Best ATV Anti-Theft Device

Best ATV Anti-Theft Device
Best ATV Anti-Theft Device

ATVs are vehicles meant for off-road riding where there is very little security, and nobody is responsible for keeping a check on your ATV. The ATVs are sophisticated vehicles and cost a ton to lose due to carelessness.

You can also end up in really harsh conditions if your ATV gets stolen in the middle of a trail. It becomes highly exhausting to walk for several miles through an isolated terrain and can get in you in a very bad physical and mental condition. Keeping your ATV secured also lets you enjoy the trail rides more freely.

When ATV riders go for trail riding with an additional plan of camping on the trails, then an enhanced ATV protection mechanism should be used. The prime security for your ATV can be provided as an anti-theft device. For keeping the ATV with added protection in your garage anti-theft devices can be used.

Like cars being stolen from garages, the same thing has happened several times with many riders. The misconception of utmost security in a garage had got them fooled. Thus, a simple gadget like an anti-theft device can provide you with more ease of mind.

The importance of an anti-theft device on a trail

When ATV riders go trail riding with camping in their mind, taking an anti-theft device should be among the priorities. You might have the prejudice that nobody will be in the trail during the night, and you will be able to catch them if someone messes with your ATV.

After having a tiring day through the rough conditions on a trail, you would badly crave a tight sleep, and being partly cautious to catch sounds won’t be in your control. So buying a suitable anti-theft device is highly necessary.

But in the market, you will find various types of anti-theft locks for your ATV from multiple companies, but not all of them will protect your ATV from the tricks of thieves.

The price also varies greatly among the existing popular anti-theft devices. Your best choices have been evaluated and mentioned in detail to find the ideal choice.

Kryptoflex 3010 double-loop cable

Kryptoflex 3010 double-loop cable

One of the most convenient ways to locate your ATV is the Lock and Cable system. But it might not be suitable for trails that are absolutely barren and won’t even be able to provide a strong object to harness the cable with.

First, you need to pass the cable along with the frame of your ATV and then extend the cable around the strong chosen object staying on the ground. The Kryptoflex 3010 double-loop cable is a braided steel cable of 10mm, which is highly strong.

The cable has enhanced cut resistance, and thieves won’t be able to cut through with sharp objects. This cable is double-looped to be sturdy and perfectly embedded with the U-Locks from Kryptonite.

The disc locks and padlocks from Kryptonite will be the best fit along with this Lock. The Kryptoflex cable also has a protective vinyl cover that keeps it in its prime condition for a very long time.

All the harsh conditions and ill-treatment of the trail are absorbed by the vinyl cover letting the actual cable remain non-tampered. The cable length is about thirty inches, and the weight is just around 4.05 lbs, with perfect fittings for most ATVs.

When looking for a cable with durability, performance, and longevity, then looking further into other cables is not required. The Kryptonite company also provides an anti-theft program that acts as insurance for the ATV riders who buy products from the Kryptonite brand.

Bibowa Anti-Theft Alarm Disc Lock

Bibowa Anti-Theft Alarm Disc Lock

This specific type of disc lock is made to attach through brake holes of the discs in your vehicle. When the disc lock is applied, the vehicle becomes quite immobile, and extreme tampering and pressure riding might lead to the breaking of discs.

Thus it is also important to remove this kind of lock carefully before you try to ride your ATV again. The best disc locks available in the market have a strap along with them that needs to be attached to the handle.

When looking for a Disc brake lock, the Bibowa company lock will be the best choice to buy. This Bibowa Disc brake lock for ATVs has features and is very light in weight.

The Bibowa brake lock weighs only 1.4 pounds and is made from high-quality brass material.

The strap cable, which comes with the disc brake, lengths around five feet and perfectly fits even the large ATVs. As using the strap is extremely easy, riders are not lazy about it and always use it to remind them about unlocking the disc lock before riding the ATV.

When you buy this Bibowa disc lock, it already comes pre-installed with six LR44 batteries and additional spares of six pieces for no extra cost.

The Bibowa company also provides three keys of brass along with the lock, and there doesn’t remain the need for making extra keys with more expenditure.

The disc lock is much smaller and easy to carry around, with varying color options from which you can choose your favorite. The price of this disc lock in most regions is around twenty-eight dollars.

The Bibowa Disc brake remains in stock most of the time on Amazon, and there are not many discounts most of the time as the price is already standardized to the most affordable extent.

The disc-style cylinder is dual-reinforced, and enhanced security is provided by it with the help of the ideal diameter pin of six millimeters that also fits smaller vent holes.

This disc lock is made waterproof and performs ideally in all weather conditions. These Bibowa disc brake locks also remain rust-free and are manufactured for extended longevity without getting weary.

The basic core of this disc brake lock is made to be resistant to drilling, and all other kinds of tampering that thieves try, including chisel slams, sharp cutting, and even sawing.

This amazing disc lock from Bibowa has a built-in alarm that is very loud with 110 decibels of range and would immediately make the thief get scared and run away. The sturdiness which can be found in the alloy body of this disc brake is highly rare to be found on any other device.

The Handlebar Brake Lock Of The Soosee Brand Ideal For ATV

The Handlebar Brake Lock Of The Soosee Brand Ideal For ATV

As the name suggests, this type of Anti-theft lock works by wrapping around the front brake and handlebar brake lever and is highly efficient for the structure of ATVs. They are generally very compact and very easy to carry for trail rides.

But you need to be careful with the size before buying, as not all types of handlebar locks would be fitting with your ATV.

The versatile locks of this type from reputed brands come along with gaskets which makes the gaps get filled, which are created when the handlebar lock is slightly bigger in comparison to the ATV size.

In this category, the most trustable handlebar lock you will get is the Soosee brand Universal alloy lock. This lock holds amazing reviews all over the internet.

The Soosee lock is available in various colors so that you can choose whatever compliments your ATV color.

Unlike many other handlebar locks in the market, every single lock manufactured goes through practical testing before it’s packaged perfectly and shipped. This handlebar lock is also very easy to use by ATV owners and secures your vehicle from thieves in just a few seconds.

The specialized grip lock is in the anti-theft category and is resistant to all types of tampering. This sturdy lock is very small in size and can be easily carried in pockets.

This handlebar lock from Soosee weighs only around 1 lb and doesn’t have any rough edges to cause damage to your backpack or carrying bag sitting in the ATV. This Lock can be considered the easiest to install on the market and fits within a few seconds.

This lock from Soosee has been manufactured and designed keeping the rough trail conditions in mind, and that’s why the lock is resistant to water and dust. The lock also has extended longevity due to its rustproof capabilities.

Heavy-Duty Wheel Lock From Golpus For ATV

This is another kind of wheel locking device which gets fitted to the wheel of your ATV, preventing it from churning. These kinds of anti-theft devices are mostly available in vibrant neon-type colors that normally contribute to some extent to keeping thieves away.

When looking for these kinds of locks, the ideal one to buy will be the Golpus Wheel Clamp. This heavy-duty lock is made from high-quality alloy steel that remains intact without any wear signs.

The Golpus lock is made in such a design that it can perfectly fit tires from seven to eleven inches in width. The wheel lock is made to fit many other vehicles, too, except ATVs.

The wheel lock is easy to carry and has an anti-slip feature and soft grip. The wheel rims will never get scratched due to the soft coating on the surface of the lock clamp.