Last Updated: December 9th, 2023

7 Proven LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

7 Proven Linkedin Marketing Strategies

Is LinkedIn still a resume and job posting platform? Statistics suggest otherwise. Recent LinkedIn statistics for B2B lead generation show that the platform generates over 80% of social-generated leads.

Also, LinkedIn has over 500 million registered users, of which 260 million log in at least once a month. Other statistics show that LinkedIn contributes 80% of all business leads, while the other 20% is from other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter combined.

Having established, based on these data points, that businesses are missing out on high-quality leads and growth opportunities by not using LinkedIn properly, this article has explored the best LinkedIn ads strategies for SaaS companies.

Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

Apart from having a presence on LinkedIn, having a company page gives your business a distinct advantage. With a company page, your business gets to have its own space on LinkedIn. You can post, comment, share, and like content from other people in this space. Furthermore, you can promote your brand separately from your personal LinkedIn profile.

Fortunately, creating a company page is free, and the process is straightforward. However, it is essential to ensure that your logo, company description, and cover image match your brand

#2 – Sharing Business Content

With LinkedIn’s revamped content platform, businesses can engage each other, sharing information in a professional context. You can also grab attention on the news feed and keep in touch with your followers by posting a LinkedIn article.

Although content marketing is crucial to any marketing strategy, most businesses forget to post on LinkedIn, thus, missing out on more exposure. If you write and publish weekly articles on your company blog, ensure you share them on LinkedIn or repurpose them as LinkedIn articles.

You can also create a simple press release and share it on LinkedIn as your company grows or offers new services. Furthermore, updating your company’s LinkedIn page regularly to reflect recent updates about your company is wise.

Recently, LinkedIn has supported native video content. Therefore, you can share your uploaded videos on LinkedIn, helping you get more views and attention for your brand.

Running LinkedIn Retargeted Ads to Website Visitors

For a while, LinkedIn offered weak ads compared to other social platforms. Thankfully, they are getting better, especially with social media advertising and B2B marketing.

With LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences tool, you can retarget visitors that have previously visited your website. Similar to using sponsored posts on Facebook, you can also pay to reach a larger audience.

However, LinkedIn offers prospects that fit better in your sales funnel, especially in the B2B arena. You can also add email contacts or upload existing accounts for ad targeting with LinkedIn ads. Furthermore, LinkedIn advertising and the Matched Audiences tool help you know your exact audience.

Getting Better Response Rates with LinkedIn InMail

When marketing with LinkedIn, InMail is a must-have tool. Although InMail is not a free feature, the price is worth it. With this feature, you can reach out and contact any registered user on LinkedIn. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of people you can connect to monthly.

A report from LinkedIn shows that the InMail response rate is three times that of traditional emails. In addition, you get to see analytics, helping you finalize your ad spend and tactics.

Updating Yourself with The LinkedIn Marketing Blog

LinkedIn marketing blog makes catching up with the latest LinkedIn marketing trends easy. On this blog, you can find a series of custom curated articles to help you learn about effective marketing on LinkedIn. In addition, you can learn the platform’s toolkit and get new updates and features when you follow the LinkedIn marketing blog.

Using LinkedIn Groups

Businesses often overlook LinkedIn groups. However, these groups are a feature for marketers across several industries and niches. You can look for and participate in a LinkedIn group with active conversations. Engaging in conversations as an active group member increases your brand’s trust and credibility.

There is always a forum that will fit your needs, whether you are looking for a new employee, feedback, a lead, or a job. Connecting with your audience improves your brand recognition levels among high-quality potential customers, companies, and employees

Demonstrating Clear Value

Before reaching out to potential leads, ensure you research them and provide them with value. You need to invest in knowing your customer’s needs and wants before attempting to build a relationship with them. If you don’t have answers to specific questions, you can connect the customers to someone in your network who has the answers.

Finally, viewing your LinkedIn network as people you want to help out and impress instead of simply selling to is best practice. Also, because anything worth pursuing takes time before yielding results, LinkedIn advertising produces sure results in the long term.