The Texas Ranger SRA-158 Stock Mic

The Texas Ranger Sra-158 Stock Mic

Good quality stock microphones have been almost impossible to find, over the years manufacturer’s reduced the quality of stock mics. Now it’s to the point that even the old coffin shaped mics have been cheapened to the point of not being worth buying. Only Vanco makes a decent quality coffin shaped mic, and it isn’t what is used to be.

They were supplied with every Cobra radio in the old days, but not any more. Cobra supplies a mic that will last an average of 3 months before the cord breaks, wires in the connector break, or the PTT switch goes bad.Ranger has changed things, I hope it catches on and sticks for a while.

They have produced a stock microphone that has excellent sound quality, a Belden look-alike cord, and it is available with a 4-pin right angle connector. The mic has a hefty feel because it has a metal weight inside. It would be nice if the heft was due to the thickness and grade of plastic used on the housing.

But I have to admit, they needed to add some weight to it as the element is light as a feather, unlike the conventional dynamic elements.It comes in 4-pin Cobra/Uniden/Galaxy/RCI and other common radio straight and right angle wiring as well as 5-pin Cobra/Uniden/Texas Ranger sideband radio wiring.

The price is very reasonable at $13.95.

The Texas Ranger SRA-158 4-Pin Right Angle Cobra/Uniden/Galaxy Wiring Pictured.

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