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Top 6 Tools To Write Professional Emails Like a Marketer

Top 6 Tools To Write Professional Emails Like A Marketer

Knowing how to write emails is a vital skill. From a marketing perspective, the fact that there are 4 billion daily email users opens a world of possibilities. No matter what your target demographics are, they are highly likely to have at least one email ID. For many older people, email is still a more important tool for communication than social media.

In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to do to write emails like a professional. A professional email writer values every word and punctuation used in the body of the email.

Writing email subjects is a distinct skill in itself. Getting a grasp of all these skills can be very difficult.

Fortunately for us, we live in times where digital tools can help us do almost everything. Several online email writing tools can assist you in writing emails like a professional. However, remember that the tools are merely the vehicles that make the drive easy. You are still at the steering wheel.

Top 6 Tools you need to write emails like a professional marketer

Some of the tools we’ll talk about are obvious, some not so much. Nevertheless, every tool addresses at least one area of email marketing and helps you ace it. Some tools are free to use while others are paid and some have both. If you are ready to write emails like a pro, let’s dive right in.


Top 6 Tools To Write Professional Emails Like A Marketer
  • Design emails
  • Make your own email newsletter
  • Intuitive email building tools
  • Connects with other apps and integrates with Shopify
  • $38 per month after 30-day free trial

Flodesk is the only tool you need to create professional and customized emails. Simple text-based emails are good for professional communication, but not so much for marketing campaigns.

When you want to draw someone’s attention, you need colors, design, and an aesthetically pleasing appeal. Flodesk helps you do just that.

Using Flodesk is very easy. You get an intuitive email builder tool to customize and create emails. You also get access to many templates that you can use for your project.

The best thing about Flodesk is that its designs are optimized for mobile viewing. It makes sure you do not have to do any more than usual to ensure mobile compatibility.

If you have an email newsletter, you may already know how to write good emails.

But words alone may not be effective all the time. Flodesk gives an extra appeal to even mundane emails. The templates are beautifully created and designed to draw eyes.

Flodesk solves most of the problems that people face with customizing emails for newsletters and campaigns.


  • Free and paid
  • Grammar checker and tone, syntax corrector
  • The Premium version gives more detailed suggestions
  • Detects the tone of the text
  • Available as a web extension, also easily integrates with all email providers

It’s not that Grammarly has no competition.

Grammarly faces steep competition from many apps that can play the cost game. But Grammarly has simply never lost its space because it is so good.

Depending on how detailed suggestions you want, you can go for either the free or the premium version. For basic things like grammar and spelling checks, Grammarly does an amazing job.

You need Grammarly to write good emails because grammatical correctness is at the core of professional email writing.

Using improper grammar and making spelling mistakes leave a poor impression on whoever is reading the email. It’s a cardinal sin in the world of professional email writing.

No matter how prudent we are, we inevitably make spelling and grammar mistakes. Sometimes because we were careless and sometimes because we didn’t know better.

With a tool like Grammarly, you can write with peace. Every time you make a mistake, a red line will appear under the text. You can view, change, or ignore the suggestion.

Overall, Grammarly is one of the first tools you should have to write great emails.

Since Grammarly integrates with most platforms, you can also use it on Google Docs and several other websites. Once you have Grammarly, head on to the next email writing tool.


  • Free to use
  • Shows how email subject lines look on different devices
  • Simple and easy to use

The email subject is always the most important part of an email, be it a professional or marketing email. TestSubject is a simple tool that checks the length of the email subject lines to show how it will be displayed on different devices.

Note that this app does not give any suggestions about the content of the subject line. It only checks the length of it for a proper viewing experience on every device.

Many times the subject lines created for desktops are cut midway in smartphones. Using TestSubject for email subject length check will make sure this does not happen with your emails.

Since smartphones are ubiquitous nowadays, it is important to adopt a mobile-first mindset in email marketing campaigns. The more smartphones you reach, the more people get to know about you.


  • All in one marketing automation solution
  • 300+ app integrations
  • Detailed analytics and reports
  • Details customer journey
  • Suitable for everyone

Mailchimp is not just a tool that will help you write emails like a professional marketer. It will give you everything that you need to be a professional marketer.

Mailchimp is designed to take a business online from scratch. If you want to use a tool for marketing automation, you’ll barely find anything better than Mailchimp.

You can create emails, marketing campaigns, user experience, and even websites with Mailchimp. All the tools are intuitive and easy to use, which makes Mailchimp even more popular.

It is often the first choice of people who want to take their small business to the digital space.

The tool is extremely scalable. It can handle a million-dollar marketing campaign as well as a small business sending flyers to its mailing lists.

Mailchimp is one of the versatile marketing automation tools you can use. However, its subscriber-based pricing model can be too much for many small enterprises. There are more cost effective alternatives to MailChimp that you can try out. Using a tool like Mailchimp makes the entire process of sending emails much simpler.


Top 6 Tools To Write Professional Emails Like A Marketer
  • Creates recipient personas with Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Write responses that agree with the receiver’s temperament
  • AI tone suggestion
  • Works very fast in real-time interactions as well
  • Available as a browser extension

Crystal is not your average grammar checker and toner corrector app. It goes much deeper and works at the psychological level.

Crystal creates DISC profiles of anyone you are having an email interaction with. Based on the findings of the profile, Crystal will suggest responses that can win their agreement. It is based on proven research that shows how you can deduce personality from written words.

Hundreds of brands, including Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Nike use Crystal. It goes much further than emails if you make the most of its complete capabilities.

Crystal can help you prepare for important sales meetings based on the user persona of the clients. It makes these personas after studying hundreds of interactions with those people in the past.

Crystal, named aptly, brings a futuristic element to email writing with AI and ML.

If you like the idea and want to experience the benefits yourself, trying out Crystal will make a lot of sense. But if you run an email newsletter, Crystal may not be all that helpful.


Top 6 Tools To Write Professional Emails Like A Marketer
  • Create personalized email signatures
  • Get access to email signature templates
  • Create company-wide email signatures
  • Basic: Free; Pro: $5.8 per month; Soho: $9.5 per month

Wisestamp lets you create customized email signatures for all your emails. You can also create multiple email signatures for work, side gigs, personal emails, etc.

The best part about WiseStamp is that it also gives you ideas about effective email signatures. Even if you have never made an email signature before, you can easily do it with Wisestamp. It is an essential tool to add a final touch that makes your emails more polished and professional.

Wisestamp is available both at personal and enterprise levels. You can use it to create company-wide email signatures for every employee.

It lets you add your company logo, seal, and other elements. The product that you get as a result is a completely customized email signature for your purpose.

Having customized email signatures is essential for every professional, especially if you are an entrepreneur or freelancer.

It elevates your brand and creates trust among clients. It also shows that you are a pro in your field and take your work seriously. With Wisestamp, anyone can create amazing email signatures.


Writing email gets better with practice.

But with tools like these, you have some form of framework every time you sit down to type an email. It makes every email composition a learning lesson.

You will simply keep getting better the more you write and understand the rules and principles of email writing.

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