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Best ATV Brake Pads For Mud

Best Atv Brake Pads For Mud
Best Atv Brake Pads For Mud

The brake pads are an essential component that is present in every automobile vehicle, whether it’s an on-road or off-road vehicle.

The ideal brake pads are made from high-quality steel-backed plates and a frictional component fixed to the surface facing the motor of disc brakes. The brake pads of an ATV have the responsibility to convert kinetic energy to thermal energy by the use of friction.

The brake pads do vary from one another in terms of use and the type of vehicle it’s being fitted into. The compounds of manufacturing also vary in brake pads that help in better performance of the ATV in muddy or slippery trail zones.

The brake pads, no matter how good they are, should be checked every five thousand miles for wear and tear. If the brake pads are not in good shape, it will affect the performance of the ATV on difficult trails. The brake components are known to be at their best in dry conditions of the ground.

Motoku front and rear brake pads for ATV

This is the most popular brake pad available in the international off-road vehicle equipment market. This is a ceramic type of brake pad that is most suited for Polaris vehicles. The details about which ATVs it would fit perfectly are as follows:

  • Fits great in Polaris Rzr 4 800 EFI models from 2010-14. The similar Rzr XP 900 EFI 2011-13 and the Rzr 900 model of 2014. The Sportsman Ace 14-15 also has perfect fitting with the Motoku brake pads.
  • The Polaris Ranger 700 of 2008-09 and the Ranger 800 2013-14 should use the Motoku front and rear brakes. The Ranger 900 2011-14 models also work excellently in the braking system with the Motoku brake pads.
  • The ranger crew Polaris 500 models also suit well from 2011-13. Later on, the advanced model of the 570 ranger crew from 2014-20 and the special range crew 570-4 2019-20 have a perfect fitting with the Motoku front and rear brake pads.
  • The Polaris Ranger Ev model 2010-14 is perfect in brake functionality with the Motoko brake pads. The Ranger XP models like the XP 700 of 2008, XP 800 of 2010-11, and the Ranger XP 900 of 2013-19 have enhanced braking systems with the Motoku braking pads.
  • The uncommon Polaris Ace(570) of 2016-17 and the Ranger 500 of 2008-10 are best in braking with the ceramic Motoku front and rear brake pads of the HO scrambler type. The price of this brake pad is also low in price and easily available.

Zinger brake pads for ATVs in sets of front and rear

This is also a high quality ceramic brake pad that is ideal for Polaris models but fits other ATVs as well. The most common pack is the set of four front brake pads and four rear brake pads which is easily available on Amazon and many other popular websites.

The other features and ideal-fitting models are as follows:

  • These zinger brake pads are made of sinister metal and qualify the OEM standards and regulations. These brakes are much more sturdy and last a long time without causing any stress to the rotor friction.
  • The zinger brake pads are well-adjusted to temperature changes and are resistant to heated temperatures. These brake pads work amazingly in muddy and sand trails and are made with durability.
  • The brake pads from Zinger company are very easy to install, and no unique tools are needed. Just the basic hardware and spare a few minutes to get the brake pads fitted, and the ATV owner can do it without calling in a professional mechanic.
  • The polaris RZR XP 1000 EPS model is the ATV that has the best fit and functionality for models from the year 2014 to 2020 variants. The excellent ratings and praising reviews have made them among the top three brake pads you can buy for your ATV if you mostly like to ride in muddy trails.

The zinger brake pads for Can-Am outlander model

This is another brake pad from the same Zinger company just mentioned but these front and rear brake pads are also available for the perfect fit in various Can-Am ATV models. The common set is the three front and rear brake pads made for heavy-duty and rigorous use.

The prime features and ideal fitting models of these Zinger brake pads are as follows:

  • These front and rear brake pads from zinger company are made to handle rough trail conditions and are not affected by mud, dirt, sand, or other trail debris. In many regions of the world, the rocky mud hills and sand dunes are the most popular kind of trails so in those regions these zinger brake pads would function the best.
  • These high-quality ceramic brake pads easily pass the OEM quality checks. The brake pads from zinger have excellent toughness and won’t get weary soon after you install them in your ATV. Some brake pads in the market have very little longevity and require quick reinstallations but not this zinger brake pad.
  • The premium brake pads are ideal to fit in Can-Am outlander 1000 EFI XT of 2013-15. The other models are Can-Am Outlander 500, 800R EFI XT-P, 800R EFI DPS, Max 800R EFI XT-P, and max 800R EFI XT-P. The other 650 and 1000 DPS models of Can-Am work excellently with the zinger brake pads.
  • The brake pads of zinger Can-Am models are made with sintered metal which is durable and has great longevity. These brake pads from zinger are great in resisting and fighting against high temperatures and maintain the friction intact throughout the temperature fluctuations.
  • All the Can-Am L Max and DPS models are a perfect fit for the Zinger front and rear pads. The EFI variants of the L-MAX and the L-PRO models too, from 450 to 570 power can use the zinger brake pads ideally. The hunting edition 570 and the hunting edition 1000 are also ideal ATVs for the Zinger brake pads.
  • The Can-Am outlander max 500, max 650 XT, 800R EFI, max 1000, 1000 LTD -2015-16, 1000 EFI and 2012-15 Can-Am outlander 800R EFI model. All these ATVs are perfect to fit with the zinger brake pads. The brake pads of the zinger company are very easy to install and do not need special tools for fitting the pads on the braking system.

Ransoto front and rear ceramic brake pads

This is another high quality brake pad that is ideal for various Polaris models but works perfect on many other ATV models as well. The ransoto company brake pads are available most commonly in four front and rear brake pads set that is easily available on amazon but the sellers don’t ship every country and region so you should check it out.

The best features and ideal fitting vehicles for this ransoto brake pads are as follows:

  • These brake pads have a fast heat dissipation capability that allows the brake pads to maintain friction with the rotor and the brake system even when the temperature has elevated a lot. Having the same kind of friction through the cooling process is also a essential feature of this ransoto brake pad.
  • These brake pads are specially designed to function excellently in muddy and sandy trails with difficult obstacles. They are made keeping the racing process in mind and thus are made for heavy-duty performance and handling difficult trail conditions. Thus they do not damage by the common debris of different types of trails.
  • The durability of these ransoto front and rear brake pads lets the rider drive worry-free all the time with confidence. Many brake pads get damaged or weary in a very short period and thus don’t become a great value for money. These risotto brake pads are thus perfect to save yourself from often replacements.
  • The after-sales service of the ransoto company is exceptional and takes care of any problem that the buyer might face after purchase. Any queries are easily cleared by the expert customer service team of ransoto company. The front and rear brakepads from ransoto company are very easy to install and requires much less time and just the basic tools which can be used and installed by the ATV owner.
  • The sintered metal coating present in this ransoto brake pads allows great stopping in comparison to most other brake pads on the international market. The ransoto brake pads are designed to provide the utmost stoppage power in the braking system at all times and on every surface. The wheels remain more clean when you use this ransoto front and rear pads in your ATV.
  • These brake pads are ideal fits for several Polaris vehicles among which the common ones are 2010-14 Polaris ranger 400, models of ranger 500 from 2008-11. The Polaris ranger 570, 700 EFI, the Polaris 800 2010-14 models and also the Polaris ranger 800 and 900 variants of the ATV.
  • The crew variants of the polaris like the crew 500 from 2011-2013 and the ranger crew 570 are perfect for the ransoto front and rear brake pads. The polaris ranger RZR from 2012-13 for both 800 and 900 engine capacity models are best fits for using the ransoto brake pads. The diesel model of Polaris from 2015-17 and the diesel HST are ideal vehicles for using the ransoto front and rear brake pads. The Polaris ranger EV model from 2010-15 models also work great with the ransoto brake pads.
  • These front and rear brake pads have a superior level of design and craftsmanship. This makes them provide excellent performance and longevity. Many companies don’t extensively check every product or put enough quality checks. But this ransoto brake pads have strict quality checks before moving to the factory and are tested so that the buyers don’t face any problems.

Sollon front and rear brake pads for ATV

This is another heavy duty brake pads from the reputed sollon company which ideally mount on several brake systems of Polaris models. These are semi-metal type brake pads that have great performance and durability. The best features and the ideal fitting polaris models are as follows:

  • The sollon front and rear brake pads for ATV are designed to function quietly and also reduce the overall braking system noises too. The high quality material used in the manufacturing of sollon front and rear brake pads work along with the anti-noise baskets and make the quiet functioning of the ATV brakes.
  • This sollon atv front and rear brake pads provide high-standard shimmering and slotting and is dynamic in terms of adjustable bending that helps in the escalated performance of the ATV with instant braking. The sollon brake pads are not only used in atvs but are also fitted in utvs and go-karts for their superior quality.
  • The sollon front and rear brake pads are great in absorbing heat and dissipating it out of the brake system of your ATV. This helps in maintaining a stable temperature in the brakes that allows proper functionality at all times. The longevity of the components in the brake system is also extended when you use the sollon brake pads.
  • These front and rear brake pads are also very easy to install and can be completed by the atv owner without spending money at fancy garages. The sollon are also available in most regions of the US and Canada and also delivered by amazon for only nineteen dollars price.
  • This is one of the most versatile brake pads in the automobile market that fits so many kinds of ATVs and other vehicles. The unique Polaris 325 expedition 2002 works well with the sollon brake pads. The polaris magnum series from 2002-06 does accept the sollon brake pads amazingly. The polaris 330 trail boss, polaris 250 trail blazer and also the 330 variant have enhanced braking systems with the sollon brake pads.
  • The polaris scrambler models from 2002-12 of 400 and 500 cc engine capacity are ideal fit for the sollon brake pads. The sportsman deluxe, sportsman EFI, sportsman EFI military, sportsman forest 2012-14, touring EFI, twin browning EFI, Twin EFI are also ideal fits for using the sollon brake pads.

Cyleto front and rear brake pads

This is a highly praised and popular brake pad for atvs. The Cyleto front and rear brake pads are best suited for various Honda models of ATVs but fit many other brake systems, too. The most popular set is the three front and rear brake pads pack, which is available at a very low price on online websites and local stores as well.

The other best features of the Cyleto brake pads and ideal fitting Honda models are as follows:

  • The design and quality of the Cyleto brake pads are to-notch and they have side hooks made of supreme organic material. The surface of the brake pad is very smooth and thus maintains great friction. The tight connections in the Cyleto ensure perfect contact in the brake system. The base is made from kevlar carbon fiber and thus makes the Cyleto brake pads highly strong.
  • The Cyleto brake pads for ATVs are resistant to dust, sand, mud, and other common trail debris. This makes them durable, and the rider can ride worry-free on their favorite mud trails daily. These front and rear brake pads also have a much lower wear rate than most other brake pads in the international market. This is why the Cyleto brake pads have better longevity and also keep the braking system secure.
  • The Cyleto front and rear brake pads are also immune to heat and high temperatures. The prime quality is the heat handling capability on which the performance of a brake pad becomes better from the rest. The Cyleto brake pads work perfectly throughout the temperature transitions and handles wet fading too. This means there will be utmost friction and functionality throughout the cooling process too.
  • The cyleto front and rear brake pads are designed in a manner that reduces the daily wear on the disc of the braking system. The brake pads also work silently and don’t create lots of noise like many other braking pads.
  • This is the most cost-efficient braking pad you will get in the off-road accessories market. These Cyleto front and rear brake pads have been made to be safe in use and completely work in balance with the braking rotor.
  • The ideal model of Honda ATV that these Cyleto brake pads are ideal fit for are:
    • Honda TRX 400 2009-14, old models like the Honda TRX 250 Fourtrax from 1987-92.
    • Honda TRX 300 EX fourtrax 1993-2008, Honda TRX 400 fourtrax 1999-2000.
    • The TRX Sportrax 2001-08 also is an ideal ATV for fitting Cyleto front and rear brake pads.
    • Two Yamaha models are also perfect for using this brake pad.
    • The Yamaha YFM660 Raptor 2001-2005 and the Yamaha YFM350 Raptor 2004-2011 are the ones in which Cyleto brake pads work perfectly.
  • The Cyleto company advises checking the vehicle’s compatibility with the brake pads before purchase. They also suggest reluctantly reaching out to the customer care contact mediums. The Cyleto brake pads have excellent reviews and ratings from genuine customers all over the internet.

Why You Need The Best ATV Brake Pads For Ridding On Mud Trails?

Mud is not good for brake pads and so you need to be aware of the brake pad attached to your ATV and the quality of the material used.

The brake pads are essential for applying and maintaining contact for the pressure to the brake rotors of the ATV. The braking requirements in all-terrain vehicles are different from regular cars and SUVs, and thus pads need to have a higher coefficient of friction.

The brake fade should not be ignored, as this indicates paying attention to the condition of the brake pads.

Many ATV riders prefer muddy and wet trails to ride on, and they should pay extra attention to the brake pads attached. Cleaning the mud well enough after every ride is also important; otherwise, the brake pads won’t last much, no matter how good they are in quality and durability.

