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Best ATVs To Pull Icehouse

Best Atvs To Pull Icehouse
Best Atvs To Pull Icehouse

Life in the ice-cold regions of the earth is very different from living in any other place. The eating supplies, houses, clothes, and many other things are unique in these cold regions, where ice and snow can be spotted most of the year.

Unique activities like ice fishing are very common in these places and are exciting activities that require patience and lots of equipment.

A pullable ice house, except for fishing accessories, is also necessary for ice-fishing in a remote location. The ice house has various names in different locations and is also known as ice shank, fish coop, ice hut, bob house, and most importantly, an ice shanty.

This ice house is a temporary shelter for ice fishers and is available in various ways. Some premium ice houses have modern facilities like heaters, electricity, cooking facilities, and high-quality materials.

The most common versions are smaller and are pulled to the ice lake with the help of an ATV. The ATV also helps in many ways with ice fishing and is the popular partner for ice fishers nowadays.

Arctic Cat Alterra TRV 700

Best Atvs To Pull Icehouse

This high-power modern ATV is one of the best-performing ATVs in cold regions. The Arctic Cat Alterra TRV 700 has a premium build front towing hook and also a two-inch receiver at the rear position.

This vehicle has an amazing one-year warranty that is rare in most off-road vehicles.

Arctic Cat Alterra TRV 700 Specs:

Brand and ModelArctic Cat Alterra TRV 700
Towing Capacity1050 LB
SuspensionDouble A-arm rear and front suspension, adjustable shock absorbers for vehicle stability
Passenger CapacityTwo passengers
Engine TypeSingle-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 700-class engine for high performance in difficult trail conditions; designed for fuel efficiency and cost savings
LightingDual halogen headlight and tail light for reliability and visibility on dark ice lakes; highly distinctive over white ice surface
Ground ClearanceEleven-inch ground clearance for easy travel through rough ground formations
Power SteeringElectronic power steering for easy maneuverability and control on slippery ice surfaces, even when towing a heavy ice house
Tires25-inch heavy-duty tires, lightweight with good traction and can power through difficult snow and ice-formed grounds; available in 2WD or 4WD for stability
RacksFront and rear premium speed racks equipped with the unique Speedlock system for easy attachment of heavy equipment; molded 200LB and 100-lb racks
Commemorative BadgeDigital-type multifunctional gauge for easy trail riding
Multifunctional GaugeDigital type multifunctional gauge for easy trail riding
Electric StartEfficient electric start for cold weather conditions

This lets you ride on the ice worry-free and offers a smooth riding experience with its great features.

The best features of the Alterra TRV 700 are as follows:

  • This vehicle from the Arctic Cat company has an impressive towing capacity of 1050 LB, making it powerful. The double A-arm rear and the front suspension also offer smooth riding in rough ice formations. The adjustable shock absorbers are excellent in maintaining the stability of the vehicle.
  • This vehicle has the unique feature of having two passengers on board, while most other off-road vehicles have a seat for the driver. The single-cylinder liquid-cooled 700 class engine makes it easy for high performance in difficult trail conditions. The engine is also designed to provide great fuel efficiency and cost savings.
  • This Arctic Cat TRV 700 lets you take your friend or partner in the same vehicle for ice-fishing adventures. Even after having an extra person, the vehicle can pull a moderately sized ice house very efficiently. The dual halogen headlight and tail light are highly reliable in dark ice lakes and is very distinctive over the white surface of the ice.
  • This Alterra 700 has a perfect eleven-inch ground clearance that allows you to travel easily through rough ground formations. The electronic power steering allows easy maneuverability and control on slippery ice surfaces, even when towing a heavy ice house.
  • The twenty-five-inch heavy-duty tires are lightweight and can power through difficult snow and ice-formed grounds. The tires always maintain good traction with the surface and don’t slip from the desired route. The 2WD or 4WD electric actuation makes the Alterra 700 more stable for the all-wheel hydraulic disc combination.
  • The front and rear premium speed racks are equipped with the unique Speedlock system of the arctic cat company. This lets you easily attach heavy equipment to the molded 200LB and 100-lb racks. The rear rack is made to hold much heavier accessories that might be needed for ice fishing.
  • The Arctic Cat company has completed its 60th anniversary. The recent models of the Alterra TRV 700 have a stylish commemorative batch that makes the vehicle look more authentic and well-designed. The multifunctional gauge of the digital type also helps a lot in easy trail riding. The electric start present in this Alterra TRV 700 is also very efficient in cold weather conditions.

