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Best Grips For ATVs

Best Grips For Atvs
Best Grips For Atvs

When talking about dedicated off-road vehicles like the all-terrain vehicle, the grip on the handlebars becomes a very crucial aspect.

ATVs are ridden through all types of terrain, including woods, sandstone trails, dunes, and many other types of terrains. Even professional riders who race on different off-road tracks would require supreme grips in their ATV handlebars for excellent control of their vehicle.

A good quality grip also gives the rider stability for easily maintaining his position in the vehicle seat. The handlebar grip can be considered as the smallest accessory of the ATV, which might be small in size but is a very important component.

The handlebars are the interaction medium for your total maneuvering of the vehicle. The direction control, braking, and even the throttle stay in the handlebars in most cases for ATV handling. The right kind of grips also provides superior hand comfort, making the ride through difficult terrains less difficult. 

When you are riding in cold temperatures and struggling to keep your hands warm under the gloves, the ideal type of grips for cold weather can provide extra warmth to keep your hands sufficiently warm.

If you like to take on trails with highly difficult obstacles, you need to provide extra importance to the type of grips you will choose.

The vehicle vibration increases by a lot when you are going through highly rocky grounds or even the woods, so the good quality ATV grips will work as a small vibration absorber and let your hands be stable for proper maneuverability and safe riding of the ATV.

If you are in the US or UK then you will know that not all grips available in your state will be the same.

Some ATV grips will be the best in the category, with some unique and extra features.

But choosing the right kind of ATV grip is not an easy task at all. Here you will find the best ATV grips listed in detail, which will help you in deciding which will be the correct grip for your ATV.

Pro Taper Pillow Top ATV grips

If you are looking for ATV grips that have been repeatedly praised in ATV communities and have the utmost customer satisfaction, then checking out the Pro Taper Pillow Top first will be the right choice. This is considered the best ATV grip out there by many ATV experts and professional riders.

The top pillow design is specifically present to make the vibrations fade out and not tamper with your hands.

The vibrasonix pro taper grip is thus very helpful on rough trails and even on race tracks.

Very few ATV grips in the accessories category of off-road vehicles can provide ideal softness in manufacturing. But this Pro taper pillow top grip has the perfect softness, which is not too soft, nor the grip feels hard like metal.

This is one of the prime reasons why every ATV rider who had used this pro taper pillow grip for once has stuck by it and have also been impressed by its durability.

The grips get installed into the handlebars very easily with any common grip glue which you will get locally or would already be there in your garage. Some riders do not like to use glue in their grips and make use of the other common technique of grip installation which is by safety wires.

When you are using the wires on the pro taper pillow top grip you will find special channels which are made so that the grip can be attached easily by using wires.

The grips are also available without the flange if the ATV requires so. This pro taper pillow top is also available for both the twist type of throttle and also thumb throttles. The design of this pro taper pillow top model is made keeping motocross motorcycles or other types of off-road racing in consideration.

The material used in the manufacturing of this pro taper pillow is Kraton rubber which has great friction with gloves and thus is found suitable by every rider. There are a few ATVs found in the modern world which have oversized handlebars.

When you check the picture below you will be able to check on the tiny square formations present on the outer layer of the grip which is given to provide excellent traction and comfort to the rider’s hands. The price of this pro taper pillow top grip is around fourteen dollars.

Scott Sports Full Waffle Atv grips

This Scott sports brand is a premium brand with several years of experience and supreme quality products of various categories.

The Scott sports ATV grips are very easy to be installed in the all-terrain vehicle handlebars and fit almost every modern ATV handlebar very easily. There is a built-in safety wire channel present along with the grip, which makes the installation of this grip much easier than many other ones.

There are grooving patterns present on the surface of the Scott sports ATV grips which provide enhanced traction and lets the rider easily hold onto it even on rough terrains.

The Scott sports ATV grips are most suitable for thumb throttle control ATVs but work fine with the other versions as well. These grips are single-density material and are very comfortable to the user’s hands.

These ATV grips are also known as ‘Full Waffle’ for their unique design. The Scott sports ATV grip is an excellent vibration absorber and doesn’t let the rider’s hands get fatigued or agitated by the powerful vibrations of the ATV tires.

If you choose trails that are huge in distance and take long hours to complete then these ATV grips would be a great choice for you.

This ATV grip has been made with a lot of vehicular aspects in mind and that is why the radial waffle grip is made as to the hurricane full waffle grip.

These hurricane grips are the best measurement norm maintained ones in production and so does the Scott sports ATV grip maintains the ultimate measurement standards.

The Scott sports ATV grips most ideally fit handlebars of ⅞ inch which is the most common length for modern ATVs and motorcycles. The Scott sports company also has their products in several other power sports categories.

The other vital factor is that the Scott sports ATV grips are very much affordable and the brand has maintained a low-profit margin for several years even after being one of the leading brands in the category.

