Best GPS To Buy For ATVs

Best Gps To Buy For Atvs

Whoever loves adventures into the unknown should love an All-Terrain Vehicle. Riding an ATV through an unused and natural trail of land is so thrilling and liberating at the same time. The modern ATV and other modern technologies are huge blessings that allow us to travel into the wild terrains with much less to worry about.

When you are venturing into the woods, muddy terrains, or any other off-road trail it is very common to have your phone signals getting disturbed.

So you cannot just depend on the phone’s GPS for guiding you through. Thanks to advanced technology for the availability of GPS devices in the market. Although you might think about taking that tiny risk with the smart gadgets like phone, watch or tablet, dedicated GPS tracking gadgets have a lot to offer.

In these GPS tracker maps, you will find more off-road adventure stops and landmarks that will be missing in the conventional maps of smartphones. They would track your position all the time precisely and would guide you with trail routes and even suggest multiple if present in there. 

The internet maps or paper maps would not be very reliable for dense regions and trails with not much popularity. The GPS tracker would surprise you by providing perfect routes often in these locations and would even alert you on the speed if you don’t restrict it.

Nowadays most models are even waterproof and save you the trouble of constantly worrying about slipping it into the mud or water.

Features to look into when buying a Best ATV GPS Tracker

There are several ATV GPS trackers available in the market.Not every GPS machine will have the same features or either of all the ideal features which would be beneficial. So choosing the right GPS that will serve you right when alone in the woods is going to be important. 

But the prime objective of an ATV GPS should be to provide perfect location tracking. The essentials that you should be eyeing for when considering multiple options are as follows:

Perfect location tracking while trail riding

Proper tracking of the available or possible routes through wild terrains is the most crucial task of a GPS tracker. If the mapping is not proper it would be very difficult for you to find the path through the trail which will support an ATV.

The presence of a reliable GPS system along your journey would make you feel less anxious and more comfortable with the adventure. The accuracy of the GPS tracker does depend on various factors like identifying unblocked trails, the land features, and even cleared ATV riding trails. Identification of correct landmarks like a cliff or river bed also comes as features of an ideal ATV GPS.

Another good sign of an amazing GPS tracker is the one that updates itself from all the new data it acquires. All the riders who would have traveled through the terrains earlier with the GPS allowed the system to collect data about the region and update the map accordingly.

Thus the ideal GPS tracker would analyze and provide the safest route always. The highly capable GPS can provide the ideal route and even analyze between multiple routes in real-time.

Battery capability

If the GPS tracker you buy doesn’t have sufficient battery life then it’s of not much use. For providing the correct routes and guidance it needs to first stay on throughout the journey. It will be crucial for you to know about the battery retaining capabilities of the device you will be buying.

When riding on ATVs the journey is much more important than the destination. Often the rider might wait at a place just to soak in the surroundings or might even get stuck at some places taking a much longer time to reach the destination.

So your GPS tracker needs to keep running with you alongside the ATV. If your battery goes out of charge in the middle of your journey there would be moments of panic quite naturally.

But modern systems have got your back. Some of the GPS trackers in the market do have an alternative removable battery option.

So the presence of a conventional AA battery compartment beside the internal compartment can save your day. You just need to carry some AA batteries with you on the journey and battery life wouldn’t be of concern anymore.

Best GPS for ATV for Longevity and visibility

At first, you might think about buying a cheap model of GPS tracker and think of it as an extravagance.

But after first or second in-depth terrain expeditions you will realize it’s more of a necessity and you should get one only among the best ones in the market. A device that would be durable and last a long test of time.

When you buy a device with durability automatically you will often get a device that would easily stand against the strikes on nature. The device would likely be waterproof and give great connectivity all the time. When riding on ATVs and through rough trails, you need devices as strong as you are.

The other essential feature to look for is the visibility and layout of the GPS model. You would be following the screen all the time of your ride and hence it needs to be easily readable, even under bright sunlight. 

The GPS layout should also be user-friendly so that the rider can understand the features of the road and condition easily without completely stopping the vehicle.

A few ATV GPS trackers in the market would be found that have a complicated setup and are not at all user friendly, do not choose them while buying a rider guide in the form of a GPS device.

Network strength and identification spots

The prime characteristic that would enable suitable functionality of your GPS system will be the network and connectivity. If the device cannot access any kind of network in which it operates then the device would not work properly no matter where you are, in the middle of the forest or at the foot of a hill. Well, nowadays some GPS systems work on Wi-Fi connectivity and some on a cellular connection. 

In terms of comparison, cellular networks are much more reliable in comparison to wifi networks. But there are even devices that use both cellular and wifi type of connections.

Although the device might still work without proper connectivity on showing you the basic map, it won’t be able to do real-time tracking. The network in various GPS machines is also capable of sending a message if you need to.

For finding the best atv gps you need to consider one more essential factor in mapping. If the GPS system you are considering buying or have already bought can identify small landmarks even in the dense outskirts trails then you are in luck.

