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How Fast Can ATVs Go?

How Fast Can Atvs Go?

When considering an off-road experience, the best vehicle to choose is always an ATV. As you might already know, an ATV or all-terrain vehicle is simply a quad bike with tires in perfect low pressure and dominating control with the handlebars. But that doesn’t mean you cannot try your hands with it on paved roads.

How Fast Can An ATV Go? Top speed of ATVs

How Fast Can Atvs Go?

The average speed average around 50 mph. This is a gold number that gets very quickly for a normal-age adult. Less slow ATVs were for children. They even have throttle limiters in place.

Please stick to the rules for kids when using an ATV or on a warning sign on the device.

For the above 1,000cc models side-by-side or the 1000cc ATVs, you can expect the top speed to range from around 89mph to around 82mph for those above 1,000c.

There are modifications to make going faster. But this is where the manufacturer starts from the factory.

Engine SizeEngine PowerAverage Top SpeedHigh-Performance Top Speed
250cc15-20 HP50-60 mph70+ mph
500cc30-40 HP60-70 mph80-90 mph
700cc50-60 HP70-80 mph90-100 mph
1000cc70+ HP80+ mph100+ mph

The actual top speed of an ATV may vary based on several factors, including the weight of the vehicle, the terrain, and the rider’s skill level. Additionally, it’s important to always follow local laws and regulations regarding ATV operation and safety.

Top 10 Most Fastest of ATVs

RankATV ModelTop Speed (mph)Engine Size (cc)
1Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S89952
2Can Am Renegade X XC 1000R85976
3Arctic Cat Thundercat 100079951
4Can Am Outlander X XC 100078976
5Suzuki LT500 (quadzilla)75500
6Yamaha Raptor 700R73686
7Honda TRX 700xx73686
8Bombardier DS65072650
9KTM 525 XC71535
10Yamaha YZF450R SE70449

In many countries, the ATV is enlisted as a legal road vehicle, so don’t forget to check the status in your country.

Like other vehicles, there are several options to choose from when buying an ATV. Might the question occur to several curious minds that-how fast you can go on an atv?

The varying models of ATVs have different sizes of engines with changing cc’s, so the speed also depends greatly on the kind of ATV you will be dealing with. The basic design of ATVs is not manufactured to be a speedy vehicle.

There are other uses and factors which are given priority in building an ideal All-Terrain Vehicle.

Every vehicle today has a purpose, and ATVs are engineered to be best in functionality at lower speeds. Several cars would show trouble in maintaining a low speed with proper handling, but an ATV would never.

Experts suggest never taking your atv above 50/MPH for safety issues.

In a suitable environment, you might be intimidated to go beyond, but soon the realization would occur why experts and manufacturers warn against it.

The comfort and control at extreme speeds do get compromised to some extent and take a grand chunk out of the fuel.

ATVs and Speed: Manufacturer’s Perspective

When looking for adrenaline in your blood and grand speed in your vehicle, ATVs are unsuitable.

About all the manufacturers of ATVs would never mention the top speed of the ATV in their vehicle manuals and specification charts.

In the case of high-speed cars and racing bikes, the ‘maximum speed’ is an essential point. But as quad bike makers are not mentioning it, there remains sufficient logic and reasoning to consider.

The main reasons why high-speed achievements are not popular with ATVs are:

  • Furious and off-road tires.
  • Short wheelbase.
  • Unsuitable CVT transmission.
  • Soft suspension.

Most manufacturers and sellers thus do warn through signs and manuals that extreme speed will bring no good in any way with ATVs as their ride.

Youth Models and Racing ATVs

The youth models are much different and do mention the slowest speed as the parents can limit them. As ATVs are mostly made for off-road tracks, the speed isn’t a potential factor.

You might have seen ATV racing videos and show disbelief about sources that tell you they are not for racing.

But needs to be understood that the racing ATVs you witnessed is not your general ATV or quad-bike model.

The racing ATVs are specially made or modified for fulfilling the racing purpose. The riders in the quad race are professionals in the field.

Along with the modified suspension, the tire widths are different as well. They also don’t have any speed limiter, like many basic ATVs in the market.

To implement safety at its best, many manufacturers use speed limiters to maintain the safety of their customers even if they have a moment of recklessness while riding.

Research on ATV Speeds

Engineer and ATV enthusiast Haavard Krislok has researched several ATVs extensively and found the answer to your curious mind’s question-“How fast can you go on an ATV?

Most manufacturers might be hesitant and in denial mode when asked for the top speeds in their ATVs, so Haavard’s research has insight for ATV fans.

After some serious research, it is found that the best utility and sports ATV in existence can reach the top speed of 128 km/h. The average ATV, on the other hand, has an average speed of 104 km/h.

