Last Updated: December 9th, 2023

Top 5 Best Free Tools for Startups

Top 5 Best Free Tools For Startups

Launching a startup can set you back a pretty penny. It’s challenging to find the right tools, and for the best price – even more so.

As a startup founder, your resources are limited. The minimum cost of founding a business is $10,000.

To launch and run a startup successfully, you need in-depth knowledge of various factors that play a key role, such as team, risk, budget, and social media management, team communication, and customer acquisition and retention.

No one expects you to do all of this alone, and the most helpful tools don’t have to be expensive. Some are even free and can help with management, communication, and other processes. Here are five free tools to start and grow your business and brand.

Top 5 Best Free Tools for Startups


First things first – your startup needs a name. Imagine an intuitive platform that can create a unique, original presentation of your brand or personality.

BrandSnag helps users compare, research, and select the best name for their company. The platform helps businesses, brands, and personalities stand apart from the competition by checking online usernames, social media handles, and domain names to make sure they find the perfect name.


Trello is also great for startups. This free project management tool helps teams collaborate and communicate. Task management becomes a breeze. Notifications are its only downside. They can be quite late in coming, both to your phone or email.

Trello is a web-based, simple, flexible, and intuitive project management software product. It provides an easy overview of tasks. Every team member will be able to track their own and others’ progress.


Zoom hardly needs an introduction. It has proven essential to companies of all sizes during the pandemic.

While it’s not the only web-based video call app on the market by any means, it’s definitely unique. With more than 300 million users globally, it’s the top choice for video conferencing with a perfect rating on G2 and other trusted ranking platforms.

Zoom is built to support all kinds of businesses and help them connect with their target groups better. As many as 100 people can be on a call at a time on Zoom’s free plan. What’s more, you get an unlimited number of personal meetings. This would be very helpful to any startup.


Mailchimp is a very cost-effective choice for new businesses. This email marketing campaign tool helps startups answer many frequently asked questions, including how to stay relevant in the minds of their target groups or customers.

Mailchimp is a top choice for email marketing and not just because it’s free. It is the go-to option for this type of marketing regardless of your industry. The free version lets users send more than 10,000 emails to 2,000 recipients. This is definitely an effective approach to keep your audience’s attention.

Advanced analytics, beautiful templates, retargeting, personalization, and integrated photo editing are among other features worth mentioning.


Hootsuite is the best free tool for social media management, hands down. With a simple onboarding process, user-friendly interface, and scannable dashboard, managing your social media becomes a breeze with Hootsuite. The social network management tool makes it possible to manage numerous profiles across various media.

The options for users are endless. You can track engagements and schedule posts. You can also stay current on analytics, which are key to monitoring your performance and, eventually, ensuring sustained growth for your business.

Although Hootsuite’s free version is only available to one user, that’s sufficient to get you started on your social networks of choice. You can choose three of the biggest: Twitter, Meta, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

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