Last Updated: August 15th, 2023

Difference Between ATV Plow & Snowblower

Difference Between Atv Plow & Snowblower

Both the ATV plow and snow bowlers are critically used to clear snow. Most often, riders feel comfortable with either of the one but not both.

The ATV plow naturally clears the snow by pushing the snow forward. Many riders have been noticed to be doubtful about which one to use. But this is a crystal clear fact that a snowblower is the costlier option.

 For states which face severe snowfall every year, the citizens know how much work comes after witnessing the gorgeous snowfall all night.

Snowfall covers every space around the house, including the roof, which means snow clearing is a necessary task to resume a normal life. The snow on the sidewalks and at least the driving roads also need to be cleared partially for the proper flow of life to resume.

ATV Plow vs. ATV Snowblower – Key Differences

Some regions experience very little snowfall and in rare situations, wouldn’t have much to worry and the years-old technique of using shovels would work just fine.

The regions receiving high-density snowfalls might often have to choose between snowblower and ATV plow to get the job done. One thing that can be said for both the machines is that they both are much safer to use.

Some riders and snowing state residents often face the difficulty of space while clearing snow.

The snow you chunk out of a place needs to be put somewhere, and you can’t just make the snow vanish. Sometimes, the piles you make might deplete into the roads in some portions and make a mess again. When using a snowblower, this issue becomes a little easier to solve than an ATV plow.

But there are several other factors that you would need to consider because an ATV plow would have its own advantages. The difference between an ATV plow and a snowblower can be only understood after knowing about the two machines separately.

ATV Plow Advantages

First, you need to know what is an ATV plow. Well, you might already know that an ATV plow is like a mechanical object looking like a large, rectangular plower that gets attached to the front of an ATV.

This machine-like plow is used to scrape large chunks of snow from the surface and dump it at inappropriate angles using the blade curve.

 If there is enough space to drive the ATV or UTV properly then only this ATV plow-induced process would work well. If you also lack time and need to clear the area as soon as possible then using the ATV plow would be the right choice because using a snowblower would take more time to clear the ground.

These ATV plows can displace huge depths whether the snow is dry or partially wet. The great advantage is the easy maneuvering factor that comes with the ATV or UTV.

If you are planning to escape hard surfaces like sidewalks, lawns, and driveways, then using the ATV plow would prove to be more useful.

Experts say that when the snow has been falling for several days, and the height and depth of snow is several inches then an atv plow might not work so well because the snow then requires to be scaped off in layers and ditched into a sufficient distance.

Dry Snow Features

Dry snow is, most of the time, very soft and light in weight. This type of snow is like white dust and is much easier to remove than wet and compact snow.

ATV plow would be the perfect fit for removing these kinds of snow, irrespective of its depth. If you love to ride your ATV then ATV plowing for the dry snow would be rather fun.

 You can speed up a little and blade through the dry snow. You might need extra rounds in the area, but the task can be really fun.

If you are not in the mood for some fun and would love to get the job done immediately then driving slow and maneuvering the blade properly at the right angles would make the plow collect a lot of snow in every round.

During winter the ATVs are definitely used rarely so using them for plowing keeps the ATV running and also keeps your space clean from snow.

You can even earn some cash if you find the task fun. Just take the initiative to clear your neighborhood’s private properties and ask them for some cash; most people would love to get your help.

  • For covering spaces with a lot of area and distance to cover, using the ATV plow is better to get more job done. Using a snowblower can tire you more easily.
  • For removing snow from driveways and sidewalks, the ATV plow would work better for disposing and accumulating snow as snowblowers would blow the snow to a large distance that can enter other private properties easily.
  • The ATV plow is easier to use and is more durable. As the object is more of a mechanical background, it serves several years without any fuss. You just need to ensure the ATV works fine and the ATV plow is highly dependable and would not cause trouble on duty.
  • The ATV plow is surely the faster option when clearing roads and sidewalks. Not much physical labor is involved, and the process is very easy if you are dealing with dry snow.
  • Using a plowing blade with a rubber deflector would help in plowing heavy and deep snow. The plowing would not have over-pouring or slipping. This rubber deflector sits on top of the blade and helps in smooth plowing.
  • Some regions experience sudden snowfall which means suddenly there would be the need to remove snow of several inches. This task is better suited for an ATV plow than a snowblower. Snowbowlers are not so much common to find as ATVs and plows.
  • No chance of getting wet and cold from snow in the ATV plowing process. As in snowblower use, the driver gets wet and has to push the blower through the process in the cold. If you are sitting inside the ATV with the windows closed, you would be feeling warm, and no chance of a blowing stream of snow happening.
  • Plowing helps you have more control over the snow. When you make piles of snow using the ATV plower and not just blow it into a stream in a specific direction, it helps in better management of the snow.