The research is known to be done on major brand ATVs, and the speed mentioned is to consider the best ATVs being manufactured. In comparison, each brand’s top-speed ATVs is chosen with a specific engine size.

Best Features of Modern ATVs: Making Them Fast

The ATVs in existence are mainly made for single-driver use. From recent developments in design, few companies have manufactured ATVs to accommodate one passenger with the driver.

The ATVs are needed to be operated like a motorcycle, as the synonyms suggest from the name quad-bike.

You might always have witnessed the conventional four-wheeled ATVs, but six-wheel quad bikes are also present, although they have special purposes for extra tires.

The ATVs have varying engine sizes and can be found anywhere between 49-1000 cc’s. There are broadly two categories in which modern ATVs fall: the Utility market and Sports ATVs.

ATVs have been used for agricultural purposes often as they consist of the advantages of both a truck and a tractor.

The ability of the quad bikes to be comfortably driven off-road and easy control has found ATVs’s be used in various industries like construction, mineral and oil exploration, forestry, and many more.

Specific ATV Speed by CC’s

Various configurational and specified factors influence the top speed of an ATV in the build-up.

But the main factor remains the specifics and size of the engine. Another major role in acceleration is played by the speed limiter installed in every ATV model. The specific speeds attainable for specific CC engines are mentioned as follows:

How fast does a 110cc ATV go?

The 110cc models are mostly made for kids and teenagers. Thus, the top speed will be exceptionally limited. This is the reason why these ATVs are also known as youth models.

The speed limit calculated in these vehicles is 30m/h. The engine in youth models has a higher capacity but the electronic limiter doesn’t allow it.

How does the top speed of an ATV vary based on its engine size?

The top speed of an ATV varies based on its engine size as follows: 250cc: 50-60 mph, 500cc: 60-70 mph, 700cc: 70-80 mph, 1000cc: 80+ mph

How fast does a 700cc ATV go?

The top speed in ATVs between the capacity of 650-850cc will have the same kind of top speed value.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAs the number suggests, these engines will be high-capacity engines with the quality to achieve more acceleration than a basic ATV.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThe maximum speed that can be achieved with 700cc ATVs will be around 75 mph.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAfter this, the limiter won’t allow an increase anymore. But with 75 mph, the rider would get the desired adrenaline thrill that is searched for.

How fast does a 90cc ATV go?

The 90cc engine quad bikes are made for the children as their most fun toy. These ATVs are limited to reach between 15-18 miles based on the kid’s atv model and brand.

How fast does a 125cc ATV go?

If you want a speedy experience, ATVs with 125cc are not the ones to trust. Even at 50 m/h, you will feel the thrill, but it is impossible to achieve at the maximum speed of 40 m/ph.u003cbru003eThus 125cc ones with the upper limit speed of 40 m/hare are specific for their main terrain purposes.

How fast does a 250cc ATV go?

The ATVs which are mostly balanced to drive even on paved roads, are mostly found in the 250cc category. The maximum speed noted in these ATVs is 50 m/h.

Speed found in sports

The ATV models in Sports Racing are essentially built for the dedicated purpose of racing.

For excellent performance on the race track, the racing ATVs are found to be much dissimilar to the orthodox ATVs found raging on trails in the countryside.

As experts suggest a racing ATV must have the following physiological features:

  • A low center of gravity.
  • Great engine power.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • Desirable suspensions.

There are several kinds of racing events with ATV indifferent ground features. The most celebrated ones among them can be listed as:

  • Cross Country Racing
  • Desert Racing
  • Motocross
  • Hill Climbing
  • Ice Racing
  • Drag Racing

All over the US and the UK, there are several ATV racing clubs in existence. These clubs have enduro courses and even quad cross areas.

The Grand National Cross Country series celebrates American motorcycle enthusiasts, a famous event mostly known as GNCC racing.

The races in GNCC are obstruction-oriented, featuring obstacles like a wooden trail, climbing hills, and long jump, and all needs to be done with quad bikes.

Various other events are witnessed nowadays involving an ATV-based race. Mud racing with ATVs is also popular because the art is more about driving skills, not speed.

The organization of Championship Mud Racing aims to make ATV Mud Racing reach further levels of competitive sports where much fame and respect will arrive at the winners.

When thinking Speed, also think of Races

When wondering about ATV speed, the ATV National Motocross Championship will be the one place to keep your eyes on.

In the United States ATV motocross championship, also known as ATVMX in short, is performed in sophisticated racetracks and is a celebratory high-budget event.

In this championship, several groups are present, mainly a Pro team and an Amateur team.

The amateurs race on Saturdays and Sundays, and other high-profile racing events present with them, mostly on Sundays. On Sundays, on average, over 500 racers are witnessed compete in all events.

