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How to Build Strong Student-Teacher Relationships: An Advice

How To Build Strong Student-Teacher Relationships: An Advice

Admittedly, a question like how to build strong student-teacher relationships rarely crosses student’s minds, when matter of thesis is more pressing. Yet our teachers have much greater influence on our lives than we realize. What is it, you may ask? More importantly, how do you work towards it? This article will tell you how.

Teacher student relationship, their importance and impact

First and foremost, when someone’s talking about teacher student relationships, an academic achievement is what comes to mind. That teacher, who feels that their job paids off in the classroom, most likely will try delivering the information in more engaging way. Student, whose teacher is encouraging them, will have better progress and be more interested in the subject.

Moreover, in school student can nurture emotional maturity and an ability to adapt. Sometimes, being under the wing of teacher, students can figure out how to handle themselves in different situations more effectively. They can learn when to ask for help and who can help them. They know that their teacher will have their back from things like finding the right sports equipment to explaining how to write an informative essay for an upcoming exam. Every little detail helps in shaping student’s personality and who they can be in the future.

Building student teacher relationship

When it comes to it, building student teacher relationships can be trickier than it sounds. Sure, it sounds good if your teacher can just outright help you when you need to know how to write a synthesis essay instead of asking why you didn’t just write your essay. But relationship’s relationship,  you need to work on that.

So what can you do?

  1. Be attentive. Every lecturer enjoys it when their attendees are actually paying attention to the material presented.
  2. Be proactive. Ask questions. Let your teacher know that you care about their subject. Nothing feels better than knowing that something’s that you’re passionate about is shared among other people, right?
  3. Show you value their opinion. When you write a research-based argumentative essay for or against healthcare for everyone, quote them. Mention something they said in conversation with your other teacher. You still can be appreciative without seeming like a teacher’s pet.
  4. Help them. You can stay after classes and help them organize some documents. Volunteer to oversee an activity planned for junior school. Sometimes even a well-timed cup of coffee might do the job.

Famous teacher student relationships

Now, let’s think about various famous teacher-student relationships. In real life, you can say that, for example, Steven Spielberg is considered to be a mentor for J.J. Abrams. Christian Dior, in his turn, taught Yves Saint-Laurent the secrets of trade. Of course there are different instances when such relationships have been showcased by the literature and movie industry.

Teacher student relationships in movies that you may want to watch

  • “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. For Balthazar Blake, finding young Dave was a life-time goal. In an effort to get the kid ready for an ineffable fight with an evil wizard, Balthazar teaches him magic. He also does what he possibly can to save Dave from the main antagonist. With the help of Baltazar, Dave learns that he can be more than he ever was. In turn, he helps his mentor to save the woman he loves and lay to rest an old feud.
  • “The Karate Kid”. Whether we’re talking about Miyagi from the 80s or Jackie Chan’s Mr. Han, the lesson taught stays the same: hard work and focus can and will drive bullies away. Of course, that’s how one can win a karate tournament. Also, character growth and developing a strong bond between mentor and his mentee (when said mentor almost starts treating his student as his own son) is a crucial part of the movies.
  • “X-Men”. Superpowers, baldness and dealings with arch-nemesis aside, Charles Xavier was always a close confidant for his students. He strongly believed that regular people and mutants can co-exist peacefully. He taught how to accept yourself, even if you felt like there’s something wrong with you. Isn’t that something we all want in the end?

Teacher student relationships in books that can be interesting

  • “Harry Potter”. For Harry, who always called Hogwarts his home, seeking guidance from Dumbledore, school’s headmaster, was second nature. A wise, if somewhat cheeky, old wizard often was described as a mentor to young Potter. Whether he was giving pep-talks to boost confidence on fighting an enemy, or helping to nourish boy’s magic powers, Dumbledore was there when Harry needed him until his very end.
  • “Eat, Pray, Love”. You don’t often give a second thought to some random palm-readed from India. But for Elizabeth Gilbert, Ketut Liyer became a very important person on her journey. This medicine man with a kind and open heart taught Elizabeth a lot about the meditation practice of sitting and smiling. In a way, he was the reason she even planned that journey, knowing that he truly believes in her destiny.
  • “The Hunger Games Trilogy”. While sarcastic and surly, in addition to having a drinking problem, Haymitch Abernathy turned out to be not the worst mentor. Despite his attitude toward Capitole and general unfriendliness, this man manages to train Katniss and Peeta through the 74th Hunger Games. Later on he stays by their side and coaches them through their tour, and when Peeta is taken, he’s the one who helps Katniss to keep her composure.

Last thoughts on relationships between teacher and student

Bond between a student and a teacher is often what inspires a person throughout their life. Did you have that one tutor at school or college who turned the tables for you? Well, this may be a high time to thank them and never lose touch with them in the future!


1. How does technology affect student teacher relationships?

Having your teacher contacts ultimately means that you can reach out to them when you need it. This can spiral downwards, of course, if you’re doing so late in the afternoon, but if your relationships are good, they may truly help you in whatever you need.

2. How does teacher-student relationships help student’s behavior?

A good teacher-student relationship is what motivates a student’s desire to further learn something, seeing how their teacher cares about his subject and audience. In turn, a student who cares about their teacher, would likely behave in class and cause less trouble.

3. What qualities are inherent in successful student-teacher relationships?

Many qualities define a positive relationship and pave ways on how to create powerful student teacher relationships. These can be seen to include good communication, a safe learning environment and mutual respect, a positive and patient attitude, student equality and timely praise.

4. How to mend a broken teacher student relationship?

If it is possible, own that you’re responsible for part of the problem. State that you care, both about your teacher and your relationship. And, obviously, an apology comes as a must, if the fault is on you.

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