ATV Snowblower Advantages

A snowblower is a stand-alone machine that is operated by the user while being behind it all the time. The machine works on the principle of a circular blade which rotates in speed and channels the snow to a long distance in a blowing process.

You can think of the machine as a lawn mover, but just in this case, it’s being used for snow and being flashed into a snow jet at a distance set by the user.

Like any type of lawnmower and vehicle, there are many brands and models that you can choose your snowblower. There are three types of snowblowers, which can be as the following :

  1. A one-stage snowblower chunks up the snow and then throws the snow through a pipe-like chute into one side of the machine in a power stream-like manner.
  2. A two-stage model would bring the snow inside the machine and then process it through the chute with more force, and these models have more adjustment capabilities.
  3. A three-stage one does both the processes of the one-stage and two stages at the same time. Thus, a lot of snow gets removed at the same time, and the user has a much easier time pushing the machine.

The Prime Advantages of a Snowblower

Extra clarity on the surface level can be obtained properly while using a snowblower. As the snowblower is operated directly by the user, there is always a clear vision of the ground where the snow is getting chucked out precisely.

This clarity cannot be obtained while using an ATV plow, as the plow kills the normal visibility of the front space to some extent.

The snowblowers can come in really compact designs, which makes them much easier to store in your garage or storeroom.

There also will remain some small spots where you won’t be able to get the ATV to operate. As the snowblowers are much smaller and directly handled, they can be easily used to clear small pockets of snow. Using a snowblower is so much easier than a conventional shovel and saves you from a lot of labor out in the cold.

These snowblowers, no matter which brand or model always have safety features that have been installed primarily to provide the confidence to the user to be always close to the machine and keep a check on the region of snow being cleared.

This means you can never be blindsided when it comes to a well-designed snowblower.

Many incidents have happened in the past where the users have damaged their own private properties using an ATV plow to remove snow.

ATVs are specially made to be always operated in off-road terrains, and thus, using them on sidewalks or on your own porch would rarely be as comfortable as using a snowblower.

No risk is involved while scraping snow with a good quality ATV snow blower. Sometimes, while using an ATV plowing technique, the rider might have to face difficulty plowing up the snow, whether it’s wet snow or hard snow.

So if the rider shows aggression with the ride, then the vehicle might face damage itself. But in the case of a snowblower, all types of snow can be processed and tossed off into a distance.

 The exact positioning of removed snow is possible while using a snowblower. Two-stage and three-stage blowers have the capacity to toss the snow off at an impressive distance, which would mean less labor is pilling the snow in the right spots.

When using an ATV plow, the huge piles often trouble the side vision of vehicles going by later on. In the case of snowblowers, the small heaps can be created at a less troubling height.

Disadvantages Of Using A Snowblower

Like every other machine on the planet, the snowblower has its own advantages and disadvantages. As already mentioned, the snowblower might have some perks over the ATV plow but you should also know that in some situations, they might not be the right choice. The disadvantages are as follows:

If your region experiences a lot of snowfall, then the one-stage snowblower would not work well at all. If you get the three-stage one, which is costly, that would only work for you. The single-stage snowblowers do not perform much if the depth of snow is above six inches.

Using a snowblower is more time-consuming and demands your presence of mind all the time because of the direction of the user application.

You would also consider the type of area that you have to clear every time it snows. If those places are mostly narrow, then a snowblower would be fine, but otherwise, clearing large driveways or lawns would not suit the snow-blowing process.

Standing in sub-zero temperatures, withstanding the freezing winds, is extremely difficult, and while using a snowblower, you have to experience that no matter how many jackets you wear.

Snowblowers do not have any kind of protection, and the user remains completely exposed to nature. The physical labor involved makes the exposure harder to withstand.