Honda Foreman 450 ATV

Best Atvs To Pull Icehouse

This ATV from the reputed company of Honda is made to tackle harsh conditions and function well in extremely low temperatures. Although this ATV model of Honda is a little old, the amazing features that this ATV holds are undeniably impressive.

The most popular version is the Honda Foreman 450 ES which has the electric shift feature.

This award-winning ATV has always been praised by riders in cold regions who have used it for ice fishing or pulling an ice house.

The honda foreman 450 has many great which are as follows:

The vehicle has a powerful single-cylinder engine of the four-stroke type. The longitudinal placement of the air-cooled engine helps perfect weight distribution and keeps the Honda Foreman lightweight.

The stroke present in the ATV is about sixty-eight mm, and the bore is about ninety mm.

The vehicle also has excellent front and rear suspensions. The front suspension is a double-wishbone type with vertical lower and upper arms.

This allows for extra travel up to six inches and keeps the wheel aligned even when the ATV loses contact with the surface.

The other rear suspension present in this vehicle has a swing arm with a stainless steel finish allowing the same six inches of travel. This powerful suspension combination makes the vehicle perfect for high-pressure hauling or pulling tasks.

The TraxLok advanced mechanical system in this honda foreman vehicle allows quick transition switching by the rider.

The 2WD mode allows lighter maneuverability, and the 4WD provides the utmost traction on slippery ice surfaces with the tires. The electronic capacitor discharge ignition system lets the vehicle start up instantly, even at very low temperatures.

When an ATV rides on highly slippery surfaces like ice lakes, then, the braking system should always be at its prime capacity for risky situations.

The front brakes of this vehicle use dual-sealed drum brakes of hydraulic type, allowing good braking in low traction spots.

The heavy-duty Dunlop tires 25×12 dimension, which come in the honda foreman, are also much more reliable and are best if not changed to other tire types.

All the headlights, including the unique handlebar light, are equipped with multi-reflector lenses that allow excellent light distribution on the trail.

The handlebar light is also a high-powered forty-five-watt one that also lets you be aware of the surrounding ice surfaces.

This vehicle provides a ground clearance of eight inches, and the torque radius of twelve inches helps take sharp turns.

Can-Am Outlander 650 ATV

Best Atvs To Pull Icehouse

This supreme quality ATV from the Can-Am brand is made for rough trails with high-pressure riding for its industry-leading horsepower and modern features. This ATV is known to be one of the easiest to operate off-road vehicles on ice, snow, or mud trails.

The superior grip that this Can-Am Outlander 650 provides is better than most other ATVs in its price range.

The best features of this ATV are as follows:

Ground Clearance11 inches
Engine TypeAdvanced Rotax V-Twin engine
Towing CapacityRecalibrated for low-friction surfaces
TrunkDual-level with front and rear racks
SuspensionTorsional trail arm rear suspension
WinchCan-Am Winch with roller-type fairleads
TransmissionContinuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Engine Braking SystemRecalibrated for low friction surfaces
Airflow and VentilationOptimized vented panels
Display Panel4.5-inch well-lit display
ColorViper Red
PriceAppropriately priced based on performance

The Outlander 650 has an astonishing ground clearance of eleven inches that allows you to ride straight through rough ground formations of rock, snow, or ice.

This extra ground clearance helps a lot when pulling an ice house with your ATV ATV, as you often won’t have to change your route for rough formations.

The advanced Rotax v-twin engines are powerful and can handle stressful trail conditions very well. This is one of the rare engines that puts all of its torque down along with responding throttle.

The v-twin is the leading technology in off-road automobile engineering which always has the extra power to spare, which might be needed in powering other equipment in the ice house.

If you have a large-size ice-house to be pulled, you can always rely on this Can-Am Outlander 650. The towing capacity of this atv is of 1650 LB, which means hauling the weight of about 750 kg will not be a problem.

The trunk present in this vehicle is dual-level with spacious front and rear racks. The vehicle also has LinQ technology mounts, which makes ice house pulling much more hassle-free.

The Continuously Variable Transmission(CVT) provides a smart allowance of the required power in the engine at all times.

