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Best 4×4 ATVs For Under US $7000

Best 4×4 Atvs For Under Us $7000
Best 4X4 Atvs For Under Us $7000

The all-terrain vehicle can be considered the most popular and reliable off-road vehicle globally. The vehicle provides such control and maneuverability that is not found on any other vehicle.

The vehicle is often used for a thrilling ride across the different kinds of trails of dunes, forests, sandstone hills, and many other kinds. But the ATV has many types of utility as well in all parts of the world and different weather conditions.

There are various kinds of ATVs as well in the automobile industry with different engine capacities and many modern features. The ATV is also commonly known as the quad bike in many countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The right kind of ATV needs to be chosen based on the purpose you will be using the ATV. There are similar racing competitions like the motocross held with ATVs that have the same international level.

Sometimes, people think that ATVs, which are lower in price than most premium ATVs, won’t be good enough for them, but that isn’t true.

Even below seven thousand dollars, buying a durable ATV that serves basic off-roading purposes excellently is possible. You need to analyze which ATV has the best specifications and has a proven performance by genuine ATV riders who already own it.

The ATV offers a very unique and amazing riding experience that cannot be found on any other vehicle. ATVs are quite enjoyable to ride and make difficult tasks much simpler.

The best ATVs that you will find with a tight budget of seven thousand dollars are mentioned here in detail. After going through it, making a decision would be much easier.

Polaris sportsman H.O 450 ATV

Polaris Sportsman H.o 450 Atv

This Polaris vehicle offers smooth handling and comfort at a very low price point of fewer than seven thousand dollars. Even at that price, the vehicle delivers lots of power for every difficult task on the trail. The owners have often praised this modern Polaris sportsman H.O 450 ATV for exceeding their expectations:

The Polaris Sportsman 450 has the best power utilization. It has the most effective all-wheel drive by automatically delivering the required power to the wheels by always figuring out the wheel spin. This leads to perfect traction with the surfaces at all times.

The vehicle also has an advanced nine and a half inches of backside travel, which is accompanied by the sealed bushings, which are responsible for the smooth ride and great stability in all terrains.

The Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O. has an impressive towing capacity of 1350 LB. This helps a lot if you often use the ATV for towing purposes.

The battery in this Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O. is powerful enough to have a spare charge for powering other equipment if required.

The battery has seventy-eight percent more cold-cranking amps than other Polaris models, which gives the ATV excellent starting efficiency. This means the Polaris Sportsman starts up easily, even in very low temperatures in which some ATVs face starting problems.

The Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O. also has amazing storage of 5 gallons so that you can easily carry your equipment into the trail, whether it’s hunting, ice fishing, camping, or just anything. The vehicle also has an impressive ground clearance of about eleven and a half inches, allowing for taking risky paths without worrying about ATV damage.

The tires that come in the Polaris Sportsman 450 H.O. are large six-ply tires of twenty-five inches that maintain great traction on all kinds of trail surfaces.

The tires are much more resistant to easy punctures, and the sharp rocks or thorns in the woods don’t bother owners of Polaris Sportsman 450.

The vehicle also has an already wired harness and plug that allows easy installation of accessories like a plow, winch, hand warmers, and other popular ATV accessories.

They have the ATV industry’s first-ever advanced technologies like CVTs of an automatic kind, single lever braking, unique integrated EBS, and AWD with auto-engaging capabilities. These advanced systems make this Polaris Sportsman 450 the best ATV under 7000 dollars.

The price in most regions of the US and Canada stands around 6,700 dollars. The Prostar single-cylinder engine is of four-stroke type and has excellent performance even in the long term.

