Top 7 Best ATV Sprayers

Top 7 Best Atv Sprayers

The all-terrain vehicle can be declared as the most popular off-road vehicle in most countries. The ATVs are being used with passion and confidence to ride into difficult terrains and trails which were not so easy to drive into before the modern, powerful ATVs came into the world.

But the ATVs are not only used for adventure riding and thrill-seeking stunts, the ATVs are used in several essential processes which would be very difficult to carry out with any other vehicle.

The ATV is very commonly used in agriculture, by forest rangers for surveillance, border patrol, construction, search and rescue and many other important purposes.

For carrying out many such tasks many additional types of equipment and accessories have been introduced into the international technology market which makes the job much easier.

For agricultural and maintenance purposes the ATV sprayers have been discovered which makes the task of spraying chemicals or any different material very easy.

Atvs are becoming the new favourite for farmers and farm owners for their versatile nature of serving the need which was carried out by trucks and tractors separately.

The equipment checking

The ATV sprayer is such a device that can be mounted onto the ATV which allows the rider to spray certain liquids or chemicals easily without leaving the driving seat of the all-terrain vehicle.

The ATV sprayer reduces the time and effort of the farm maintainer by a lot and lets him or her have some free time. The ATV sprayers devices can be easily found in your local market or even on online websites from different brands.

But not all of them will function well neither they would last a respectable amount of time for your farm or agricultural needs.

The tank portion of the ATV sprayer is one of the important aspects to consider while buying. The durability, capacity and robustness need to be analysed for buying a good ATV sprayer. Some ATV sprayers have a very limited length hose pipe making it difficult for the rider to spray in long lengths.

It has been also witnessed that not every ATV sprayer fits perfectly with every ATV and that is why the buyer needs to be quite aware of the ATV sprayer fittings and dimensions as well.

But don’t worry you don’t have to go into that extensive research because the best ATV sprayers in the international market are mentioned here which you can easily get your hands on too.

The precision products spot sprayer TCS15

The Precision Products Spot Sprayer Tcs15

The efficient precision products sprayer in two capacity variants which is the fifteen gallons and the twenty-five gallon, model. The fifteen-gallon spot sprayer weighs about sixteen gallons and has a simple white colour which looks great under the sun for its unique design as well.

The machine works on a conventional twelve volts connection which won’t be a problem with any all-terrain vehicle.

The hose present in this TCS15 model is also quite large with a length of fifteen feet. The precision products sprayer also comes with a unique detachable power harness.

The power harness is measured at eight feet and also has heavy-duty clamps and an easy to use switch. This power harness unlike many others is assembled and doesn’t need additional fixtures for quick mounting on the ATV.

All the parts of the whole precision products ATV sprayer can withstand a lot of rough handling and serve its purpose without any trouble year after year. The TCS15 model is a 60 PSI single sprayer model which makes it very easy to use by the ATV rider.

The easiest way to provide the power source to this precision product spot sprayer is to use the crocodile clips and connect them to the twelve-volt terminals of your ATV battery.

The other unique feature is the thumb control present in this TCS15 model ATV sprayer. The thumb control makes it easier to have precise control over the spraying. The strength of spraying of the precise product sprayer is one gallon per minute and is thus very quick in action.

The heavy-duty tank is made of high-quality plastic along with a drain plug present to let the material flow out when required.

Very few ATV equipment in the market can offer a ninety days warranty but this precise product ATV sprayer does offer that. The price of this machine for the twenty-five-gallon variant stands at hundred and twelve dollars.

Chapin 97300 ATV sprayer

Chapin 97300 Atv Sprayer

This Chapin ATV sprayer is a high-quality diaphragm pump with a gauge that easily fits any tv or ATV. The weight of the machine is around twenty-three pounds and is a little heavier than most other ATV sprayers in the market but is quite logical because of the small extra equipment present with the actual tank and hose.

This premium quality Chapin ATV sprayer comes along with a pressure gauge which helps in maintaining an even spray pattern all around the farm or field in which the ATV rider uses it. The hose nozzle is a very important feature for any type of ATV sprayer.

The nozzle present in this Chapin 97300 is made from pure brass and is adjustable to change the flow of the stream.

 The flow of the type of liquid that you store in the tank of Chapin 97300 can be limited to a perfect mist with adjusting the nozzle or it can also be changed to proper streamflow. The Chapin 97300 is quite versatile in many ways and thus has many more features as well.

This Chapin 97300 ATV sprayer comes along with a well-explained manual which the rider can easily understand if the person is new to ATV sprayers. The same manual is also available online which can be easily accessed by the product buyer at all times.

The tank present in this model is a special translucent tank that always lets the user be aware of the quantity. The tank is also made resistant to chemicals and doesn’t erode with time because of the hardcore build.

Many ATV spraying tanks have a small opening and users find it difficult to pour in any material. But this Chapin ATV sprayer tank has a big five-inch opening which lets the user not only pour any material easily but also mix additional material to the chemical or liquid.

The Chapin sprayer gets easily installed on all modern ATVs, utvs and even tractors. The model can deliver a maximum flow pressure of seventy PSI which leads to a covering distance of twenty-six feet vertically. If you have large farms or lawns then this feature would serve you with great benefits.

