RF Limited EC-2018 Turbo Echo Mic

Rf Limited Ec-2018 Turbo Echo Mic

The most common wiring available is the 4-pin Cobra/Galaxy/Uniden, although it can be wired to any radio on the market today. I’ve even tried one on a Tram D201 tube rig.

It sounded outstanding. I’ve also used one with a Magnum Delta Force, setting the mic and the radio internal turbo echo to different settings in order to create a different sound effect with, great results. The mic is so clean it works well in conjunction with other echo boards.

EC-2018 Turbo Front With Battery Ind. LED​


EC-2018 Rear Cover Adjustments


The EC-2018 Has A Very Flexible 3 Meter Coiled Cord


EC-2018 Xtreme™ Wire Color Code

Wire Color                Wire Function

Black                           PTT Common

Shield                         Ground

Red                              Audio

White                           PTT TX

Blue                              PTT TX

EC-2018 Xtreme™ Specifications

Sensitivity                                -25dB @ 1 KHz (at maximum output and minimum echo)

Impedance                             1 K Ohm

Frequency Response            150 – 3 KHz

Echo Frequency Response    200 – 3 KHz

Echo Time                                 60 ms Maximum

Maximum Battery                    9 Volt Preferably Alkaline

Internal Noise                            0.5mV or Less

Microphone Element               ECM Type

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