Vehicle ModelPolaris Sportsman H.O 450 ATV
PriceLess than $7,000
Power UtilizationBest in class
All-Wheel DriveAutomatically delivers required power to wheels for perfect traction
Suspension9.5 inches of backside travel with sealed bushings for a smooth ride and stability
Towing Capacity1350 LB
BatteryPowerful enough to power other equipment with 78% more cold-cranking amps than other Polaris models
Storage5 gallons
Ground Clearance11.5 inches
Tires25-inch six-ply tires that are puncture-resistant
Advanced TechnologyCVT’s of automatic kind, single lever braking, unique integrated EBS and AWD with auto engaging capabilities
EngineProstar single-cylinder, four-stroke type
Price RangeAround $6,700 in most regions of the US and Canada

Honda Fourtrax Rancher ATV

Honda Fourtrax Rancher Atv

The unique Honda Pro-connect line makes storing and removal of accessories and equipment much easier. The front utility compartment and the guards of the drive shaft are much better in this vehicle than in many other costly ATVs on the market.

The programmed fuel injection technology from Honda is advanced and lets the ATV maintain its heavy-duty performance all the time.

The system comprises a twelve-hole injector, a throttle of 34 mm, and a sensor for oxygen that allows the fuel blueprint to get changed based on the trail riding demands that keep the fuel efficiency at its peak.

The unique Honda Pro-connect line makes storing and removing accessories and equipment much easier. The front utility compartment and the guards of the drive shaft are much better in this vehicle than many other costly ATVs on the market.

The programmed fuel injection technology from Honda is advanced and lets the ATV maintain its heavy-duty performance all the time.

The system comprises a twelve-hole injector, a throttle of 34 mm, and a sensor for oxygen that allows the fuel blueprint to get changed based on the trail riding demands that keep the fuel efficiency at its peak.

The Honda Rancher is the ATV you always rely on in extremely cold weather conditions to start up easily without any problem.

The DCT version of the Honda Rancher Fourtrax has special features from Honda that make the ATV much easier to control and great maneuverability at all times. The shifts are much quicker, and compression braking makes riding on difficult trails much easier.

The rigid internal placements and the automatic program control the downshift and upshift so that the rider has less to handle and always maintains focus on the trails.

This Honda Rancher ATV has a rear suspension functioning independently, providing nine inches of ground clearance and eight inches of travel.

The independent rear suspension working in the DCT model helps maintain constant friction between the tires and the surface. This same system also helps keep the vehicle stable at all times, reducing rider fatigue and keeping the ride enjoyable even in tough trail conditions.

The Honda Fourtrax Rancher has a compact and genuine OHV PGM-FI engine of 420 cc. The manual shifting option present in this vehicle makes trail riding much simpler and enjoyable.

The rear disc brakes and rear swing arm suspension make this vehicle highly functional in the hills and elevated grounds. The liquid cooling in the four-stroke engine lets the ATV be durable without any problems in the ride. The vehicle costs only around 5600 dollars.

SpecificationHonda Fourtrax Rancher ATV
Pro-connect lineYes
Front utility compartmentYes
Drive shaft guardsYes
Fuel injection technologyProgrammed Fuel Injection
Injector type12-hole
Throttle size34 mm
Oxygen sensorYes
Cold weather startReliable
Rear suspensionIndependent
Ground clearance9 inches
Rear brakeDisc
Engine typeOHV PGM-FI
Engine size420 cc
Cooling systemLiquid
Manual shiftingYes

Kawasaki Brute Force 300 ATV

Kawasaki Brute Force 300 Atv

This low-budget ATV has great longevity with no issues and serves many basic tasks much easier when used as a utility vehicle. The vehicle is praised for being very comfortable to the rider and is very easy to handle with smooth steering.

This is kind of the only vehicle you should be checking out if your budget is around five thousand dollars. This ATV from Kawasaki is the best in its range and has some features that perfectly suit agricultural and farming needs. The best features of this Kawasaki brute force 300 are as follows:

This ATV has a great towing and cargo-carrying facility that is much more reliable. The front rack can take up to forty-four pounds, and the rear rack is highly spacious and can hold up to sixty-six pounds.

This Kawasaki Brute Force 300 can tow up to five hundred pounds even if both racks are completely loaded.

The four-stroke engine is 271 cc with liquid cooling technology to keep the engine at bay from getting overheated. Even at a low price, this ATV has a powerful engine with CVT or transmission of continuous variance, causing a smooth and trouble-free ride.

The presence of the centrifugal clutch controls the reverse and high/low ranges.