Common Disadvantages Of The ATV Plow

The ATV plows of large size do cost a lot. So by buying it, you would also have to spend more on the ATV fuel that goes into the task of snow clearing.

If you are responsible for clearing a lot of snow in sidewalks and driveways, then the cost doesn’t seem that much but otherwise, the cost would seem quite heavy.

The chances of any property damage are much higher when using an ATV plow. There will be fences and light poles that get damaged more easily in ATV plowing.

The large plows take so much space that the sight of the atv driver gets blocked by a lot. So the front space is not fully visible which leads to damage.

The wet and melted snow is also responsible for making the ATV go off balance sometimes. The power of the ATV needs to be well in control while clearing snow, as the surface would have no friction or very little friction.

The ATV plow’s dimensions would impart certain limitations in its function. Because of the large-sized heavy plow, they are not able to operate properly in spaces with limited width. If there is a lot of space for the ATV to get maneuvered and the area is open, then only the ATV plow will be able to function well enough.

Even cleaning around your own house might get difficult with an ATV plow. Whether it’s your backyard garden or front patio maneuvering an ATV in your own property might just increase your cost of expenditure in repairs.

The atv plow might be really hard to store for its colossal size and juggernaut weight.

The plows come in various sizes, but the ones that are used to remove large depths of snow from driveways and sidewalks do have very large dimensions, especially the width. If you have a really big garage, then only the plow wouldn’t trouble you much.

Attaching to the ATV and then removing it is also not a very easy task. It would require some labor from your side.

The disposing task or piling task doesn’t happen to be very smooth while using ATV plows. The piles that get created often need dressing with a shovel so that they don’t just fall off in the middle of the road again.

The snow that is blown off by the snowblowers is more adjustable and controllable. This means by atv plowing, you cannot throw off the snow in any direction you want.

To get it in your desired shape and position, there needs to be a lot of labor put in by the ATV and ATV driver. You might have already got to know the difference between an ATV plow and snowblower, but there remains a need to study further.

In various regions of the United States, the snowfall happens in a severe amount. Many times this has happened, citizens have woken up to a huge sheath of snow just outside their house.

Just opening the windows and the door can be a hectic task sometimes, let alone clearing the porch and the front driveways.

This is why snowblowers are much more common in these high snowfall-experiencing regions. A few of the snowblowers which is much popular and proven efficient are mentioned below.

Husqvarna Gas Snowblower

Difference Between Atv Plow &Amp; Snowblower

This snowblower is known to be quite exceptional and reliable when it comes to chunking off the snow. The Husqvarna ST224P is manufactured using premium quality materials.

The tires are present in the perfect size for snowblowers, which is fifteen inches; these help in maintaining firm grip and friction with the wet surface below.

The st224p is quite compact and has a total width of about twenty-three inches, which can help in clearing small pockets of snow much more efficiently. This two-stage ATV snow blower has individual control in each tire, and the whole body weighs around two hundred pounds.

The st224p has an electric quick start that saves the trouble of extra labor in the ice-cold temperature. The easy maneuverability of the vehicle comes from the power steering and the high-power engine of two hundred and eight cc.

This snowblower is among the best in the game because it can handle any depth of snow quite well. The flashy and strong LEDs in front make the use much easier without sunlight. As the vehicle comes with a three-year warranty, the snowblower is much desirable and popular.

Powersmart Gas Snowblower

Difference Between Atv Plow &Amp; Snowblower

This amazing two-stage snowblower is also formidably popular in the United States. This machine has a versatile speed setting of six types among which you can choose.

This DB72024PA can handle any type of snow in huge depths much more smoothly. The users of this blower have often reviewed its starting efficiency.

The power smart snow blower is able to throw the chunked-off snow into large distances, which is greater than most other two-stage snowblowers in the market.

Sometimes snowblower users complain about their blower getting cramped with rigid snow, this doesn’t happen with this powersmart snowblowing model due to its amazing design.

This 187-pound smart snowblower weighs much less than others and is reputed to be much more powerful in clearing dry and wet snow of several depths. However, assembling this snowblower is found to be difficult by several users.

The Tacklife Snowblower

Difference Between Atv Plow &Amp; Snowblower

This snowblower is also quite popular for its unique features and great performance.

