Last Updated: December 7th, 2023

5 Ways to Find Highly Skilled CNC Programmers

5 Ways To Find Highly Skilled Cnc Programmers

As you probably know, Computer Numerical Control programming is the process of creating instructions for computers that control CNC machinery.

The automated machines will then manufacture a design based on the G-code instructions that they have been given to create highly accurate parts or products that are used in a wide variety of industries, from furniture manufacturing to the aerospace industry.

The instructions tell the CNC machines exactly what they need to do in order to manipulate the material to achieve the desired outcome.

So, CNC programmers need to have both design and technical skills.

Their duties, besides creating technical drawings and writing programs to set up the CNC machines, would include deciding which tools are needed for each project, controlling the cutting speeds of the machinery, checking the quality of the products that are produced, and adjusting the machinery when necessary.

When looking for a CNC programmer, you will need to ensure that he or she has at least a high school diploma or GED and experience in programming CNC machines.

But how do you go about finding a highly-skilled CNC programmer?

Post Ads on Job Boards

One of the simplest and most effective options for finding a CNC programmer is to post a job ad.

By doing so, you can outline exactly what skills, qualifications, experience, and attributes you are looking for in the candidate to ensure the right people apply for the job.

There are multiple online job boards where you can post job ads, but you should also look at posting jobs in local newspapers and at local job agencies.

And it could be helpful to find online job sites that cater specifically to the manufacturing industry. Here are three of the best ones to use.

Skilled Trade Jobs

Skilled Trade Jobs is a leading online job board and resource for skilled trades. It contains a large up-to-date database of open job listings in the manufacturing, construction, engineering, and electrical industries. And employers can post jobs at the free or premium levels.

Manufacturing Jobs

This site is used by both employers and career candidates in the manufacturing and production sectors. So, you can easily post an ad for a CNC programmer to find a highly-skilled candidate in your local area.

Factory Fix

Factory Fix is one of the best sites for finding skilled CNC programmers. You can also use the platform to find CNC machinists, welders, and maintenance tech workers.

Utilize Social Media

When you use social media sites for professionals, such as LinkedIn, you can connect with potential candidates.

You can also use LinkedIn to market your company.

Furthermore, by using professional social media sites, you can get in touch with your existing contacts who work in the manufacturing industry or other relative sectors to help you find the right potential candidates for the position of CNC programmer.

Word-of-mouth can spread quickly. So, simply let your online network know that you are looking for a highly-skilled CNC programmer and you may be surprised at how quickly you can find the ideal person for the job.

Search Freelance Sites

There are multiple freelance sites on the internet where you can find experienced and skilled CNC programmers.

Though, some platforms are better for freelancers working in the manufacturing industry than others, so spend some time finding the right freelancer sites in order to not waste any time.

On most platforms, you have the option of posting a job ad and/or searching for candidates yourself. Utilize both methods to find the right person for the position.

​​Three of the best freelance sites include the following.


Upstack deploys a point hiring process to ensure you have access to the best candidates who not only have the right skills you are looking for but also have the right attributes and personalities to fit your company.


You will be able to find highly skilled CNC programmers on Freelancer. Plus, it is quick and easy to post job ads. Simply describe your needs, upload any relevant resources, and away you go.


Guru is one of the leading freelance sites for a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing and programming. You should be able to easily find the CNC programmer you have been looking for when you get onto Guru.

Contact Job Agencies

As mentioned above, you can post an ad for your job opportunity at job agencies. But you can also contact job agencies to see if they already have any CNC programmers on the books.

Job agencies should already have those people’s resumes, so you can quickly identify which candidates have the skills and experience that you are looking for.

For instance, you may want to hire someone who has extensive programming experience with a variety of CNC machines.

Attend Manufacturing Job Fairs

Some job fairs are specifically geared towards the manufacturing industry and help to connect workers like CNC programmers with companies.

Therefore, look into manufacturing job fairs in your local area and attend any upcoming ones.

Job fairs are also good for connecting with other professionals in your industry. With the right connections, you may be able to help each other out with regard to things like hiring for certain positions.

Summing Up

As you now know, there are various avenues for finding highly skilled CNC programmers.

Whether you want to look through the resumes of CNC programmers who are available or post an ad to gain multiple applications for your open position, using one or more of the above methods will help you to find the right person for the job.

To recap, you can find the candidate you are looking for by:

  • Posting ads on job boards, both online and offline.
  • Utilizing professional social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential candidates.
  • Searching online freelance sites like Upstack, Freelancer, and Guru.
  • Contacting job agencies, which may already have CNC programmers on their books.
  • Attending manufacturing job fairs, where you can connect with potential candidates as well as industry professionals who could help you find the highly skilled CNC programmers you are looking for.