In this ATV, you get a reliable electric start, which is very easy to use, and the sporty design of this Kawasaki brute force ATV makes it formidable with all high-priced ATVs in the international market.

This ATV works pretty well in bumpy trails, consisting of a single-shock rear suspension and an independent front suspension of the A-arm model that absorbs all the trail shocks.

The high-quality display panel always provides the ATV details and is very easy to read in low light and sunshine as well.

The large floorboard is spacious and lets you be comfortable even when you are riding for long hours, and the full floorboard design also protects your feet from trail debris.

The Kawasaki brute force atv costs around 4600 dollars, which is less than the most popular ATVs in the international market.

ModelKawasaki Brute Force 300 ATV
PriceAround $4600
Engine271cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine with CVT
Towing CapacityUp to 500 pounds
Front Rack Capacity44 pounds
Rear Rack Capacity66 pounds
TransmissionContinuous Variance Transmission (CVT)
ClutchCentrifugal clutch
SuspensionSingle-shock rear suspension and independent front suspension of the A-arm model
Display PanelHigh-quality display panel that is easy to read in low light and sunshine
ComfortComfortable to ride with smooth steering and full floorboard design for protection against trail debris
Recommended UseAgricultural, farming, and basic utility tasks
Overall ReviewLow-budget ATV with great longevity, reliability, and ease of use, highly recommended for its price range.

Suzuki King Quad 400 ASI

Suzuki King Quad 400 Asi

The highly reputable brand of Suzuki has various king quad models that are highly popular in many remote locations, too.

The base price of this Suzuki King Quad 400 ASI model is below seven thousand dollars and is available in all the popular ATV countries and states. The king quad 400 is available in two vibrant colours: flame red and terra green. The other best features of this ATV are as follows:

The vehicle has an iridium spark plug that helps keep the emission clean, combustion intact, and efficient plug life.

This also helps start the King Quad 400 in cold weather conditions. The King Quad 400 also has a unique electric push button that allows starting in gear that lets the rider start the vehicle without neutral shifting.

The King Quad 400 has a four-stroke engine of 376 cc with fuel-injection technology. The engine is also a four-valve type that provides the extra power needed to power through difficult elevations and trails. The engine control unit maintains the logic of non-slip type.

The ECU improves the fuel injection timing and helps in vehicle traction on slippery surfaces of ice, snow, or water-induced mud surfaces.

The fuel injection system of the Suzuki King Quad 400 uses a 3D map, which helps in efficient ignition and a performance that is environmentally compliant.

The ATV engines get heated up during high-pressure tasks like towing or hauling equipment. The Suzuki King quad uses a cooling fan with a thermostat and an advanced oil cooler that helps keep the engine temperature moderate and highly stable.

The Suzuki King Quad 400 has a good ground clearance with a wheel travel of about seven inches. The good quality rear suspension of the swingarm type and the dual shock absorbers let the riders be comfortable even on bumpy trails and make ATV handling easier.

The ATV has high clearance sharp-angled fenders that don’t let rough formations bother the ATV’s performance.

The Suzuki King Quad 400 also has great loading capabilities in the rear and front racks for cargo storage, and the racks are made to withstand rough conditions and are quite durable in the long term.

The rack paint is wrinkle-kind and is much more resistant to easy scratches along with the bumper in the front. The Suzuki King Quad 400 also has spacious floorboards for long-distance rides.

The ATV has mounts quite ready to attach winches without any trouble, and the wire conduct also makes installation very simple. The vehicle has Carlisle tires of twenty-five inches in height and a heavy-duty tread that always maintains traction on all kinds of wet and slippery surfaces.

The durable skid plates are very strong in absorbing the pounding shocks in uneven trails. The ATV also has headlights of thirty-five watt, which has adjustable high and low settings. The tail light of the Suzuki King Quad 400 is quite visible from long distances.

Large size thirty-four mm pistons and calipers make the hydraulic disc brakes highly effective in the dual front category.