The essential brake pad aspects

Knowledge about the brake pad characteristics is essential in determining the best ones in a cluster. The vital features which should be considered and are very basic to the best brake pads that would function well even in the mud are as follows:

  • The brake pad should be resistant to slight exposure to water and dirt. The moisture effect on the brake fading should also be minimal.
  • The brake pads shouldn’t get easily weary due to the frictional effect.
  • But at the same time, they shouldn’t be resistant enough that the rotor is sacrificed to wear then the brake pad is affected.
  • The material of the brake pad should be able to fight against the temperature changes during the energy conversion to thermal kind. The increased temperature and heat shouldn’t easily make the brake fade.
  • The frictional consistency of the brake pads should be there even when there are sharp changes in the temperature due to moisture or heat. Throughout the process of cooling or drying the friction, parameters should not vary.
  • The best brake pads in the industry provide the frictional force in the amount exactly needed and don’t make any sounds. The brake should have safe contact with the rotor or drum and not have forceful contact so that the surface of the brake pad gets severely damaged.
  • If the frictional coefficient is very high at the contact points, then the wheels can get locked, so the value should be stable enough to allocate the right amount of stopping power to the ATV. The ideal value of the frictional coefficient is between 0.3 and 0.5 for the material used in the brake pads.

The most vital categories of brake pad material

Previously, asbestos was used in manufacturing the brake pads as it provided a unique feature of vigorous heat absorption, allowing the vehicle to reach higher speed.

The asbestos-induced brake pads were still able to provide enough friction to make the vehicle stop.

However, due to some concerning health hazards of using asbestos, the material became obsolete, and other high-grade materials were adapted for building excellent quality brake pads for mud and other trail debris. The most common types of brake pads available in different materials are as follows:

Ceramic material brake pads

These brake pads offer excellent fade and grip resistance. The prime materials used in this type of brake pad are porcelain, clay, flakes of copper, and other filaments. The ceramic material brake pads are very quiet and offer good friction.

The drawback of this material is that the ceramic composition is not good in heat dissipation, which can sometimes cause damage to other braking components due to excess heat.

Semi-metallic material for brake pads

These semi-metallic pads are more strong and durable than non-metallic brake pads.

Synthetic material is mixed with flaked metals in different proportions for the manufacturing of this type of brake pad.

But this type of brake pad tends to put a lot of pressure on the rotor, making it easily weary. These brake pads also require a lot of actuator force to provide the needed brake friction and torque.

Non-metallic material brake pads

These types of brake pads are very adjustable to the rotors and do not put any extra load on them. The brake pads of this type are made from various synthetic materials like aramid, PAN, cellulose, and even glass of sintered kind.

All these materials are made to bond-forming a composite brake pad material that is purely non-metallic. But these brake pads do gather lots of dust, which leads to their short life span.

Fully metallic material brake pads

The brake pads, which are totally made of metal, have great longevity and require a bit more force than other types of brake pads to have the necessary braking.

The brake pads are not quiet and make noise. The rotors also wear more quickly in this type of brake pad application. These pads are mostly present in vehicles with superior acceleration and are made of sintered steel, and no synthetic material is added.


Why is it important to choose the best brake pads for riding on mud trails with an ATV?

Mud is not good for brake pads, and riding on muddy and wet trails requires brake pads that can handle such conditions. The right brake pads ensure safety, durability, and optimal performance in muddy conditions.

What are the key features to consider when selecting brake pads for ATVs?

The brake pads should be resistant to water and dirt exposure, have minimal brake fading due to moisture, not wear out easily from friction, protect the rotor, handle temperature changes during energy conversion, maintain frictional consistency despite temperature changes, and provide the right amount of stopping power with a frictional coefficient between 0.3 and 0.5.

What are the potential issues with using brake pads made of ceramic material?

While ceramic material brake pads offer excellent fade and grip resistance and are quiet, they are not efficient in heat dissipation, which can sometimes cause damage to other braking components due to excess heat.

How do fully metallic brake pads differ from other types?

Fully metallic brake pads are made entirely of metal, offering great longevity. However, they require more force for braking, tend to be noisier, and can cause rotors to wear out more quickly. They are mostly found in vehicles with superior acceleration and are made of sintered steel.

Why were asbestos-induced brake pads replaced in the industry?

Asbestos was used in brake pads due to its unique feature of vigorous heat absorption. However, due to health hazards associated with asbestos, it became obsolete, leading to the adaptation of other high-grade materials for brake pads.


Many new ATV owners who are just starting with their off-road adventures might not understand the importance of brake pads.

Experts suggest to always maintain a periodic check on the condition of the brake pads and install only the best quality braking pads for having a perfectly reliable braking system in your ATV. The ideal front and rear brake pads are mentioned here which have the best features and longevity.

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