How To Bypass Neutral Safety Switch On ATV

The neutral safety switch in an automatic transmission is the switch that operates in the gear selector mechanism. This switch helps restrict the starter motor from operating unless the vehicle is in neutral or standing idle. The neutral safety switch is often present at the transmission or on the shifter.

Is it easy to bypass the neutral safety switch on ATV?

The neutral switch remains most active when the gearbox of the all-terrain vehicle is placed in a neutral position. The rider often holds the neutral between the first and second gear.

Every vehicle has an indicator light that indicates the neutral state on the cluster and gears. The neutral switch can also be defined as an automotive linkage that sometimes governs the starting process of your ATV.

 The neutral switch sometimes doesn’t function and does not reflect on the neutral light indicator. But this problem in the indicator can also be caused due to a faltering wire connection.

The neutral light also indirectly conveys the information that the power from the battery has reached the black wire when the switch gets turned on. In such cases checking the battery and terminals are very important. 

After cleaning and tightening them, you need to check the wire of the indicator. Look for the wire, which will be light green and has red stripes off the neutral switch.

You need to connect this wire to the ground, or the jumper portion needs to be connected to the ground from the switch.

If the light turns on during this process, you must replace the switch. Don’t leave the wire grounded because this will cause the light to remain in one state all the time, and the vehicle will start in gear.

The Neutral Safety Switch Region In Atv
The neutral safety switch region in ATV

The unconventional ways to bypass the neutral safety switch in ATV

Hacking the wires can be an easy way of accomplishing this. First, you need to check the leads which come out of the switch and partly cut them off. Leave enough wire on the leads so that they can be interconnected again.

As the wires remain disconnected and bare, you need to try starting the ATV in gear. Fortunately, if the all-terrain vehicles start-up, intertwine and connect the wires.

The vehicle might not start, so you need to temporarily connect the wires and try to start the ATV in any gear. If the vehicle starts, put a proper crimp on the wires.

The grounding technique also does the job for most quads. You need to ground the blue wire to the neutral switch. This switch then operates the blue wire in the ground state, and the system acknowledges that it works in neutral.

But the issue is that the neutral switch’s light indicator always remains on, which you must ignore most of the time. So if you are okay with this fact, you can use this process.

Sometimes the neutral light indicator won’t work, but the vehicle remains neutral. To bypass the neutral safety switch, check the rear crankcase cover. The switch for gear positions is present in this crankcase cover.

Find the ignition red wire, which will be close to the battery. You need to ground this wire properly.

When you ground it, the neutral light indicator with switch on, and the ATV will start. The neutral light will always remain on from this hack, but the vehicle will run fine.

A detailed process to bypass the neutral safety switch on ATV

You can bypass the neutral switch of your ATV with the relay hooking technique, which is easier to follow and works most of the time. The steps you need to follow are as follows:

  • The ground wire connects to the neutral safety switch on the brake lever.
  • The other switch wire that comes out from the other side of the brake lever needs to go to 85 relays.
  • From the fifteen ampere light fuse, you will get a black or brown wire which you need to connect to the 86 relays.
  • The 87 relay stays grounded for circuit balance.
  • The wire of the snip type would go to the neutral light.
  • The 87A relay goes directly to neutral light.
  • The Relay 30 will connect to the snipped-off wire previously connected to the neutral light.
  • Then you can start the ATV in gear and hold the right brake lever towards the back.
  • The best part about this process is that the neutral light doesn’t remain on all the time. It only stays on when the vehicle is in neutral.
A Detailed Process To Bypass The Neutral Safety Switch On Atv

The neutral wire is usually the same color in the whole vehicle system. The light green color with red stripes makes it easier for everyone to identify and repair the neutral wire faults.

For the wire-cutting issues, some people don’t like to cut the wire, and they strip off a small area of the wire and tie it into it for grounding.

Later, the additional wiring can be more easily removed, and the stripped portion can be taped. You can use a multimeter to figure out the relay wirings if you are confident.

Then you can jump two of the wires on the relay. Then also, the ATV will start in gear, and the neutral light indicator will remain on all the time.


The process of bypassing the neutral safety switch is not that complicated. The neutral safety switch wire identification is very important to bypass it properly.

There is more than one technique to bypass the neutral switch. You need to use the ideal technique based on the tools you have and the time you got.

Although bypassing the neutral switch is not an essential part of ATV riding that you need to know but knowing the trick sometimes helps a lot.

Otherwise, you would have to ride to the mechanic just for little rewiring and neutral setting issues.

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