If you are the type of person who gets comfort in the solitude and natural silence of the surroundings, then this snowblower will be perfect for your snow-clearing tasks. The engine is exceptionally quiet, with a sound number of fewer than ninety decibels.

The blower mechanism of this tack life snowblower is very strong in its because of the motor of fifteen amperes.

If you are looking for a snowblower with a super-strong chute capability,, this tacklife snowblower would serve well. The adjustable one-eighty-degree chute can toss the snow to more than twenty-five meters even if the snow is heavy.

Experts do recommend getting an extension cord when using this snowblower as the electric cord is primarily much shorter.

Many snowblowers require some crucial maintenance between use and storing, but this snowblower takes care of its own and doesn’t ask you for extra labor. The difference between an ATV plow and a snowblower is not so difficult to persuade through, as you might have already understood.

A tackle snowblower in action.

The Plowing Struggle

Just because you know how to ride an ATV, the process of ATV plowing wouldn’t come as simple as a circle. Definitely, riding the ATV well and knowing the ATV controlling tricks is very important, but when it comes to plowing, you would need much more.

Clearing chunks of snow is a unique task and would require several failures and time till you become an expert in the work.

There will be frustration at first when you are just starting to learn the task and tricks. But with the steep climbing experience your capabilities of snow clearing would increase a lot.

Even when using a high-performance ATV, the warmth of the engine won’t be enough to provide you extra warmth.

 So preparing well is necessary as if you are using a modern ATV then it won’t be covered up like many UTVs, and the bite of the cold temperature would get hard. Get proper gloves and ideal cold-killing merchandise to perform snow-clearing jobs.

This is also a fun fact, although not acknowledged often, that atv plowing can be a thrilling and joyful task. If you love to ride an ATV in rough terrains and overcome obstacles, then ATV snow plowing might become one of your favorite things too.

As the plow addition makes the ATV feel like a super vehicle, the experience of clearing snow becomes quite an adventurous task.


What are the primary differences between an ATV plow and a snowblower?

An ATV plow is attached to the front of an ATV and is used to scrape and push large chunks of snow forward. It’s suitable for clearing large areas and is more cost-effective. On the other hand, a snowblower is a stand-alone machine that operates by sucking up snow and blowing it to a set distance. It offers precise control and is ideal for clearing specific areas with precision.

What are the advantages of using an ATV plow for snow removal?

ATV plows can clear large areas quickly, are suitable for both dry and wet snow, and are easily maneuverable with the ATV. They are efficient for scraping hard surfaces like sidewalks, lawns, and driveways. Additionally, ATV plows are durable, faster in clearing roads, and require less physical labor, especially with dry snow.

What are the benefits of using a snowblower for snow clearing?

Snowblowers offer precise snow removal, especially in compact areas. They provide clarity on the surface level, are easier to store due to compact designs, and can handle all types of snow. Snowblowers also allow for the exact positioning of removed snow and are safer for properties as they reduce the risk of damage.

Are there any specific situations where one tool is preferred over the other?

For regions with high-density snowfalls, the choice between a snowblower and an ATV plow depends on the specific needs. ATV plows are ideal for large open areas, while snowblowers are better suited for precise clearing and smaller pockets of snow. Additionally, ATV plows are more effective for dry snow, whereas snowblowers can handle various snow types.

What are the disadvantages of using a snowblower?

Snowblowers can be more time-consuming, require the user’s constant attention, and might not be suitable for regions with very heavy snowfall. They also expose the user to cold temperatures, and the process can be physically demanding.


At the end of the day, it is up to you to choose the right type of snow-clearing process and machine.

Some features that are in the advantage section might not be delightful to you and come across as more of a disadvantage. So studying the ATV plow and snow-blowing process and their differences is very important to make an informed decision.

The region and the type of snowfall will also be a deciding factor on which process would be the ideal kind.

This is also important to check through the places that would require the snow clearing from you. As the type of area and space would matter a lot and using the wrong machine would make the clearing process more difficult and labor induced.

The wrong machine can also be a block in getting the work done in less time and more efficiently. Even after trying a lot, some spots might seem as unclearable if you use the ATV plow in places where a snowblower would have been ideal.

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