires for taking down each dimensional number. The proper length, breadth, and height would be the only factor involved in buying the correct size for the atv.

Among all the best tire chains for atv mentioned above, you would definitely find the ideal fit for your tires. Although for some rare atvs you might need to use proper tighteners to get the perfect fit. The process is as follows which would make understand how to install the tire chains:

Parking and then deflating

Firstly you need to park the atv in a spacious area because you would need to make the atv slowly go forward in the later steps to make the tire chains fit.

Experts do recommend any smooth surface with an empty surrounding just like a garage, driveway, or even a large lawn. If you can’t find any of these for fitting chains then a fairly straight opening in the forest vicinity will also serve the purpose.

Leave the ride on neutral but keep the brakes for parking still working. Then you should deflate the tires slightly which you need to inflate again after the chain has been fixed to the tire. You need to push down the pin present in the tire valve as you might already know.

Deflating by four or five PSI’s would help a lot. You can also use valve stem removal tools for making the whole process much easier deflation much easier.

Laying and dragging the tire chain

You need to first lay the tire chains after parking and deflating the tire by a little. When you lay the chain makes sure the studs and the edges of the hooks are facing upwards.

For the rear tires, you need to lay the tire chain in a flattened manner and get rid of any twists or tangles present.

Do the same again for the front tires and lay them in front of the tires in an elongated manner. On the ends of the chain, you might find two boomers or you might have one bommer and a hook-c.

 You need to put the bommer entanglement towards the direction in which the tire rotates. Make both the boomers forward-facing if the chain doesn’t have a hook-c. The diamond pattern chains will require removing shackles from one end.

Then you need to put the chain upon the tires using your hands. Adjust the chain in the central part of the tires so that equal portions of the chain remain on both sides.

The hooks and the studs need to face upwards from the tire. Get rid of any ugly twists and keep it totally laying flat on the tires.

Pushing and fastener connection

Pushing the ride is more suitable and preferred due to the additional control. You might also have to do quick checks on the chain after pushing a little. The stopping position is when there will be about fifteen inches left of the chain.

Then you need to lift this laying portion push against the part which hangs on the tire. Now it will be time to make connections of the side chains.

On one chain end, there need to be free links and the other part will have a fastener. Connecting the hook-c is rather easy as it easily fits with the link of the side chains.

  • Put the fastener of the boomer into the side chains.
  • Using the lever hook the boomer into the one hundred and eighty degrees to bring it towards the side chain.
  • Then you will notice the keeper link gets hooked with the bommer to get locked.
  • Get the chain tight as much as possible and start with the fastener on the inside. The links remaining should face in a different direction from the tire.

Tail end connection and inflation

If the chain you are using is diamond-block ones then there will be still two loose ends. You will also have two metal rings on the other end. So you need to entangle them up.

After that, you need to pull up the edge of the side chain. Check if that all studs are outward-faced and other parts are flat.

Tight all the fasteners on the sides and then connecting the sidechain with the small shackle will be essential. If you have a ladder-based chain then this step is not much needed. Then you need to reinflate the tires again.


The tire chains are an essential part of the riding experience if you have an ATV and it snows in your region. But getting the best tire chains would require some sufficient information that you will be able to utilize while choosing the tire chains.

Atv is rather common in snowy regions and using the tire chains off the perfect fit and good quality does solve a lot of riding problems. Considering all the factors and having the right size will matter a lot in buying the right tire chain for your a