Last Updated: January 23rd, 2024

5+ Related Fields For UX/UI Designer

5+ Related Fields For Ux/Ui Designer

If you are a beginner UX/UI designer, you might be interested in other fields you can study to make an incredible career. There are many directions in design, and the hard thing is to choose one.

Read this post if you are interested in expanding your expertise, getting more exciting projects, and earning more.

Interesting fields a UX/UI designer can study

Working in top UX/UI design agencies is great, but it doesn’t mean that there is no more room for growth. Here are some of the fascinating and well-paid areas that might interest you.

Graphic design

If you have always liked unusual packaging, logos, or book covers, you should try graphic design if you are ready to spend hours looking at interesting pictures.

You can design billboards and posters, TV screensavers, menus, business cards, and postcards, think over the details for packaging goods, or even work on creating road signs. After all, everything that can be expressed visually is created by a graphic designer.


Can you draw? If yes, it’s time to start making good money. The illustration is now used everywhere because it can convey any information and thoughts, sometimes even better than words.

An illustrator draws and then digitizes images for advertising, cartoons, magazines, and books. Any publishing house, editorial office, advertising agency, design bureau, or web studio needs an illustrator.

Web Design

Over the past couple of years, this area has become super popular. A web designer creates layouts for sites, online stores, landing pages, promo sites, applications.

Newsletter templates, internet banners are also his job. They should make it beautiful, understandable, and functional and attract attention and get the user to do the desired action – for example, make a purchase or leave their contact information.

Nowadays, companies are actively moving into the online space, and businesses need specialists in web design more than ever.

Social Media Marketing Design

If you are jarred by poorly designed public pages and miserable advertising images, then you need to fix it and become an SMM designer! The boom in this profession began with social network development and is unlikely to end anytime soon.

An SMM designer must make the user fall in love with the product, want to do what is expected of him, and generally remain an admirer of what they do.

Content creation and design of social media networks and advertising to attract attention and retain the user is the job of a designer in SMM.

Motion Design

Motion design means that a designer working in this direction can “revive” the image.

If you are creative and are not afraid of the prospect of becoming a human orchestra, then motion design is for you! Here you have to be a screenwriter, director, cameraman, editor, and sound designer at once.

This is a laborious and time-consuming job, but if you study to be a motion designer and become an excellent specialist, there will be no shortage of clients.

Game Design

If you love and understand computer games, then the profession of a game designer is for you.

The game designer comes up with ideas, implements them, and controls the development process. The game’s idea turns into a concept document, where the designer describes the gameplay, game features, and other details.

And after that, a team joins the project – animators, programmers, musicians, level designers. In a few words, this is a complex and exciting profession, which requires complete dedication and more than one year of study and practice.

Summing up

These are just some descriptions of the main directions that a beginner designer should consider. But in any of them, you will need the theory of structure: composition, typography, color.

You will also need to learn how to work in graphic editors, master the related tools, and constantly train your observation skills.

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