This Suzuki King Quad 400 has an improved brake pad surface area, providing great stopping capability. The company also provides a limited twelve-month Suzuki King quad 400 warranty. The fuel tank has a capacity of sixteen liters, which serves well when riding for long hours.

ModelKing Quad 400 ASI
PriceBelow $7,000
Available colorsFlame Red and Terra Green
Engine4-stroke, 376cc
Valve typeFour-valve
Fuel systemFuel-injection technology
Cooling systemCooling fan with thermostat
SuspensionSwingarm type with dual shock absorbers
Ground clearance7 inches
Front and rear racksYes, with loading capabilities
TiresCarlisle, 25 inches
BrakesDual front hydraulic disc brakes
Headlights35-watt with adjustable high and low settings
Tail lightVisible from long distances
Fuel tank capacity16 liters
WarrantyLimited 12-month warranty
Additional featuresElectric push button for starting in gear, iridium spark plug for clean emission and efficient plug life, 3D map fuel injection system for efficient ignition and environmentally compliant performance, non-slip engine control unit, wrinkle paint for rack and bumper durability, ready-to-mount winch with simple wire conduct installation, spacious floorboards, and durable skid plates for absorbing pounding shocks.

Yamaha Kodiak 450 ATV

Yamaha Kodiak 450 Atv

This modern feature-induced Yamaha Kodiak 450 is a high-performance ATV, even at a low price. The Yamaha Kodiak 450 has a modern and stylish design that is available in two colors, tactical green and steel blue.

The price is around 6,600 dollars in most regions of the US and Canada, and you can get a little extra discount in the off-seasons. Every product from the reputed company of Yamaha is durable and has longevity.

This ATV offers a ground clearance of around ten inches, which is greater than most other medium-sized ATVs in the international market. The features like double-wishbone, full-length skid plates, and shock absorbers, which are highly adjustable, make the ATV perform well in all types of uneven trails.

The ATV also has sturdy tires of twenty-five inches that maintain good traction on all surfaces with the help of its heavy-duty tread quality.

This Yamaha Kodiak 450 atv has an impressive towing capacity of 1322 LB, which is much similar in number to the high-priced ATVs. The front and rear cargo racks are made from good quality steel and have a large wrinkle paint coating that is much resistant to scratches.

The vehicle also has water-proof connectors of marine grade that help in utmost protection and longevity that remain usable in all kinds of weather conditions.

The ATV has a 421 cc engine of a four-stroke kind with liquid cooling technology and two valves that have great power and performance. The vehicle also has a durable automatic transmission of Ultramatic technology, and the on-command technology helps in quick switching with 2WD and 4WD.

The Yamaha Kodiak 450 also has a chassis of the right dimension, making it compact for every rider’s easy handling and maneuverability.

The ATV is very comfortable to ride long distances. The Mikuni fuel technology injection helps the Yamaha Kodiak 450 ATV function well in very cold weather conditions and makes the ATV start up easily without any problems.

The liquid cooling technology, along with the presence of fans, keeps the engine always in stable temperatures and thus has a consistent performance.

The ATVs are dedicated to off-road vehicles, and the riders always like to feel confident about the braking system in their vehicle.

In this Yamaha ATV, you will find reliable front disc brakes and a sealed wet rear brake that is consistent and performs and provides instant stopping power whenever needed.

The Yamaha Kodiak 450 has many similar features to the Kodiak 700, like the spacious floorboard, tall handlebar, and long and highly comfortable seat.

The special rubber engine mounts in this Yamaha Kodiak 450 are excellent in absorbing vibrations and don’t reach the rider. The rides are always smooth in this Yamaha Kodiak 450.

The air intakes in this vehicle are high fixed and block all kinds of trail debris from getting inside the engine system. These vents also help keep the V-belt at low temperatures for stable functionality. The airbox is easily serviceable without any use of tools.