This grip has been repeatedly tested by actual riders on difficult terrains and even on race tracks and that is how it has got its popularity for being the best in the market when looking for ATV grips.

Daytona Motorcycle and ATV grips

If you are looking for a perfectly fitting grip for your twist throttle type atv then look no further than the Daytona ATV grips.

This grip has a strong two-layer structure among which the inner layer is hard for absorbing vibrations and providing great friction while the outer layer is soft which is compressible and thus is found very comforting by the riders.

The Daytona motorcycle and ATV grips have a simple outer design and don’t have extra formations on the surface which is found a little discomforting by some ATV riders.

For twist throttle all-terrain vehicles, not the common size grips fit well. For these types of ATVs, the throttle is bigger in terms of diameter than the handlebars themselves. The Daytona ATV grips have two varying inner diameters which help in the perfect installation and fittings.

Although the surface of the Daytona grips don’t have extra patterns like many other high-quality grips they provide a great grip for the rider even when the all-terrain vehicle is riding through unstable and rocky grounds.

The Daytona grips have wire channels present which lets you use safety wires quite efficiently and satisfyingly.

There are multiple colour combinations available in the Daytona grips if you don’t like simple colours on your ATV accessories. The price of these Daytona grips is very logical and affordable. You can get the Daytona grips for around just nineteen dollars and are much worth it for your safe adventures with the ATV.

Odi ATV Rogue Lockon grip model 206-1239

The Odi ATV rogue grips serve every purpose amazingly that any premium quality ATV grip should serve. The company has been around for more than twenty-five years and have quality expertise in motorcycle and ATV accessories.

The Odi ATV grip is made based on a technical lock-on grip technology that provides utmost friction to the rider’s control and never lets the hands or gloves slip on the accelerator or even the stability handlebar.

This ATV grip has been proven to be highly durable and doesn’t become weary even after long term use. When you look at the picture of the Odi ATV rogue you will know that the surface of the grip has a unique rugged treading pattern over it.

This pattern has been given for extra traction and locking grip over it by the rider. The ODI ATV rogue grip is very good at absorbing shocks or vibrations and lets the ATV rider always stay focused on the road with precise control of the vehicle.

Some ATV grips in the US market have extra grooves on them but for the presence of it, different types of debris like sand and dirt get deposited easily.

But that doesn’t happen with this Odi rogue ATV lock-on grip. The softness of the grip keeps the hands of the rider comfortable at all times and doesn’t let the rider feel tired after long hours of controlling the handlebars.

The Odi rogue ATV lock-on grip is also very easy to install on your ATV and would not require any professional help from an ATV mechanic or a garage, you can simply do it on your own.

The latest version of this Odi rogue ATV lock-on grip comes among new snap cap end plugs. This atv grip stands at around twenty-four dollars in the price point and is thus a little more than many others on the top of the list but the longevity of the Odi rogue ATV lock-on grip makes up for it.

The Copart Handlebar grip for ATV

This high-quality grip has a type of universal fit so if you own an old ATV or your vehicle is of a very rare model and you are doubting whether the other best ATV grips already mentioned will fit or not then you should definitely eye for this grip.

This grip is not only commonly used on all-terrain vehicles but also used in various dirt bikes and motorcycles. The material used in the manufacturing of this is a premium quality TPU rubber and has a modern design.

This copart handlebar grip for ATV reduces vibrations even after long hours of riding your ATV. The material is also very comfortable against the rider’s hands and won’t feel discomforting even after daily use. This copart ATV grip is a single-density type of grip which is mostly hard in its build which makes it durable.

But the uppermost surface layer is not as hard and doesn’t let the rider have fatigue or pumped arms after the adventure off-road riding ends after each day. The full waffle design suits the ATVs best and the upper texture provides additional friction on rocky elevations.

This grip can be considered the cheapest great quality ATV grip present in the US market. This compact handlebar grip is available in five vibrant colours and looks very stylish with most ATV designs and colours.

Oury ATV grips

If comfort is your top priority and you are in search of a grip that would feel very soft then definitely check out the low budget ATV grip which provides utmost comfort to the rider’s hands. This ATV grip is extra padded and has extra cushioning which provides a soft grip in every type of trail, whether it’s among the woods or in the sandstone hills.

The thickness of the grip is also more than common ATV grips which makes the softness of the grip still intact when you need compressing control while crossing difficult obstacles.

The oury ATV grips are also good vibration absorbents which don’t let the vehicle vibration anyhow affect the handlebars control of the rider. These atv grips are best suited for ⅞ inch handlebars and is manufactured with a small-sized flange.

This means the oury ATV grips are the best fit for thumb throttle type of all-terrain vehicles. The grip length is about five inches and weighs just about five ounces which are ideal for ATV grips.

