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Top 5 weirdest crypto stories in 2021

Top 5 Weirdest Crypto Stories In 2021

The rise of 2021 witnessed an upliftment in the crypto industry, widening the Auto-Trading Robot. With a rise of 286% in a year. $2.17 trillion industry raised. Though with the rise came an explosion of peculiar stories in the firm. From crypto scams to suspicious death, the industry saw a major change in the year 2021.


A renowned programmer and entrepreneur, John McAfee was found dead on June 23 in a Spanish jail cell which was then stated as suicide by hanging. John McAfee was a crypto missionary and the founder of the antivirus McAfee. The reason behind this is the taxation policy in the U.S which imposes citizenship taxation on their worldwide income every year regardless of their residence area.

The U.S had captured the antivirus’s extradition as it failed to file the tax from 2014 to 2018 and was not being reported for its own crypto projects. Due to which he was arrested in Spain and was allegedly charging $105,000 per Tweet for his ICO’s promotion through digital platforms.

However John is remembered for his splendid programming and his early adoption of crypto now, his company McAfee’s antivirus software was contracted for $14 billion by private investors. Now the company is owned by his widow Janic and his children.


On Sep 14, GlobeNewswire published a report saying that Walmart – the largest multinational retail firm from the last 8 years – will now accept crypto and have partnered with LTC (Cryptocurrency Litecoin).

This happened when big media platforms such as CNBC, Reuters started reporting the same and captured the attention of other crypo0foucsed firms too. Things got worse when LTC’s own Twitter account (leader – Charlie Lee) retweeted the statement, leading to a sudden widespread.

However, after all, it turned out to be a fraudulent hoax by an unknown person who wanted to increase the price of bitcoin.


The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk tweeted on dec 14 that his company is going to accept Dogecoin payments and analyse the after process. After which the coin gained around 20% value in no time.

However, this was not the first time Elon has twisted about his cryptocurrency scene, leading to a conflicted controversy in the community. Elon Musk mentioned the coin first in April 2019, stating it as his “fav” cryptocurrency, which gained a tremendous attention and growth after his tweet “Doge” in February 2020. Resulting in an increase of 120% in just four days after the post.

Along with this, Tesla has promised to start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment contributing heavily to the Bitcoin era and widening the community.


Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador announced the construction of a Bitcoin city near the volcano in November, valued at $1 billion.

Being the smallest Central American country, the city is broadening its presence and powering its position in the crypto industry. Apart from this, El Salvador is the first country to accept bitcoin as legal tender (Sep 2021) by developing a crypto ATM’s network and launching its own cryptocurrency wallet named Chivo wallet.

Bukele is El Salvador’s recently elected president, by no time he launched its own digital wallets and managed to pull off the craziest idea to build a bitcoin city beside the Conchagua volcano. With full planning, the city is ready to power its geothermal energy and empty VAT (value-added taxes) in order to help and support public infrastructure and its supervision.


In order to further move the bitcoin giveaway scam, prime minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account got hacked and was less compromised. It was used to publish fake posts about the announcement of India accepting Bitcoin as legal tender. The false tweet also included that India had purchased 500 BTC for its citizens and added a fake Blogspot link for promoting the giveaway.

After the false theory, the cyber team was successful in regaining his account and removing all the false posts, also informing citizens about the scam and that the statements were not true.

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