The modern Can-Am Outlander 650 also has a recalibrated engine braking system that lets your vehicle stop instantly, even on low friction surfaces.

This ATV has a rear suspension of the torsional trail arm kind, which is independent in the action of parallel motion.

This suspension provides advanced stability to the vehicle on all kinds of surfaces and difficult obstacle crossings.

The Can-Am Winch is a special type of winch having fairleads of roller type that makes tasks like hunting, mudding, and ice trailing much easier and smooth.

The optimized vented panels allow the utmost engine airflow and ventilation. The 4.5-inch display panel is readable in all conditions and well-lighted.

The display provides information about the vehicle in all conditions, and the control is easily set for user suitability. The viper red color is the most popular one, and the price is quite appropriate based on the vehicle’s performance.

Yamaha Grizzly EPS ATV

Best Atvs To Pull Icehouse

This highly durable Yamaha Grizzly EPS ATV has superior performance in all types of difficult weather conditions.

This premium quality ATV is slightly high priced, but the features and capability are far better than many other modern ATVs in the market.

The Yamaha Grizzly also has a very stylish design, and the neon yellow kind of color combination is excellent.

The other best features of this Yamaha Grizzly EPS are as follows:

Engine TypeSOHC 4-stroke
Bore x Stroke102.0mm x 84.0mm
Engine CoolingLiquid
Fuel SystemYamaha Fuel Injection (YFI), 44mm
Front SuspensionIndependent double wishbone; 5-way preload adjustment
Front Travel7.6 in.
Front Brake TypeDual hydraulic disc
Front TiresAT27 x 10-14 Maxxis® Zilla® MU01
Rear Travel9.1 in.
Rear SuspensionIndependent double wishbone with anti-sway bar; 5-way preload adjustment
Rear Brake TypeDual hydraulic disc
Rear TiresAT27 x 10-14 Maxxis® Zilla® MU01
Dry WeightCurb Weight: 754 lb.
Front Rack Capacity110 lb.
Rear Rack Capacity198 lb.
Towing Capacity1322 lb.
Fuel Capacity4.8 gal.
Ground Clearance11.8 in.
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)81.5 in. x 49.2 in. x 50.0 in.
Wheelbase49.2 in.
Final DriveOn-Command 3-way locking differential; 2WD, 4WD, locked 4WD; shaft
TransmissionUltramatic V-belt with all-wheel engine braking; H, L, N, R, P
ColorsCopperhead Orange Metallic
Warranty6 Month (Limited Factory Warranty), 10-Year V-Belt Limited Warranty

The electric power steering in the ATV makes vehicle control much easier and reduces fatigue on long-distance trails. The power steering is also speed-sensitive and advanced in technology.

The four-wheel hydraulic type disc brakes are highly efficient on all types of surfaces and have the required power always to brake instantly.

The highly fitted drive system for air intake always keeps the temperature of the engine system in check.

Thus in high-pressure situations, it can immediately function well. This same air intake always helps in protecting the drive system from natural debris, mud, water, and other trail materials.

This Yamaha Grizzly EPS has an impressive ground clearance of more than eleven inches, allowing you to take risks on uneven and risky grounds. The composite skid plates allow great protection to the maximum underbelly portions.

The Yamaha Grizzly has high-performance tires, uniquely designed and called Maxxis tires. They provide excellent traction even when pulling heavy objects like the ice house.

The Yamaha Grizzly EPS has an advanced Ultramatic transmission with dual-range reverse gear and an efficient CVT drive system. The gated shifter with a centrifugal clutch of an automatic system allows belt tension which is always maintained.

The sprag clutch is the superior kind that allows constant all-wheel braking. The high-potential 686cc engine of this ATV has proper power delivery, smooth turnings, and engine features that are ideal for off-road riding.

The Yamaha Grizzly has an amazing On-command 4WD system with three different positions, among which are 2WD, differential 4WD of the locked system, and a limited 4WD slip.

The use of buttons can easily switch between the mode. A power escalating button also remains that makes the vehicle reach the utmost rpm when shifted in the full differential lock mode.

The Yamaha Grizzly has a high-quality stainless steel exhaust system which is one of the reasons for the longevity of the exhaust system.