These small landmarks often help riders find the right path and even go inside a dense trail. But there are no large and prominent landmarks like buildings, entertainment spots, or anything like that inside an uninhabited trail. 

Thus if your ATV GPS system can identify small spots like campsites, climbing locations, fueling points, and viewpoints, then you got yourself a great GPS system. Only these modern GPS systems can provide such information because they get updated, while paper maps and regular GPS are not updated that often.

The Best ATV GPS Systems 

From the experts in the field of ATV and after research on the GPS options available in the market in 2021 here you will find the names and features of various GPS machines that can be stated as the best to buy.

The ATV GPS systems available today were not so developed three or four years ago like they are today. So you need to know the best among the latest options to choose your gadget from. 

You might think if you are on a severe adventure that without a GPS tracker your ride around would become more thrilling. But the experts and their experience on such decisions suggest you might ditch a GPS system only if you know the area and the trail extremely well.

So don’t take the risk of wasting hours trying to find your way back home and get one of the best ATV GPS for ATVs in 2021. The top three of the list start from the best of the best.

Magellan TRX-7 CS

Magellan Trx-7 Cs

The Magellan brand is one of the most popular names in the field of GPS devices. They have several GPS trackers in the market that can be used for your ATV off-road traveling. But the TRX-7 CS model stands out in comparison. The GPS system is loaded with 115,000 ORV trails and the screen layout is also perfect use.

The touchscreen is user-friendly and the mapping is very reliable.

You already know that accurate location tracking and proper trail guidance is the most prized quality of a GPS tracker and this device from Magellan has that quality. The device also consists of a digital camera with the wonderful feature of GPS tagging to share your adventure perfectly. 

The additional surprising features include one-touch shares on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The other additional feature is total Bluetooth connectivity. The other features, in brief, are as follows:

  • You can map your trail and share it with your friends.
  • Excellent real-time tracking.
  • The search option to know about a trail.
  • Collects data from riders and users for often updates.
  • Severely weatherproof and no damage from water or mud is seen by experts.
  • A reliable GPS system.

Garmin GPS MAP 64 ST model GPS for ATV

Garmin Gps Map 64 St Model Gps For Atv

Besides Magellan, the other dominating company in the market of navigation equipment is Garmin.The model 64 ST has been rated as best for few surveys but as ATV riders who are experts have ranked the Magellan TRX-7 as their first choice.

The Garmin brand has several years of experience and a prestigious reputation for navigation equipment. The 64 ST model has a unique design with excellent features. The feature explanation is as follows:

Long Battery Life

The Garmin 64 ST model uses a NiMH battery and has the capacity to hold the charge and run up to 16 hours. That is enough for an ATV adventure into the wild. Still, if that doesn’t serve the purpose then the device has a separate battery slot for AA batteries. 

Devices with dual battery systems are recommended by experts and come in handy if you need some extra hours of GPS connectivity. The 16 hours battery life is not very common and can be considered as a unique feature too.

Superior Reading Feature

The device has a 2.6-inch display which is reputed for its readability strengths. There are other companies in the market with a greater display but the display size comes in the lower section of priorities for buying a GPS system for an ATV.

 The modern display can be easily read under sunlight. The device is waterproof and will even handle mud stains very well. The display is in full color and is much reliable with detailed mapping.

Memory and Bluetooth features

This navigation device from Garmin has a mind-boggling 8GB internal memory which is like a smartphone memory just one or two years back. Using it to store several trail information and wonderful photos would give you a very smartphone-like vibe. 

The design of the GPS device is also very similar to that of an old mobile phone. The device is compatible with USB and NMEA 0183 for the transfer of data. The device is equipped with Bluetooth and ANT features which help you transfer and upload information and photos using Garmin Connect.

Mapping Reliability and Sensor Work

The tracking and identification of the GPS map are known to be much accurate in this Garmin device. You can constantly share data by the Live Track feature which helps you share your location all the time and even record the journey trail. The device includes a 3-Axis compass featuring a barometric altimeter.

Magellan TR7 GPS Device

Magellan Tr7 Gps Device

Magellan brand is the other top brand besides Garmin who rules the navigation industry. They have several premium models in the market among GPS devices that have been celebrated all over the world. This Magellan TR7 model has been especially praised for its suitability with All-Terrain Vehicles.

 Several models of Magellan have reduced in price in recent years instead of increasing, unlike profit-hungry brands. The price of the TR7 model is under four hundred dollars. Like other Magellan models like TRX-7 CS, this one is also equipped with 115K trails that are specific and detailed in feature. 

The other wonderful features of the GPS system are as follows:

  • The TR7 is resistant to shock and dust. The model is also waterproof.
  • Fits perfectly with ATV trail rides.
  • 7 inch,800×400 resolution, and touchscreen-enabled.
  • Free map and software updates from Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Reliable mapping and GPS landmarks.

Garmin eTrex 30 GPS for ATV

Garmin Etrex 30 Gps For Atv

This one is the number four in the countdown and you might be wondering why there are no other brands in the top five other than Magellan and Garmin.