ModelYamaha Kodiak 450 ATV
DesignModern and stylish, available in tactical green and steel blue
PriceAround 6,600 dollars (may vary by region and season)
Ground ClearanceAround 10 inches
SuspensionDouble-wishbone, full-length skid plates, adjustable shock absorbers
TiresSturdy 25-inch tires with heavy-duty tread
Towing Capacity1322 LB
Cargo RacksFront and rear steel racks with wrinkle paint coating
ConnectorsMarine-grade waterproof connectors
Engine421 cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 2-valve
TransmissionUltramatic automatic transmission
Drive SystemOn-Command 2WD/4WD switch
ChassisCompact for easy handling and maneuverability
Fuel InjectionMikuni technology for cold weather starting
Cooling SystemLiquid cooling with fans for stable temperatures
BrakesReliable front disc brakes and sealed wet rear brake
Comfort FeaturesSpacious floorboard, tall handlebar, comfortable seat
Rubber Engine MountsAbsorb vibrations for a smooth ride
Air IntakesHigh fixed vents to block debris and cool V-belt
AirboxEasily serviceable without tools

Can-Am Outlander 450

Can-Am Outlander 450

The ATV, which has a superior performance and features far more extended than its price, is the Can-Am Outlander 450. The vehicle has a sturdy and compact design which makes it stand out among other brands of ATVs of higher price.

The vibrant and forest green colors are the two shades available for this Can-Am Outlander 450. The price of this vehicle is around 6500 dollars and has various customizable options for the rider’s suitability. The best features of the Can-Am ATV are as follows:

The ATV has a 427 cc liquid-cooled engine with a high-power single-cylinder placement that lets the ATV function well in all kinds of trails.

The electronic fuel injection system lets the oil reliably circulate the ATV in all conditions and makes the ATV start up easily in very cold weather conditions as well. The engine has a horsepower of 38, which is quite appropriate to the price.

The Can-am Outlander 450 is ridden in a comfortable 2WD mode along with a selectable 4WD mode for the suitable type of driving along the trail with the auto-locking feature in the differential front kind.

The thirty-five-watt front lights are very strong and provide surround visibility along with the brake light present in the vehicle. The seat present in the vehicle is much more comfortable and made with standard material.

There is a DC outlet of the lighter kind, which employs a standard connector of fifteen amperes in the back of the vehicle.

The display is multifunctional and has every vehicle detail in the form of a tachometer, speedometer, odometer, and many other types of detail parameters. The double A-arm nine-inch travel front suspension, and the rear torsional arm suspension provide great stability to the vehicle in all kinds of trails.

The durable steel wheels and the Carlisle twenty-five-inch tires provide great traction along the surface even if it’s slippery.

Both the front and rear brakes are dual 214 mm type in discs along with twin calipers of pistol design that have hydraulic capabilities. This ATV provides an impressive ground clearance of around eleven inches that most ATVs in this price range do not have.

The Can-Am Outlander 450 provides an amazing towing capacity of 1300 LB that appropriately serves many agricultural and fishing tasks.

The steel racks are very spacious, and the rear rack has a capacity of 240 LB alone, with the front having 120 LB capacity. The fuel capacity of the Can-Am Outlander 450 is about twenty-one liters, which is enough for distance rides.

The Can-Am Outlander is an advanced vehicle that has been improved by the company and allows the rider to take the ATV on any rough trail confidently.

The most popular change is the ITP mega mayhem tires, the addition of the strong front bumper, and the radiator location, which had been changed for better vehicle performance.

The vented side panels and the quietness of the engine are not to be found in all ATVs of other brands. The Rotax advanced engine is efficient and has great longevity.

ModelCan-Am Outlander 450
ColorsVibrant Green, Forest Green
Engine427 cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder
Fuel SystemElectronic Fuel Injection
Drive Mode2WD, Selectable 4WD
Front SuspensionDouble A-arm, 9-inch travel
Rear SuspensionTorsional Arm
Ground Clearance11 inches
Front TiresCarlisle, 25-inch
Rear TiresCarlisle, 25-inch
Front BrakesDual 214 mm discs with twin piston calipers
Rear BrakesDual 214 mm discs with twin-piston calipers
Towing Capacity1300 lbs
Fuel Capacity21 liters
Rack CapacityFront: 120 lbs, Rear: 240 lbs
Lighting35-watt headlights, brake light
DisplayMultifunctional display with tachometer, speedometer, odometer, and other parameters
DC OutletStandard 15-amp connector
Other FeaturesITP Mega Mayhem Tires, Strong Front Bumper, Vented Side Panels

Textron Alterra Vlx 700 ATV

Textron Alterra Vlx 700 Atv

This is an underrated high-performance atv with a low price point and is reliable in difficult trail paths, too. This ATV doesn’t take a huge chunk out of your bank balance but also provides an excellent off-road experience like any good quality ATV.