The other event which has an international status is the Quadcross of Nations organized by the International Motorcycling Federation.

In this event nation, wise three riders form a team. The event occurs nearly the end of the year, and the venue changes every year, making the experience available to more people to witness live in action.

When thinking about questions like how fast you can go on an ATV, then definitely there are some racing instincts inside you for which you will love ATV Racing Events.

The use of protection before checking the top speed of your ATV

A lot of injuries, major and minor, have been filed in all countries where ATV riding is common.

Statisticians have found that most the injuries happen due to a lack of any protective equipment, as in many cases, a helmet would prevent the accident.

So manufacturers and ATV experts always suggest the use of the correct equipment for your protection. Before checking the top speed of your ATV, you need to check on your protective equipment in the backyard.

The helmet recommended is a DOT-approved one, so it serves the purpose.

The other requirements for safety are eyewear protective equipment, gloves for better grip and prevent scratches, and the other one is comfortable riding boots that should withstand all riding conditions.

The other requirements for professional racers are a chest protector and a knee guard.

ATV experts have also suggested checking the tire condition every time before you ride. Weary tires are often responsible for severe injuries making the vehicle trip.

Leaders in the market

Factors like speed, efficiency, and quality are all connected to the brand’s experience to a huge extent. When talking about experience in ATVs, the brand that would top the list has to be Suzuki.

They have been in the four-wheeled ATV business since 1982. They are known to manufacture the first four-wheeled mini ATV named LT50 from 1984 to 1987.

 Later to the discovery of the mini ATV, Suzuki introduced to the world the ATV with Continuous Variable Transmission or CVT, which sold amazingly till 2006.

The racing dimension came into ATV with the hands of Suzuki when in 1985 the Suzuki LT250R Quadracer came into the market as a racing ATV. The model underwent several modifications and upgrades under the same name until 1992.

This is when Honda stepped into the game in 1993 with a groundbreaking model called the FourTrax TRX250R.

From this point, several companies like Kawasaki and Yamaha Motors have introduced high-performance ATV models like the Banshee 350.


What is the average speed of an ATV?

The average speed of an ATV is around 50 mph.

What factors affect the top speed of an ATV?

The top speed of an ATV is influenced by several factors, including its engine type and size, tire size and type, overall weight, aerodynamics, terrain, and the rider’s experience level. Additionally, aftermarket parts, air pressure, and weight distribution can also play a role.

How does the engine size correlate with the top speed of an ATV?

Generally, larger engines tend to have higher top speeds. For instance, most standard ATVs with a 250cc engine can reach about 40 mph, while those with a 450cc engine can reach up to 70 mph on flat terrain. High-performance models with 1000cc engines can even reach speeds up to 80 mph.

What is the top speed range for ATVs with engine sizes above 1,000cc?

For ATVs with engine sizes above 1,000cc, the top speed ranges from around 82mph to 89mph.

What are the top 3 fastest ATV models and their respective top speeds?

The top 3 fastest ATV models are:u003cbru003eu003cbru003e1. Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S with a top speed of 89 mph.u003cbru003e2. Can Am Renegade X XC 1000R with a top speed of 85 mph.u003cbru003e3. Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000 with a top speed of 79 mph.

Why are high-speed achievements not popular with ATVs?

High-speed achievements are not popular with ATVs due to factors such as furious and off-road tires, a short wheelbase, unsuitable CVT transmission, and soft suspension. Most manufacturers warn that extreme speed will not be beneficial with ATVs.

Are there ways to increase the top speed of an ATV?

Yes, several modifications can boost an ATV’s top speed. Installing a performance exhaust system, high-performance air filter, larger carburetor, or fuel injection unit can enhance the engine’s power output.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAdditionally, investing in a turbo kit or supercharger can push the ATV to its limits. However, it’s essential to ensure that the ATV can handle the increased performance and to be aware of potential warranty implications.

What is the significance of speed limiters on ATVs?

Speed limiters, whether electronic or mechanical, are installed on ATVs to control their maximum speed, ensuring rider safety. These limiters can restrict the engine from going beyond a specific RPM or speed, which is especially important for youth models or in areas with speed regulations.

How do the tire size and type affect an ATV’s speed?

Wider tires provide better traction but can slow down the ATV. In contrast, narrower tires might offer less traction but can help achieve higher speeds in certain conditions. Larger diameter tires can technically increase the ATV’s top speed, but the increase in rotating mass and decrease in torque might negate the speed gain.


Trying to find your ATV’s top speed, practically or theoretically, is normal for the curious mind. But testing it in the right way with safety is very important.

When it comes to ATVs, it can be concluded that speed is not its domain, but the experience of going off-road in the dirt or into the woods is its main use.

But checking the racing environment may lead to a better result if you are still looking for speed with ATVs.

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