Well, that is because when talking about the best GPS gadgets for ATV and UTVs these are the only two that can be labeled as the best brands. 

Talking about the Garmin eTrex 30 this needs to mentioned that the model eTrex 30 has also appeared as number one in some websites analysis. The device is extremely accurate in mapping and is known to be very user-friendly in terms of readability.

The design which is very different from other models of Garmin makes it more lightweight and much more compact to use. The other great features of eTrex 30 are as follows:

  • The sensors in this device are incredibly accurate in terms of mapping data for isolated trails.
  • The sensors also help with data like altitude, compass, engine temperature, and also speed.
  • The devices easily help you share trail information you have ridden or are presently riding through instant sharing.
  • The display is known to be 64K and easily readable.
  • Sufficient internal memory and also provides expandable memory options.
  • The battery life is not so good as the other models mentioned earlier.

Garmin GPSMAP 276 Cx

Garmin Gpsmap 276 Cx

The garmin brand comes at number five again with another amazing model called the Garmin GPSMAP 276 CX. The reason why Garmin brand GPS devices can offer such accurate and reliable trail maps is due to their GLONASS satellite connectivity.

This maintains a strong connection with the device no matter how deep into the woods or how isolated parts you visit with the ATV.

This 276 CX model has a Garmin’s Hunt View mode other than the normal topographic mapping modes. If in your area hunting is legal and you like to go on the hunt with ATVs into deep terrains then the HuntView mode of this GPS model will help you track the prey much better. 

But this model is a bit higher in price than other models for stellar design and unique additional features. This model sits around the price of six hundred dollars.

But if you need the additional features with superior accuracy for professional purposes then using the higher price will be worth it. The other stunning features of the 276 CX model are as follows:

  • Excellent accuracy in determining trail details.
  • This model can be easily used even of the vehicle than mounting on your ATV.
  •  The model is shock and dust-protected.
  • The 276 CX is also waterproof like most other models from Garmin.
  • Has easy-to-use push buttons that work excellent.
  • The size and design are incredibly suitable for ATVs.

Magellan TN1710 SGLUC GPS for ATV

Magellan Tn1710 Sgluc Gps For Atv

 Magellan’s  TN1710 model is different from the other models in some characteristics. The prime feature of this model is the display size. Some riders who don’t like small screens sometimes do get frustrated by bending their necks to analyze the map. For them, this model will serve justice by the seven-inch screen. 

The device allows you to save trails while still riding so that you can share them later on with friends and family. The other quality of this model TN1710 is it displays other routes as well other than your trail in which the ATV or your vehicle stands.

You need to find the correct amount for this large model otherwise if it doesn’t fit well then the experience won’t be much smooth through quick adjustments. The GPS system also consists of several routes that are loaded from before and ready to use.

The other special features of the TN1710 are as follows:

  • There are more than 160K routes and maps from the satellite connectivity. This amount of maps is not easily found in other navigation systems.
  • The large screen of seven inches allows quick checks without stopping the ATV while riding.
  • The detailed trail displaying is cherished by many users.
  • Enough storage to add more maps from your friends.
  • But many users have also reported for the maps before loaded are difficult to apply in the GPS and might not be that user-friendly like other devices from the same brand.

Trail Tech 912-101 Voyager

No, this model is not from Magellan or either Garmin. The brand is Trail Tech and this model called 912-101 Voyager is very common among ATV trail riders. The model is exceptional in terms of design. It looks very similar to a gaming console and has several unique features. 

The device is not only highly compatible with ATVs but also other vehicles as well. The versatility to fit along any vehicle makes the product popular. The layout and mapping design are also very different from that of the top brands. 

When you will glance at the screen you will know how unique the design of GPS mapping is and not just the outside body. The readability of the device is flawless and is as clear as a bike’s speed display. The other features which need to be idealized are as follows:

The trail tracking

This device of 912-101 Voyager hosts an astonishing track managing CD that is difficult to find for other GPS devices in the market.

You can easily customize your trail ride and manage all the data without any trouble and worry. You can edit your trail and cut out only small fragments of information from the trail that you wish to share with someone or in social posts.

Data collection intelligence

Many GPS systems record trail data which is not needed but 912-101 Voyager only record data when the data is moving and the engine is on. The devices which still record data when the ATV is sitting idle take a toll on the battery too.

The versatile fitting

The device perfectly fits in with any ATV or UTV and also other off-road vehicles. The device is very compact and user-friendly.

Unique design

 that stands out in your ATV gang and makes riding much easier with only pre-present maps.


ATV riding through unpopular terrains is getting more and more popular. Nowadays with modern gadgets, every task is getting much easier.

The GPS systems or devices available make off-road traveling much safer and cautious. The introduction of modern GPS gadgets has also made riders take calculated risks and travel more in-depth to trails unknown.

The amazing features present in GPS devices from top brands will make you fall in love with off-road riding. But getting the right GPS device from the market is essential.

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