How to Stop CB Radio Interference? Newbie Friendly Guide

How To Stop Cb Radio Interference? Newbie Friendly Guide

One of the problems of communication with these radios is that there is a lot of static interference. This happens when the radio antenna cannot pick up the frequencies clear and sharp. So, it’s important that you buy a device after reading the CB radio reviews.

There are many ways in which this interference can be stopped. We are going to talk about briefly, in this article.

What Does Radio Interference Happen?

Radio interference are caused by devices with sensitivity issues. These issues give rise to unwanted vibrations from the hardware. The vibration then causes extra static and noise, which blocks out sound. Linked hardware, such as antenna and the power supply directly connected to the radio, can start vibrating due to malfunction.


Interference may also occur when the CB antenna is mounted on a surface that is producing too many vibrations. This might also happen from external vibrations when the power supply is placed too close to another machine. It is, therefore, important to set up the radio away from other machines.

How to Check Where the Interference Is Coming from? 

If your CB Radio is the one that is producing noise, use the process of elimination to determine the cause. Look for what the cause could be. Ask yourself these questions:

  • When does the noise occur? Is it when you’re turning on your radio? Does an external source affect it?
  • Is it the A/C?
  • Does the interference increase with the work pressure?
  • Is it the location?
  • Is it a regular occurrence?
  • Is it when you turn on your car?

Stop Interferences from Different Sources 

If you have identified what the problem is, then you are already one step closer to fixing it.


For further assistance, we are going to talk about all of these different sources of interference, and hopefully, help you to solve this problem once and for all.

Interference Caused by Antenna

First of all, disconnect your antenna plug from the radio. Turn on the radio and check if the noise had stopped. If it has, then the problem lies with your antennas. And if it has not, you need to keep looking.

If the noise has stopped, check the outlet to your antenna and the connecting wire. Is there any damage? If there is, you need to replace the wire or the outlet.

But if the wires and outlets are all undamaged, you need to check the mounting location of your antenna. Does a lot of sound escape from that location? If it does, change the location of the antenna and check for interference. It is also better to relocate the antenna even in the case of no vibration from the location.

Interference Caused by Power Supply

What if the cause is not the antenna? The next thing you need to check is the radio’s power supply. Plug out the power supply and connect the radio straight to the battery. Check for noise. This stops the vibration which the power supply might pick up at times.

You may also opt for an interference filter. An interference filter is connected to the CB radio and the battery, to filter out the static discharge.

Use a coaxial cable, which is also known as aerial cable, to connect the power supply to the radio. Instead of separating the positive and negative wires, you can integrate both together and plug it in as one.

Interference from Nearby Contraptions

In case it’s neither the antenna nor the power supply, you need to check if your radio is not touching wires from other machines. The activity from a neighboring operation could disturb your CB enough to cause noise. 


Connect the radio cables away from any other machine. This will reduce the chance of such interference occurring in the first place.

Interference from Air Conditioning

If your CB is mounted on your ceiling, your air conditioner could be causing the interference. Check the distance from your radio to the A/C. Is the wiring too close? It is better to mount your radio far, as the A/C is well recognized as a source of noise interference.

Do a Noise Test to Check

To avoid interference problems, before mounting your CB, do a noise test first. Carry your set around the place where you want to mount it up and check where it creates the noise and where it doesn’t.

It is even more effective if you carry an aerial along with you, as it will be more efficient at sniffing out the noisy electronics and hotspots that are causing interference. This will reveal the best place in which you can mount the CB without worrying about interference.

What Are the Other Options?

  • CB Radio and its antenna need to be placed in a good stable position without any interference. This is called ground for the radio. If you are unable to find a proper ground, consider using an artificial ground plane.An artificial ground plane is designed to block off all vibrations from the exterior of your car to your radio device.
  • Consider using a power lead with blade fuse and ring terminals for battery. Using this protects your power supply and blocks out noise.
  • Rewire and remount your CB on good ground, somewhere void of interference.
  • If the trouble is not solved with these methods and is coming from a different source, consult experts, or manufacturer. The problem may be more than that of just not mounting the device properly.


Take good care of your CB Radio and its externals. Because it is an old model, it may face a lot of problems in getting the signals properly. So be gentle with it, and make sure that you check all the possible sources of interference. Hopefully, you will be able to fix the problem now. Best of luck!

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