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14 Best ATV Helmets

14 Best Atv Helmets
14 Best Atv Helmets

Many riders might be reluctant to use ATV Helmets when in the beginner’s phase. They wouldn’t be aware that handling an ATV is not easy.

Due to its dedicated off-road build-up, the vehicle differs from any other vehicle you would have driven before. Riding an ATV without ATV Helmets or any safety gear is risky.

The ATV is used for many purposes nowadays, but the basic functionality remains the same, off-road traveling on all kinds of terrains.

Being an adventurous vehicle, it can often influence the rider to drive beyond recommendations. Taking more risks and riding beyond the skill set calls for something, and that is safety gear.

At least ATV Helmets need to be used while riding as the terrains are unpredictable and unclear most of the time.

Best ATV Helmets

Unsurprisingly, something like All Terrain Vehicles would attract youths mostly in the age spectrum. Due to market demands, ATV Helmet manufacturing companies have introduced many youth models.

Experts must put huge effort into finding the best ATV helmets for the youth among ATV Helmets Compared and Reviewed. So the best among all for the youth are mentioned below:

Fox ATV Helmets

14 Best Atv Helmets

A lot of expert riders and fame-stricken racers from all over the world have preferred the fox racing helmets over the others. This faith in experts has shown its credibility to the globe.

But among Fox ATV helmets, the one helmet that stands out for the youth is the Fox Racing V1 Matte Youth. This helmet version redesigns another adult helmet from the same brand.

The helmet has a powerful Magnetic Visor Release System to handle the forces of rotation during a crash.

The air circulation in the V1 Matte Youth model is much improved, keeping your head comfortable and managing sweat easily with the moisture management design.

If you are rolling in a hot climate, there isn’t much to worry about if you have this helmet.

The cheek pads and the liner present are washable after you remove them simply from the helmet. The graphics print is mostly the same as the adult range, but some fascinating youth-dedicated designs are available for the young and wild.

The helmet is light in weight and thus much more suitable for very young riders. The cost is around 130 dollars, which is appropriate based on the features.


O'neal 2 Srs Spyde Helmet

The helmets from O’NEAL company are well designed and serve the purpose very well. They specialize in various motocross and off-road traveling gear. They are much more affordable and sit in the lower belt regarding the budget.

But the O’NEAL Sector Bomber helmet has to be the best youth helmet in a low price range. The best features of the helmet can be listed below:

  • The helmet has escalated ventilation with filters for air circulation.
  • A Brain Protection System is equipped in the helmet to absorb shocks.
  • A visor is present, which is adjustable.
  • The shell shape at the back helps in easy adjustments of Google straps.
  • A perfect rubber nose piece is present in the helmet.

Answer AR1 Racing Helmet

  1. Four exhaust vents are present at the back, along with two cavities of air circulation in front.
  2. Abides by all safety standards like DOT FMVSS and ECE 22-05.
  3. Moisture-handling fabrics make the liner, which makes the liner washable.
  4. Injection-molded ABS is used in shell creation.
  5. Lightweight of only 3.15 lbs.

The Answer Racing Company is one of the most experienced ATV helmet manufacturing companies today. Their objective has always been to provide off-road racing fans with equipment that can be fully trusted.

The helmet should rank within the top 5 among ATV Helmets Compared and Reviewed for the youth.

Fly Racing Kinetic Quad Helmet

Fly racing kinetic Quad helmet is one of the Best ATV helmets under $100. Many might ignore this helmet for its low price, but it is nearly flawless even at that price.

  • EPS liner presents with dual density feature.
  • The polymer shell is very light in weight.
  • ACU Gold approves the helmet.
  • A proper nose guard is present.
  • Very much affordable in terms of price.

It is not their fault; several cheap helmets remain in the market, claiming to offer you the same protection as priced ones, but most would severely fail to serve the purpose.

But the kinetic helmets for youth have proved themselves and are now a reputed manufacturer of riding gears.

Airoh Aviator J ATV Helmets. – Lightest ATV Helmet

The Airoh brand has two dedicated youth models in the market, with a higher price range than their other helmets.

  • Ground-breaking air-flow system with innovative design.
  • Multi-axial carbon fiber shell.
  • Separately washable anti-sand filter fitted with the guard for the chin.
  • The lightest helmet of all.
  • The set of lining is washable.
  • Several accessories with the helmet are provided, which balances the price.

The brand is reputed and has been building powerful accessories to have a bigger impact on the off-road riding market.

The helmet they sell does come with extra accessories like vent covers, a peak extension, and a kit of screws and tools.

The Best ATV Helmet under $100

If you are searching for helmets with amazing designs and premium brand prints, you need to have a good budget of above $100.

The helmets in the low-budget range will not be as stylish as the high-budget ones, but the best ones will offer protection from damage, which remains the prime purpose of an ATV helmet.

If you need to ride long distances, then you will need helmets with premium features for elevated comfort.

If you travel short distances and are fine with mid-level comfort, helmets under $100 would be a great buy for you.

According to intensive research, the top five helmets in the low-budget belt are given below:

Storm Motorcycle Modular

Except for the wonderful features, the most astonishing feature is that the helmets are also available in varying styles and colors. The best features of them are:

  • The soft padding keeps present and keeps your head in comfort.
  • The padding is washable after removal.
  • Shell is made from durable alloy with properties similar to thermoplastic.
  • Dual visor system for all-time protection.
  • The helmet is DOT-approved, like premium brands.
  • About every type of head size will feel comfortable in this helmet.

The ILM face street bike.