The vehicle also has a unique spark arrestor of screen type that allows excessive power and keeps the engine noise to a minimum. The vehicle has an independent double-wishbone rear and front suspension that allows extra comfort to the rider, even on the most difficult trails.

For long duration and extended days on the ATV, this Yamaha grizzly EPS is highly suitable for its extra leg space and a plush seat for extra comfort.

The vehicle also has a high-capacity radiator that allows extra airflow for utmost cooling, which is required during slow riding and puts much thermal demand on the engine.

Suzuki King Quad 750 ATV

Best Atvs To Pull Icehouse

The Suzuki king quad is a premium type of ATV that is easy to ride on any terrain, even if the ATV needs to carry a huge load on ice surfaces.

This is an ATV made with the quality of a sports utility vehicle with a bold design. This modern ATV has been highly praised by every owner in cold weather conditions for its unique capabilities.

The other best features of the Suzuki king quad are as follows:

Front Suspension
Overall length2150mm (84.6in)
Overall width1215mm (47.8in)
Overall height1285mm (50.6in)
Wheelbase1285mm (50.6in)
Ground clearance260mm (10.2in)
Seat height920mm (36.2in)
Kerb mass329.0kg
Fuel capacity17.5 litres (3.8 UK gallons)
Engine capacity722cc
Engine4-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC
Compression ratio9.9:1
IgnitionElectronic ignition
LubricationWet sump
Fuel systemFuel Injection
TransmissionAutomatic variable ratio (V-belt)
Rear SuspensionIndependent, double wishbone, oil-damped
Front tiresIndependent, double wishbone, oil-damped
Front brakesDual Discs, hydraulically operated
Rear brakesSealed oil-bathed multi-disc
Rear tiresAT25 x 8-12, tubeless
Rear tyresAT25 x 10-12, tubeless

The vehicle has a high-powered 722 cc engine with a single-cylinder placement that has the liquid cooling features in the engine four-stroke type.

This vehicle provides a sturdy torque of varying power based on the requirement. The strong pressure of cooling oil to the piston oil jet system makes the Suzuki ATV durable in all conditions.

This Suzuki King quad qualifies all the compliance rules of the US emissions, including the strict rules of the California models to abide by the state’s complicated evaporative standard of emissions.

This eligibility also makes the Suzuki King quad easily pass the green sticker registration. The vehicle also has an aluminum radiator of a superior kind, along with a cooling fan that is controlled by a thermostat.

This ATV also has excellent fuel efficiency and throttle response due to the advanced mechanism of Suzuki fuel injection. This system also provides consistent power across every rev range.

In cold weather conditions where ice fishing is popular, ATVs often face problems, but this Suzuki quad has no problems with starting up in cold conditions.

The cylinder also has a charging efficiency of the great kind, which has four valves, and the cylinder head valves are thirty-six mm.

The engine of this ATV also has dual balancer shafts that make rough trail riding much smoother.

The aluminum cylinder is very light in weight and uses the Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material that is coating, allowing easy transferring of heat and sealing of the ring. This is why the efficiency of this combustion chamber is great.

Ice Houses and ATV Reliability

Some ice houses can be heavy; pulling to the actual ice fishing location can be a huge distance from home. The all-terrain vehicles are made for riding on all terrain and are much more reliable for carrying out unconventional and off-road tasks.

But as the ATV would also have to carry other equipment for ice fishing, the ice-house pulling task can be quite a burden for low-performance ATVs.

Even if the shelter is foldable, the weight wouldn’t be much less. Some non-portable ice shelters are left in the ice lakes and remain there throughout the season. This kind of shelter must be licensed and cannot be left there.

The ATV of high performance can also be used in towing these permanent ATVs but needs to have high engine power with modern features and high pulling capacity.

Always check on the state department’s online DNR page for the correct information about the ice house rules and regulations.

Not every all-terrain vehicle functions great in low-temperature weather conditions, so you must choose well when buying ATVs for heavy-duty tasks.


The ice house is a common equipment or shelter used in ice fishing in cold regions worldwide. The best ATVs that can be used for pulling the ice houses on the slippery ice are all mentioned here.

Not every ATV will function well in cold weather conditions, so you must choose your ride carefully to use it for all heavy-duty tasks on the ice.

The ATVs of high power and unique features will be needed so that you can pull the ice house without any problems on the difficult trails.

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