There are rarely ATV grips in the market which have so good features and quality at an extremely low price. There are three available colours for the oury ATV grips which is red, black and blue.

The red one would cost you the most less on amazon which will be only twelve dollars. The other two colours are available for about fifteen dollars which is also very low priced.

Sometimes it has been noticed that grips that are extremely soft they tend to slip often and tamper the control, but this doesn’t happen with the oury ATV grips as they have great control over the riders.

There are very few atv grips or ATV accessories in the market which will have complete satisfaction displayed in ratings and reviews from previous buyers but this oury has no complaints from any previous users.

Heat Demon ATV grips

If you live in a really cold region or drive a snowmobile in the dense snow then this heat demon ATV grip is the best ATV grip for you.

Many riders are so enthusiastic about ATV riding they don’t want to abandon their ATVs for the dense snow period and explore the rare beauty of the familiar trails in the snow. For them, special accessories like these heat demon grips are present so that their choices could be honoured.

This ATV grip has two heated clamp-on grips which keep your hands warm in really cold conditions. This grip also has a thumb warmer made of silicone which provides excellent heat. The heat demon ATV grip comes along with an ATV zone controller which lets the rider control the heat.

Frozen fists or fingers become an obstacle for most riders when riding in snow but when you have this heat demon ATV grip installed then you don’t have much to worry about.

The ATV grips are made to fit ⅞ inch handlebars ideally but do get along with other ATV handlebars too. The electrical parameters required are very basic, the voltage requirement is fourteen and only forty-five watts is needed by the heat demon ATV grip. The heat demon also can be easily installed by the ATV rider and no special skills are needed.

As this ATV grip is special featured, the weight of the grip is more than other standard ATVs in the US market.

Some ATV grips in the market get weary from pressure washing so riders need to avoid it but this heat demon ATV grip can withstand that force and thus riders can wash off the ATV dirt easily and save a lot of time.

Scott Radial ATV handle grip

One ATV grip from Scott sports has been already mentioned in this list but the other ATV grip from the Scott sports brand is also amazing in quality.

As mentioned earlier the Scott sports is a reputed brand providing high-quality riding equipment at a very reasonable price. The Scott radial handle grip is a full waffle type and is stylish in design as well. The most suitable is the ⅞ inch handlebars of ATV and fits very easily most of the motorcycles too.

The Scott radial ATV handle grips are wonderful shock absorbers and don’t even let the small vibrations affect the rider’s grip or control on the handlebars.

This ATV grip is one of the most easy-to-install ATV grips available and doesn’t require any hardware. The Scott radial grip even stays firm in its place even if you don’t use grip glue or any adhesive.

This Scott radial ATV grip is very long-lasting and won’t require you to get a new ATV grip anytime soon. Even after several washes and riding through mud and sand the Scott radial ATV grip doesn’t become weary and looks pretty new even after a long time.

Western power sports ATV grip

This is also a heating grip and is made for cold temperatures. The rubber is made to not only withstand the heat but also fight frostbite for long durations. This ATV grip comes along with sealed controls which are very easy to use by the ATV rider while riding. There are not many heating grips in the market but most of them require maintenance in certain periods for proper functioning.

The western power sports ATV grips do not get heated up instantly by consuming a huge chunk of power.

They use the mechanism of gradual heating and as the ATV rides there is a sufficient increase in the heat of the handlebars which lets the rider be at ease. This mechanism of heating doesn’t let the vehicle drain out of energy or get ill in functionality.

This ATV grip unlike many other heating grips doesn’t require maintenance except the very basics and runs smoothly without trouble day after day.

The installation process is also very easy and you can do it yourself without spending money in a fancy garage or calling in an expert ATV mechanic. The design of this western power sports ATV grip is very simple and is made to function properly in long-duration trail rides.

If you live in a state where the duration of cold or winter is very short then the other feature of this ATV grip comes very handily which is the easy removal process.

In a very short amount of time, you can replace this heating ATV grip with normal ATV grips when needed. The controls of the western sports ATV grip are not only sealed but also relay protected which makes the grip long-lasting and easy to use.

The dimensions of this ATV grip are most suitable for thumb throttle design atvs and is much light in weight than most other heating atv grips present in the US market. For riders who love the simple design and quality products, this western power sports ATV grip will be very suitable.


Among all the ATV grips mentioned in this list, all are excellent products and serve the ideal features of an ATV grip very well. But not every ATV grip will be the best suited for every rider’s requirements so it is important to study the details of each ATV grip which can be considered as the best in the market. If you stay in cold dominated region then buying one of the heating grips is the ideal choice.

Of Course, gloves provide the warmth but the heat in the handlebars of your vehicle would make your ride more amazing and less stressful. The budget is also a major factor to consider and in here all the atvATVips are of varying prices including very low budget ones. The low priced ones mentioned here are not to be ignored as they have excellent features and quality much like the high priced ones.

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