Last Updated: December 9th, 2023

7 Measures To Create An Impressive CV

7 Measures To Create An Impressive Cv

In recent years, the Indian job market has changed drastically. With the exponential increase in technology and digitization, jobs are becoming increasingly specialized. There is a need for new learning in the education sector.

However, the existing education system is not flexible enough to keep up with the changing trends in job roles. Employers feel the pinch of a shortage of skilled employees to fill the requisite roles.

According to a survey in 2019, 63% of employers in India could not find the required skills to fill job openings. This number was an increase from 56% in 2018.

The Need To Fill The Education Gap

Education leaders admit that traditional educational modes are being disrupted. Despite this, the education system is not able to respond suitably to the rapidly changing environment.

So, where do we go from here? The writing’s on the wall – the need of the hour is to upskill.

Employers need to facilitate this to keep abreast with the competition. It will add value and efficiency to the economy. Employees will benefit from new skill sets being added to their portfolios.

For any graduate and unemployed person, job hunting is a very patient and stressful period, made even more challenging without possessing the appropriate skillsets. India is one of the foremost countries where there is a talent shortage.

Luckily, various short-term and long-term measures can ease this crisis.

Organizations are now aware of the growing need to upskill their workforce. Employees can benefit from this scenario to help create an impressive CV. It’s a win-win situation for the employer and employee alike. Let us consider how employees can get themselves upskilled:

Pursue Training-Oriented Job Roles

Look for opportunities within your organization where you can get assigned to projects which have in-house training incorporated. That way, you can learn new skills without cost but contribute to your company.

Another similar approach you can take is to join companies as an apprentice. You may receive a nominal payment, or you may not. In any case, you get to learn new skills at no extra cost, which will look good on your CV.

Learning Through Courses

You cannot rely solely on the companies where you work to equip you with new skill sets. You have to take the initiative to upgrade your skills. The internet abounds with online courses, some free and others paid.

You can spend time and perhaps a bit of money learning new skills. It was heartening to see a spurt in online courses as the pandemic unfurled its deadly agenda during 2020. The trend continues, so take full advantage of it.

Reinventing The Wheel

In all likelihood, automation threatens your survival, or so it seems. Don’t let that overwhelm you – rather than being threatened by automation, accept and use it. In today’s scenario, you need to unlearn what you know and learn afresh.

Update And Upgrade

Never take what you know for granted – as an employee, your mission must always be to elevate your knowledge by updating your information regularly. Keep abreast of the latest developments in your field and emerging technologies.

Connect with colleagues and associates by networking through social media to share ideas and knowledge of the latest trends. Keep track of what others are doing better in the industry, and experiment with new technology to tap its potential.

Keep Collecting Certifications

Pure knowledge is not going to feature anywhere on your CV. Simply knowing a subject won’t convince recruiters about your qualifications. You need to clear relevant courses and possess duly endorsed certifications of your learning.

Pursue the most valued courses and carefully document the qualification certificates. Employers always value candidates with skill-based credentials over those without, as it proves your learning.

Keep Track Of Upcoming Job Profiles

Even if you aren’t currently looking for a change, you should keep a finger on the pulse of the job market. Be aware of who is hiring and what value is attached to roles similar to yours in other companies.

A lot of time and hard work go down the drain until you find a job that suits your requirements and needs. This is why online job portals are helpful – they help aspirants find suitable employment and allow recruiters to find suitable employees.

Whether you are looking for jobs in Pune, Bangalore, Dubai, London, or New York, apps will provide you with vital information on the job market. Job advertisements will give you an idea of where you stand and your areas of development about what employers seek.

Add Value To Your CV By Learning Skills

You need to upskill yourself. Every time you learn a new skill, you add value to your CV, making it more impressive. It is the only way for you to get noticed by recruiters. Instead of being a face in the crowd, you want to stand out.

The best way of standing out in the crowd of job aspirants is to be on top of your game regarding skillsets. No one is going to come forward to help you improve your skills. You have to step forward and make it happen.

You need to adopt a self-learning approach and combine it with initiatives coming from your organization.

Upskilling Is The Key To A Successful Career

It is heartening to note that many companies in India have made varying degrees of progress in upskilling their employees.

While your company may offer you some support, you must take care of the rest. If you want to get ahead, you have to upskill yourself with relevant skills. Upskill yourself to create an impressive CV.