Last Updated: November 28th, 2023

Everything You Should Know When Binding and Printing a Thesis Paper: A Student Guide

Everything You Should Know When Binding And Printing A Thesis Paper: A Student Guide

A thesis or research paper is a mandatory part of completing a higher education course. It is usually one of the biggest projects that students must complete for any course.

Writing a major paper like a thesis takes a lot of time. It is a hectic process and some students take several weeks or months to research and write the paper.

The writing is usually done in soft copy because all learning institutions demand this. However, you cannot submit your final thesis as a soft copy. So, the last part of preparing a thesis or research paper is usually printing and binding.

The way you print and bind your thesis paper will determine the first impression that people have of your paper before they open it and start to read it. So, while it seems like something simple, it should not be taken lightly.

Some academic institutions usually offer guidelines on how to print and bind your thesis paper before you submit it.

Most usually instruct students on the preferred type of binding. So, the first thing students should do is check the guidelines from their school for instructions.

However, if the instructions are not given, then you have to make all the decisions by yourself. This is where a lot of students face challenges. Most of them usually get stuck on:

  • How to go about the binding and printing process
  • Where to get the binding and printing done

Continue reading this article for all the basic information that will help you with binding and printing your thesis or major research paper.

The hows of binding and printing a thesis

If you have had to bind and print your thesis before, then this part should not be a problem as you probably already know where to start and how to go about the process. However, if you will be doing it for the first time, then this article is for you. Keep on reading!

Basic considerations for printing a thesis

Printing is not a hard step, if you know what to consider. The first thing is usually the color (how the writings, figures, and other elements will appear on the printed pages). The most common option is black and white.

Black and white printed thesis usually looks the most professional. It is also the cheapest option. Alternatively, you can go for colored printing. It gives your paper some personality. However, colored printing is typically more expensive and if overdone, it may take away from the professionalism of the paper.

The other thing you have to consider is the type of printing paper on which your work will get printed. Most copy shops usually suggest the 80g/m2 paper, which is normally thin and less sturdy. It is also cheaper.

However, its quality is usually lacking as it allows the print on one side to shine through the other side. The other alternative is the 100g/m2 paper, which is of better quality and the better option. You should know that the quality of the paper on which your thesis is printed may also affect your final marks.

Finally, you have to consider the price.

This is a complex consideration because you have to consider several other elements like the type of paper, color, and the quantity of the work to determine the cost. You can always ask for quotations from different copy shops and compare them before you make a final decision.

The basics of binding a thesis

As mentioned earlier, some learning institutions usually offer guidelines on binding your thesis paper. If there are guidelines on what you should do, then you have to follow them.

However, if there are no guidelines, the first thing you have to do is to determine the type of binding technique you want to use. Factors like the weight of the printed paper, which is usually determined by the complexity of the paper, will determine the bind technique you use.

For instance, a regular term paper is usually short.

So, when it is printed, it is not usually heavy as compared to a major paper like a thesis or dissertation. So, the technique used to bind a term paper may not work for a thesis or dissertation.

Types of techniques you can use to bind your thesis

There are many options available when it comes to bind techniques.

Before you choose one method, you would benefit from learning what they entail and how suitable they are for different papers. Check out the section below for information on the techniques you can use to bind your thesis:

The leather book binding

Everything You Should Know When Binding And Printing A Thesis Paper: A Student Guide

This is the best quality available in the market. It is ideal for major papers like a bachelor’s or master’s thesis or dissertation. This is because of its classy and sophisticated look. Leather bind technique usually features a solid cover that looks like leather.

It can be customized with embossing or have corner protectors to make it look even more sophisticated. The only challenge with this technique is that it is more expensive than the others which we will discuss below.

The thermal binding

Everything You Should Know When Binding And Printing A Thesis Paper: A Student Guide

This is a versatile technique that works well for small projects like a term paper. It is also ideal if you need several minor print-outs of your final paper.

The thermal technique features a transparent front cover and a leather-look back cover. The back cover can be customized to whatever color you want. It is a cheaper alternative.

The softcover binding

Everything You Should Know When Binding And Printing A Thesis Paper: A Student Guide

This is an ideal choice for creative minds or creative art students. It is ideal for any type of final paper. The softcover technique gives you freedom to get creative with how you bind your thesis. It allows you to design the cover from scratch using different fonts, logos, images, and creative designs.

However, do not get too excited and too wild with your creativity as it may affect the seriousness of your paper. While it is ideal for all types of papers, it may not be suitable for a comprehensive paper like a dissertation because of the page and weight limitations.

The spiral binding

Everything You Should Know When Binding And Printing A Thesis Paper: A Student Guide

This is the most common, simplest, and sleekest method. It is ideal for small research papers like term papers. It is quite similar to thermal binding because it also features a transparent front and leather-look back cover.

However, while the thermal method is usually glued, the spiral one uses metal or plastic spirals to hold the pages together. The spirals cannot handle heavier projects that feature a lot of pages.

Where to get your printing and binding for your thesis done

Now that you know all the basics of the process, you can now start thinking of where you can get the job done. The internet is the perfect place to start looking as there are many options for everyone that you can find from the comfort of your home.

However, you also have to be keen on your choice as there are also scammers and unreliable service providers online.

The best thing to do would be to select a qualified, experienced, and highly-reviewed copy shop. Also, consider the costs of the services and how long they take to deliver. Things like discounts are also worth considering.

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Things that stand out about BachelorPrint:

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Get quality printing and binding today

Now that you know what to look for an all the basics, you can make a good choice to make sure nothing goes wrong when you print and bind your thesis.While you have the freedom to choose who to trust with this task, BachelorPrint is a good place to look. We recommend this user-friendly online store that guarantees high-quality and affordable prices.