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How Much Under MSRP Should I Pay For An ATV?

How Much Under Msrp Should I Pay For An Atv?

The all-terrain vehicle is one of the most thrilling and exciting. ATVs are extremely popular in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many others countries. But new buyers of ATVs are not very aware of the correct MSRP and price range they should get their ATVs in.

The MSRP means the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. This price should be considered by you the maximum price you might need to pay while buying an ATV.

You should probably never go for purchasing an ATV that goes above the MSRP, as it would mean a really large price tag. This MSRP is the price that the manufacturer of the vehicle allows.

This price is mostly based on the consideration of the vehicle’s features. The MSRP will be the price that the manufacturer idealizes as the maximum worth of the all-terrain vehicle.

This MSRP is very important because this number maintains a uniform price of the vehicles all over the states and doesn’t allow the retailers to make a fool out of the customer.

It is always quite necessary to know the MSRP of an all-terrain vehicle even before going into the showroom to check out the quad. Most retailers won’t try to sell you the vehicle at the direct MSRP value.

They tend to offer a slight discount on the MSRP even in-demand seasons. Nowadays, there is so much competition in every sector every retailer likes to get an edge. 

If some retailers are selling directly at MSRP in hope of a greater profit margin they won’t survive in the market for a long time as others would lure the customers by offering a small discount, even if it’s minimal. Some shady dealers are also somewhere who try smarter ways to get more money from your purchase.

Beware of these things, and always buy from a registered and reputed retailer. They add up extra costs on documentation fees of various kinds and try to get extra money from you.

You should also look for prices much below the MSRP all the time. The time of the year when you will buy the atv will also play a factor in the price being offered by the retailers.

A small negotiation by the customers

If you buy an ATV in the early summertime when there is a high demand for atv vehicles, then you probably wouldn’t be able to find a good deal.

So buying an ATV in the off-seasons will give you a good discount on the MSRP. Most of the time, you will get a discount of about ten percent, but in special offers, you might even get a fifteen percent discount. But you can always ask for a discount or an extra reduction in the selling price.

Atvs are very different vehicles from other on-road vehicles and provide the rider with an experience that is not available in any other ride.

Generally, the dealers tend to suggest to you the best vehicles they would have under their roof. So there isn’t much to worry about, which is is the ATV quality, but the price needs to be researched before you go in for booking your first all-terrain vehicle.

But the dealer also would have a certain price point below which it won’t be possible to sell you the vehicle.

Sometimes retailers will provide you with a full tank atv with no need for fueling for the first time ride. In off-seasons, retailers might have offers of fear gears with the ATV, and that is also something you should ask an eye for.

But you can ask for free maintenance facilities for the future, waiving off or reduced registration costs, and cheap insurance for your ATV.

As a customer, you should search out all local ATV dealers and retailers on the internet. Then if you visit a few of them or give them a call, you will know whether everyone is selling at the same price or not. Registered retailers would openly disclose a discount always.

The other essential price factor is the model and features of the ATV. Just before the summer season hits off and the demand for ATVs increases, the dealers tend to bring in new models of ATVs and reduce the old stocks and old models by a chunk.

Do some research regarding the type of ATV that you are looking for, and never shy away from a model a year or two old released. If the brand is reputed and the features match your expectations, then just for it in the winter season, when the dealers will be willing to let it go at a low price.

The dealer’s profit margins on MSRP

There is a markup on each atv made by the dealer, which not only accounts for the profit but also considers different costs such as overhead expenditure, the salary of employees, shipping costs, and a few other costs included.

Every atv dealer would have ATVs that are moderate in price, and the features of the ATVs are basic and regular. The dealers don’t have a good margin for this kind of all-terrain vehicle.

So they cannot offer great discounts on these types of ATVs. Their margin on these regular atvs mostly stays between five to seven percent.

But the margin is quite higher for high price ATVs, which have excellent features of state-of-the-art quality. So when you try negotiating with a big-price vehicle, the dealer will be more reluctant and agree on a discount of ten percent or above on the MSRP.

So, getting a high-priced ATV would come very close to your budget with the discount and give you an exceptional off-road experience.

Knowing about the new ATV model and the MSRP

Experts suggest that the most appropriate time to buy a high-profile ATV is when the next model is just about to launch or has just come into the market. One of the ways you can smoothly plan your high-discount atv purchase is by following the dealers in your local area on social media.

Keeping a check on the reputed all-terrain vehicle brands you plan to buy from will also help.

Follow the official pages on Twitter and Facebook to not miss any hints or updates on the upcoming new models of atv. Many reputed brands also offer a free email option for getting updates. You need to log in to the websites and add up your email id to get updates always.

Many ATV enthusiasts often doubt whether the prices of new atvs are negotiable or not. In answer to that, experts say that atv prices are always negotiable, whether new or old. But the margin would be very low for new vehicles as the demand is always brimming for new vehicles.

There are also additional fees that come along with an ATV when buying an ATV. The freight charge and a setup fee are the most common ones. The freight charge is the cost the dealers pay for delivering the vehicles.

There remain many liability and safety checks that the ATV must look after for a safe delivery process. The ATV dealers also have the responsibility to test and run the vehicle that will hand over to you.

The payment mode matter for a lower price than MSRP

One thing that you can be sure of is that you never have to pay the MSRP for buying an ATV in the real world. The price should definitely be below by at least five percent from the MSRP whether you are purchasing a brand new model or the old model being sold in a clearance banner.

But the payment mode you will be using is going to matter in determining whether you will be getting any additional discounts or not.

Credit card payment is one payment model that the atv dealers like to avoid. They do not prefer this payment mode because the dealers need to pay an additional cost for accepting credit cards.

Many buyers think that cash is a payment mode that ATV dealers will mostly prefer, but many times that’s not the case. One of the proffered processes would be to finance it directly. But if you are planning on buying a used ATV, then cash is always the best choice to go with.


What does MSRP stand for, and why is it important when purchasing an ATV?

MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. It represents the maximum price that the manufacturer suggests for the vehicle, ensuring a uniform price across various states and preventing retailers from overcharging customers.

How often do retailers sell ATVs at the MSRP value?

Most retailers tend to offer a discount on the MSRP, even during high-demand seasons. Due to market competition, it’s rare for retailers to sell directly at the MSRP value as they aim to attract customers with discounts.

How do dealer profit margins on MSRP vary between regular and high-priced ATVs?

Dealers typically have a lower profit margin, between five to seven percent, on regular ATVs with basic features. However, the margin is higher for high-priced ATVs with advanced features, allowing dealers to offer larger discounts on the MSRP.


Buying an ATV is a thrilling task in itself, and just thinking about all the possibilities of riding excites the potential customer.

But it won’t be right to ever pay a huge price, which is not logical for buying a vehicle. You will have to consider and check on multiple dealers to have a better analysis of the price of the ATV you wish to buy. The maximum discount you will get in the off-seasons would be a fifteen percent discount.

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