The Chapin ATV sprayer also consists of a unique double filtration system which helps in the longevity of the whole equipment and keeps the tank clean.

When you buy this Chapin you will have the option of getting extra seven-foot and sixteen-foot long coverage spray kits. This additional spray boom kit helps a lot in spraying huge fields with fertilizers or pesticides. For simple watering purposes too this amazing Chapin ATV spray is used very popularly.

The hose of the Chapin ATV sprayer looks exactly like a gun for the firm and easy hold. The hose has been designed in such a manner that there is no dripping and the hose shuts off exactly the second you want it to. The hose is also equipped with Viton which makes it more durable.

The other unique equipment you get with this Chapin ATV sprayer is the ratchet straps. These straps work excellently in holding down the unit with the fifteen feet long length.

The equipment also manifolds with pressure gauge and has worry-free customer support always at your help. The price of this Chapin model is around two hundred dollars and is easily available on amazon.

The Master Manufacturing Spot Sprayer for ATV

The Master Manufacturing Spot Sprayer For Atv

This is one of the favourite atv spot sprayer among most farm owners in the US. The design of the Master Manufacturing spot sprayer is very compact and is made to fit all kinds of ATVs. The whole equipment weighs only around eighteen pounds and is very easy to use.

The tank walls are designed with easy to hold cavities which makes the whole process of mounting and dismounting on the ATV much easier for the ATV rider.

The Everflo 2.2 GPM diaphragm pump is of premium quality and works in twelve volts which you can easily supply from your ATV car battery. The wire harness along with crocodile clips are given with the equipment which removes the necessity of buying the twelve-volt wires separately.

The spray gun present in this master manufacturer spot sprayer is completely adjustable and you can easily set the required flow.

The spot spray can shoot up to the height of twenty-five feet in the vertical direction and up to thirty feet in the horizontal direction.

The mist to stream conversion is very easy and the long hose helps in spraying all kinds of farmlands. The tank is translucent which lets the ATV rider always have the quantity in check. The tank is resistant to strong UV rays as well which lets the chemical or any other material unbothered from the heat.

This is possible because of the high-quality polyethylene material used in the manufacturing of the tank. This Master Manufacturing spot spray also consists of a moulded drain port which can be used for draining the tank without any extra labour.

The hose present is made of supreme quality rubber and extends up to fifteen feet which helps in spraying large farms.

The Master MFG brand also provides the ATV sprayer with additional boom and mounting kits which helps in converting the ATV spot sprayer into a broadcast sprayer at a very reasonable price.

The master manufacturing spot sprayer for atv can hold up to fifteen gallons of material which is the most conventional and appropriate size in the international market for ATV equipment.

Ironton ATV spot sprayer

Ironton Atv Spot Sprayer

This is the best ATV sprayer in the US market for any kind of small scale farm. The Ironton ATV spot sprayer works in a twelve-volt ideal power supply which is easy to provide in the ATV from the vehicle battery terminals.

The tank which is present in the Ironton ATV sprayer has a five gallons capacity and is thus very suitable for small scale agriculture or backyard farming. The tank present in this Ironton ATV sprayer is protective against chemicals and doesn’t erode even if you use strong chemicals in the tank regularly for spraying.

The tank also is resistant to ultraviolet rays and has thicker walls than most other ATV sprayers which can affect the properties of the chemical or liquid you store inside it to spray in the fields.

The wire harness is provided with clips in the Ironton ATV spot sprayer set for quick and trouble-free connection to the ATV battery and allows easy power disconnection as well. The wire harness present is eight feet which is more than enough for the rider to connect without any additional extension.

Sometimes in the sun, it is difficult to assess the amount of material that is left in the ATV sprayer tank. The Ironton ATV spot sprayer has gallon markers vividly present which lets the ATV rider always have a strong check on the material amount left.

This unique Ironton ATV spot sprayer even has a switch in-line which makes the turning on and off the ATV sprayer very simple and uncomplicated as in some ATV sprayers the rider has to stop the vehicle and then get off the ATV to turn the sprayer completely off.

The draining port is present at the bottom of the tank in an ideal spot which makes flowing the chemical or tank material out very easy. The robust poly-vinyl chloride hose present in this Ironton ATV sprayer let the rider make easy adjustments for the outflow.

There is a hose wrap built-in along with a mounting location for the spray gun that offers easy storage solutions. The one GPM high-quality pump has a feature of an auto turn off at the forty PSI mark.

The product has been also praised for the big tank opening lid that is around four inches in diameter and makes tank filling for the owner a smooth task.

The spray gun which comes in the Ironton ATV spot sprayer has a capacity of reaching twelve feet vertically and a horizontal spray length of twenty feet precisely. The ten feet hose is an additional advantage with the stream to cone nozzle present for spraying adjustments which can be done instantly.

NorthStar High-Pressure ATV spot sprayer

Northstar High-Pressure Atv Spot Sprayer

The tank has been made resistant to all kinds of chemicals used in agriculture or farming and thus the user never has to deal with sagging or bulging inside the tank.

