Last Updated: December 9th, 2023

6 Things to Know Before Starting an Essay Writing Business

6 Things To Know Before Starting An Essay Writing Business

Given the number of students who need to write essays, starting an essay writing business can be a good choice. With the convenience and growth of the internet, an online business is one of the most cost-effective options.

Once you build a reputation as an online essay writing service, your business could flourish. That being said, it is never easy to start a business. Here are some things you need to consider before you take the plunge.

Your brand name and logo matter

You will want people to immediately recognize your brand name and logo on the internet and social media so you need to think carefully about them.

Choose a name that’s meaningful and yet easy to remember. Try to use a name that won’t be confused with an already existing name. Don’t hesitate to have a logo designed by a professional that reflects your business perfectly. Your brand has to inspire trust if you want students to use your services for essay help.

You will need the best essay writers

The success of your essay writing service will depend on the strength of your writers. You will want clients to write positive reviews and keep coming back based on the quality of your services. This means you need to work on building up a strong writing team of skilled writers. They should have different skills and the ability to write on a variety of different topics.

You can start with one or two highly experienced writers and add to the team as your business grows. It is better to do this than to rely on less than reliable writers who offer poor quality work.

You should have a great website

The first impression of your website can make visitors choose to use your services or go off to try out one of your rivals. It should be SEO optimized so that when students type “I need essay help” or “Write my essay for me” into Google search, your website comes up in the top results.

Visitors should also find your website user-friendly. They should be able to navigate easily to find all the information they need. It helps if you have samples of papers on various topics on your website so clients can see what they can expect.

Decide how much to charge

You will have to decide what to charge for offering your services. Your services may include writing academic essays, dissertations, term papers etc. To negotiate the cost of providing such services, you will first have to know how much you will need to pay a professional essay writer to fulfill the order. You will also have to take all your other overheads and expenses into account.

Factors you need to consider when determining cost are the type of paper, number of pages, and the deadline. The faster work needs to be done or the more complex it is, the more you can charge. If you want your prices to be competitive, you can’t afford to charge too much but if you charge too little, you may not survive.

You will need to market effectively

Once you have a website and writers, you will have to start marketing your essay writing services if you want to find clients. The internet is a vast platform and you will need to direct your marketing to get the best results.

Having profiles on various social media platforms can help you to connect with people willing to pay for your services. You could also use message boards and forums to find clients.

Online advertising is one of the easiest ways to introduce your brand but you could also make use of ads in local newspapers and student magazines or give out flyers at local colleges.

Don’t take on more than you can handle

You will need to slowly build up your team of professional writers and your business. If you take on too much work too quickly, it can make your turnaround times longer and result in less than professional results. This can hurt your reputation and your credibility.

If you stop at exactly the right amount of work you can afford to take on, it is easier to ensure that all work is of top quality and delivered in a timely manner.


The sector is very competitive but a paper writing service can be profitable if you build and run it in the right way.

If you want to make yours one of the best essay writing services out there, you will need a suitable name and logo, a quality website, a solid team of writers, and the ability to find a continuous stream of clients who are happy with your services and will generate great reviews.

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