This helmet can be labeled as the best budget helmet for winter. In the winter, all other helmets protect your head from the freezing winds passing by, but they seldom protect your neck.

The ILM helmet also has a well-fitted winter scarf to protect your neck. The best features of this helmet are as follows:

  • The helmet has an advanced ABS shell keeping the helmet light in weight but strong in use.
  • The dual visor feature helps to cope with different weather states.
  • The aerodynamic design kills the constant windy sounds.
  • Removable and washable pads are present in the helmet.

The ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor

According to experts, two helmets from ILM should be in the top five ATV helmets to be bought for under 100 dollars.

This model has all the features mentioned in the previous ILM full-face street motorcycle but has additional surprising features.

The previous model mentioned the visor is much more prone to scratches, but not in this model. The helmet has an anti-fog facility, which is uncommon among all helmets. The other great features of the helmet will be:

  • The high-tier ABS shell is present, which makes the helmet light and durable in strength.
  • A LED feature is present in the rear, making the helmet more stylish and vibrant in the dark.
  • The intensity and color of the LED light are customizable according to the user’s choice.
  • Dual visor system present.
  • Comfortable inner padding.
  • Wind cancellation to keep your ears at ease.

WOW Full-face motorcycle helmet

These helmets are often praised as the most gorgeous on a budget below 100 dollars. The designs are unique and well-toned. The shapes of the WOW helmets are very simple yet very elegant.

Although black helmets stay in most demand, you can try out more unique designs from them too. The other more important functionalities of the helmet are as follows:

  • Has heavily cushioned interiors for ultimate comfort.
  • All the paddings are removable and washable.
  • Aerodynamic shape with strong alloy shell.
  • Various color and design options.
  • Extra cushioning provides extra protection.

Vega Helmets warrior half-helmet

You might have already got the answer on What are the best ATV Helmets.

But knowing a little more will give you an edge over others in helmet selection. The last selection for the top five low-budget helmets ends with a robust half-helmet from the Vega brand.

If you prefer half helmets and find comfort in them. This Vega helmet will be the best choice for under 100 dollars.

The helmet comes with just as many features as a full helmet and maybe even more compared to some exaggerated helmets. The best features of the helmet are as follows:

  • Very light in weight with a strap in the rear for tightening.
  • The chin strap also helps maintain the helmet’s firm position on your head.
  • They have a sun shield, which is perfect in design.
  • The liner has sweat absorption features.
  • The air ventilation is also well structured.
  • Exceeds DOT standards.

Best ATV Helmet for Dust

Too much dust can disturb your vision, even using ATV helmets with goggles. However the prime task of helmets shouldn’t get compromised either while prioritizing dust protection.

Experts have researched and solved your question about the best ATV Helmets you can buy for trail riding without worrying about dust. The best helmets listed are as follows:

LS2 Helmets Pioneer Trigger Adventure Helmet

Many experts have prized this helmet as the best ATV helmet for dust. The helmet has several features, making it the ideal helmet for trail riding.

The best features are as follows:

  • The helmet is equipped with a sun guard and a wide eye port to wear the ATV helmets with goggles much more comfortably.
  • Approved by DOT for abiding by the standards of DOT and ECE 22.05.
  • The cheek pads have an emergency release system for easily removing the helmet.
  • A super-strong shell is built using LS2’s Kinetic Polymer Alloy.
  • The liner present has several dense layers for EPS safety and has exceptional shock absorption capacity.

BELL MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet

The Bell brand is highly reputed for its products and has excellent features. The best features of them are listed below:

  • A versatile shield is present, which is removable.
  • The shield is equipped with features like anti-scratch, fog resistance, and UV protection.
  • The helmet uses slip-plane technology in the impact protection system to reduce rotating forces.
  • Sturdy polycarbonate shell, which is also light in weight.
  • A unique flying bridge visor is present.
  • The helmet is DOT-approved.

ARAI XD4 Helmet – Summer ATV Helmet

The ARAI brand not only delivers excellent riding gear but also has a patented Dry-Cool technology that does the work to keep the helmet area cool and airy, which is most effective for the months of summer.

The other attractive features of the ARAI XD4 helmets are as follows:

  • The interior liners are removable and washable.
  • Unique Facial contour support system embedded in the cheek pad design.
  • Exhaust ports and Top-diffuser-vent ports are present for temperature regulation.
  • The brow vent face is uncommon and sirs the temple region of your head.
  • The aerodynamic features are executed due to the intermediate oval shape.

Scorpion AT950 ATV helmet

The scorpion helmet modeled AT950 has an exceptional design that perfectly suits terrain riding with ATVs. The most highlighted features are given here:

  • Has a wide eye port for enhanced peripheral vision and down-angle vision readings.
  • The modular-style chin bar is capable of being flipped up.
  • A customized sun visor is present.
  • Moisture control lining helps with more comfort.
  • The helmet is also fog-resistant.


Something as adventurous as ATV riding should be enjoyed to the fullest, so your mind needs to be free from worries. Getting one of the best helmets recommended by experts will keep your mind more at ease.

If your budget is low, that won’t be a factor because many great helmets are available for 100 dollars and lower prices.

ATVs being dedicated to off-road vehicles require more safety, and you shouldn’t be reckless. Getting the perfect safety gear will enhance your riding experience and provide fewer risk factors.

This is all we have for now. There are several ATV helmets with different specifications, and here, we have covered just a few of them.

It is important to know that there are several helmets out there for different age groups and price ranges, and there are enough options to make a choice you would be happy with.

If there is anything that you would like to know more about or would want more details on the different kinds of ATV helmets available at different price ranges, give us a click, and we will have that ready for you. Keep riding!

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