Last Updated: December 17th, 2023

10+ Top Teacher Education Programs

10+ Top Teacher Education Programs

Teachers are in high demand all across the world. You can earn a good income teaching kids at school or university. Plus, you can also become a teacher at many of the universities offering online courses. Graduation in your subject of expertise is necessary to teach. Most teachers also go through a specialized teaching program to improve their skills. You can also do your major in education for your bachelor’s.

Want more information on Teach Now program? Check out the top teacher education programs for landing your dream position in your choice of institution.

Teach Now Program

Teach-Now is a popular teaching training course. Teach Now the program is an online course that focuses on collaboration and hands-on learning. You can either go for a teacher certification course or apply for a master’s degree in education.

Moreland University has offered the Teach-Now program since 2012. It’s one of the oldest teaching education initiatives encompassing 135 countries. The course takes much less time and money than traditional teacher education programs. The master’s degree takes 12 months and goes a long way to boost your salary. The certification program just takes nine months, and admissions are always open.

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Harvard is always a great option for academically-bright students to get a teaching degree. You can study master’s or doctoral work led by a stellar and experienced faculty. Additionally, many short-term professional teaching courses are available, like-

  • Early Childhood Programs
  • K-12 Programs
  • Higher Education Programs
  • Online Programs

More than 10,000 students take various courses at Harvard to become professional teachers. In total, there are 116 teaching programs taught by 66 expert faculty members. The doctoral programs are ideal for scholars looking to do research in the field of education.

However, you need a good academic record to get into Harvard.

Peabody College for Education

Peabody College is under the Vanderbilt college of education. It’s a premier institution for learning and research and attracts students worldwide. To become a professional teacher, you can study undergraduate courses, master’s, Ed.D., and Ph.D.

Peabody College has a faculty of 166 members and is involved in 18 research centers. It’s one of the best colleges for education programs.

Newsweek Education also recommends college for people looking to study education. Deserving candidates can also get scholarships to cover their tuition fees. You can also read about the success stories of people who studied at Peabody on the official website.

Elementary Teacher Education Programs

Teaching elementary kids can be a pleasurable experience. You get to spend time among happy children and impart fundamental knowledge. The job is less tiresome than teaching higher education students and needs less of your time.

Many graduate courses are available to become an elementary teacher. Most reputable universities in the US have an elementary teacher course. You can earn a degree from any college and start applying to prospective positions.

Top Universities to Apply

Here are some of the top universities you can choose from-

  • Michigan State University
  • University of Virginia (Curry)
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • Ohio State University
  • Teachers College, Columbia University
  • University of Washington
  • University of Texas
  • Stanford University

Refer to the respective universities’ websites for details on courses and admissions.

St. Andrews University Online MAEd

The recent COVID-19 crisis has cast a shadow on the prospects of many education students. Many classes are suspended, landing prospective teachers in trouble.

Fortunately, some institutions offer online teaching programs, like St. Andrews University.

St. Andrews is a part of the Webber International University in Florida. It’s a private university that enrolls students from different countries. A master’s degree in education is suitable for those who can’t find campus admission. You can apply and complete your full course without leaving your house.

Another good thing about St. Andrews is the scholarships. Most students receive some form of financial aid for their courses. You don’t need to worry about high fees.

The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama is another recognized institution that makes great teachers. You can take up graduate education degrees for elementary and secondary school. The university also offers a doctorate in education for different school levels. You can also study unique courses like MA in educational psychology.

The University of Alabama is a top-class institution and popular among students. You can expect to progress your career and get degrees valued by employers. The courses are also designed to help students succeed and explore their talents.

The university is a very old institution known all around the world for its excellence.

American College of Education Teacher Certifications

Not all teachers may want to go through a formal teaching education. Some may be looking for alternative routes to becoming a teacher. Many short-term courses are available that hone your skills and make you ready for employment.

The teacher certificate courses from the American College of Education are quite useful. You get to study online and get certificates in a number of areas, like-

  • Adult Education
  • English as a Second Language Teaching
  • Teaching Leadership
  • Virtual Instruction

You can also enroll for a single class without any commitment of admissions. If you like the experience, you can make a long-term commitment. The certificate courses have varied duration based on the area of learning.

You can also go for graduate, master’s, and doctoral programs.

The Open University Online Educator Course

Online learning is not a fad anymore. Rather, it’s one of the best ways to learn virtually without the limitations of where you are. Many traditional courses are now available online and have a huge demand. Additionally, many schools also now conduct online classes.

Teaching online can be different than teaching in a classroom. You need to be technologically sound and know the ins and outs of your tools.

Many teachers don’t have the experience of teaching online. Some also dread the idea of getting out of their comfort zone and learning a new thing. The Online Educator course from the Open University is the right choice for such people.

The program is completely free and available to everyone. It will teach you all the nuances of online teaching with tips from expert educators. You will also get a free certificate of participation after completing the course.

Educational Leadership and Administration Master’s

Not everyone in the education sector wants to teach students. Some eye the positions of principals or administrators. Generally, you will need many years of experience to hold a principal position. However, a few degrees can speed up the process.

The master’s in Education and Human Development from the Graduate School of Education and Human Development is one such example. The course prepares you as a leader to head and manage K-12 schools. You learn the strategies and procedures of running an institution and ensuring profitability. You will also be able to plan and improve present conditions for better student experiences.

The degree is available at a number of campuses and online.

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International)

The University of Nottingham is offering online PG certificates for teachers. The online course has a duration of 12 months and is available in English. The program is meant for teachers working outside the UK, like in America.

The online PGCEi program advances your teaching knowledge and develops you as a successful educator. You can take the course at any 14 locations worldwide for super convenience.

It’s also one of the premium online teaching courses out there.

Final Thoughts

A range of education programs is available for teachers. You can join a traditional degree or go for short-term certifications. Think of your career goals and choose a program that matches your needs.