This Textron Alterra VLX 700 has a powerful engine that can function in high-pressure tracks where the ATV would be required to function the best.

The engine is 695 cc with a single-cylinder fitting that helps in the advanced power efficiency. The EFI system of closed-loop design maintains fuel efficiency.

It provides the required power at all times by varying the fuel range and making the engine function with the utmost functionality even years later. The dual halogen headlights are very reliable and provide surround light with penetrative features.

The whole vehicle is supremely sturdy with a steel frame, front tubular steel bumper, and aggressive design. All the steel frame components are welded structurally and have been vigorously tested for extreme off-road conditions.

The vehicle also has a towing hook in the front, which is very easy to use, along with a receiver of two inches. The towing capacity of this ATV is 1050 LB.

The durable front and rear racks present in this vehicle can load a total of 300 LB.

This ATV’s front and rear suspension is a double A-arm kind with travel of ten inches, keeping the ATV stable in rough and bumpy trails. The fuel capacity of this Textron Alterra VLX atv is about twenty-one liters, which serves well for daily riding purposes.

The Textron Alterra VLX ATV offers a ground clearance of eleven inches, which is quite equal to the standard of many high-priced ATVs in the international market.

The wheelbase is about fifty inches, and the tires of Carlisle kind with twenty-five-inch height maintain good traction with all kinds of surfaces no matter where you live.

The hydraulic disc brakes of a single lever are equipped for immediate response and strong braking power. The vehicle has a closed-loop starting of the electric type that is efficient in starting up the vehicle in all kinds of trail conditions.

The vehicle has halogen headlights of low and high beam settings and a rear stoplight that is prominent under other lights.

The battery present in this ATV is a conventional twelve-volt battery that efficiently offers extra power if needed by any other equipment.

The transmission in this Textron Alterra VLX atv is of the dramatic CVT type, and the electronic actuator with two modes helps in more vehicle stability. The Textron Alterra VLX ATV has a six-month warranty, and the black colour is the most popular for this ATV.

ModelTextron Alterra VLX 700 ATV
Engine695 cc, single-cylinder, EFI system
PowerAdvanced power efficiency
HeadlightsDual halogen headlights
FrameSteel frame, front tubular steel bumper, aggressive design
Towing capacity1050 LB
Front and rear racksLoad capacity of 300 LB
SuspensionDouble A-arm, ten inches of travel
Fuel capacity21 liters
Ground clearance11 inches
Wheelbase50 inches
TiresCarlisle tires, 25 inches in height
BrakesHydraulic disc brakes, single lever
Starting systemClosed-loop electric starting system
LightsHalogen headlights (low/high beam), rear stoplight
Battery12-volt conventional battery
TransmissionDramatic CVT, an electronic actuator with two modes
WarrantySix months
Popular ColorBlack


Everyone likes to own an ATV for the freedom of having the off-road experience whenever they get time or have the opportunity with friends and family. They often get discouraged by searching through the best ATVs they should buy with their hard-earned money.

But even low-budget ATVs have great performance and can be ridden on all kinds of trails, but you have to choose wisely. Not every low-budget ATV that you will come across at the sale or online ATV websites would be good enough and durable.

Many ATV owners have suffered a burn of cash after buying the wrong low-budget atv has led to repairs often of a huge price.

You need to buy an ATV that wouldn’t be uncomfortable on the trails and would serve a long period without any issues on the off-road tracks.

The best ATVs you can get for under seven thousand dollars are mentioned here in detail so that you can choose yours with detailed knowledge of what you will be getting out of your purchase.

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