The NorthStar ATV sprayer’s tank is also made resistant to UV rays for the chemical or liquids properties in the tank to remain intact. The lid of the tank is very large and allows easy filling of it through through the six inches hole.

The strong and durable tank also has a bottom draining port which lets the user be worry-free about liquid extraction. The North Star high-pressure ATV sprayer has a 2.0 GPM pump which allows a maximum system pressure of two hundred PSI.

The NSQ series plunger pump goes through rigorous testing in the testing facilities of the company and the utmost durability is present along with easy priming before the equipment is packed.

The pump is capable of flowing the stream up to thirty feet vertically which allows the ATV rider to always remain seated and reach great lengths without much labour.

The North Star company has been around for more than twenty years and provide excellent products and equipment that have exceptional quality and users can always trust them for the products being true to every feature. The spray gun nozzle has a spectacular three kinds of settings for the tank content to flow as per the user requirements.

The stream, cone and atomized mist are the three types of spraying modes present that lets the user adjust quickly according to the type of spraying which suits the farmland best. The liquid-filled pressure gauge helps in the accurate control over the system pressure at all times.

The other unique feature present in this North Star high-pressure ATV sprayer is the regulator bypass that excites the fluid to maintain the chemical present in the tank evenly dispersed at all times.

The tank also has gallon marks present distinctly for an easy check on the quantity of the tank at all times. The extra thirty-five feet hose provides excess reach if needed for very large farmlands.

Not all types of atv sprayers in the market are totally compatible with a roundup agricultural brand herbicides but this North Star atv sprayer is absolutely compatible. This North Star atv sprayer has tie-down straps present which makes atv mounting much easier and is compatible with all types of ATVs.

BioLogic 6500 ATV sprayer

This BioLogic ATV sprayer is a sturdy ATV sprayer ideal for spraying all kinds of fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides with a conventional fifteen-gallon capacity.

The pump present in this ATV sprayer is an ever flow type and allows a flow parameter of 2.2 GPM. The maximum pressure that is offered by the Biologic 6500 is 70 PSI. The tank is made from superior grade polyethylene which has extensive longevity and doesn’t become weary. 

The tank is fully resistant to chemicals and thus doesn’t cause additional problems in the long run. The nozzle present in this Biologic 6500 is made from pure brass and is adjustable according to the ATV riders need while spraying the agricultural lands.

The presence of pressure gauge and manifold helps in easy attachment of the boom if needed by the user.

The spray gun has a dripless shut-off technology which not only saves the tank material from going to waste but also makes the spraying task easier. The nineteen-inch spray gun with pistol grips helps in reaching out when spraying large agricultural lands.

The fifteen feet hose also makes using this ATV sprayer a much smooth and easy task. The moulded connection wires are also given in the Biologic ATV sprayer set along with easy to attach alligator clips.

This ATV sprayer runs perfectly on a twelve-volt power supply from the ATV batteries. The pistol type spray gun can shoot the tank material up to a height of twenty-six feet vertically. The horizontal maximum capacity is thirty feet which are greater than most average ATV sprayers in the US market.

The Biologic ATV sprayer gets very easily attached to all ATVs and the additional straps in the Biologic equipment help in easy mounting. The five-year limited warranty is huge and cannot be found easily on any ATV sprayer in the international market.

If you need extra performance then seven-foot boom kits are available from the Biologic brand. The weight of this equipment is 22 pounds and is very much affordable.

Fimco sprayer for ATV

Fimco Sprayer For Atv

The Fimco sprayer is a new favourite among farm owners and works excellent in quick spraying of any agricultural material. The tank present in this Fimco sprayer is made from robust polyethylene which can endure harsh conditions and any tough treatment very easily.

This has happened in the past for new ATV equipment users that the ATV sprayer had fallen from the ATV or rolled down due to improper mounting by the user.

The company has given extra importance to the design of this ATV sprayer. The firm and easy to lift design of the tank also allows the even distribution of the fluid all the time. The tank in this ATV sprayer is resistant to chemicals and thus doesn’t corrode after a short period of daily use.

The low profile of the tank improves the stability of the equipment on the vehicle. The tank has an easy drain out feature with the moulded part of the in drain one.

The Fimco ATV sprayer works on the twelve-volt power supply when you connect the given wire harness with alligator clips to the twelve volt port of the battery. The lever gun is an eighteen inch one and the hose is fifteen feet which allows a respectable length in total to cover spraying large fields as well.

he vertical flow of maximum length is eighteen feet and the horizontal maximum spray you will get for eighteen feet. The price of this Fimco ATV sprayer is lower than most other good quality ATV sprayers in the market is available on amazon.


The ATV sprayer is a very useful atv equipment that allows a lot of help in agricultural needs. The ATV sprayers are very common in every country where ATVs are popular too. The ATV sprayer lets the farm owners do more in very little time and also saves them from a lot of manual labour which they had to do themselves or pay someone to do it for them.

But buying one of the best ATV sprayers is very important because these things have a good price tag and if you buy the wrong one then your money is going to the swamp. The best ATV sprayers which you can buy online and offline are mentioned here with the essential details that will help you choose the right fit for your farm.

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