Last Updated: December 8th, 2023

How To Write Better Quotes For Electrical Business [7 Proven Tips]

How To Write Better Quotes For Electrical Business [7 Proven Tips]

Writing detailed and well-structured business quotes is a surefire way of convincing interested customers to hire your services while also attracting more customers and growing your business.

It ensures that you and your clients are on the same page and helps you break down what’s needed for the job at hand.

Additionally, quotes indicate the kind of electrical installation tasks you’ll handle, the price for each line item, and the method you’ll use.

Good quotes land jobs, however, creating them is a practiced skill, and there are some key elements that you can include that will increase your chances of winning jobs.

Use electrical contractor software for accuracy

Instead of preparing quotes manually, use automated electrical business contractor software, like Jobber. This will significantly improve the accuracy and professionalism of the quotes you send to clients.

Giving accurate prices for the different line items makes your clients trust your expertise and is an effective way of convincing them to hire you. Ensure you are realistic with the level of expenses required at that it meets your required level of profit margin

The software will help you achieve this as it can intelligently produce quotes based on similar past jobs.

It eliminates the need to look back through old paperwork manually and you can much more easily update material costs which can fluctuate regularly, and estimated job durations for projects on a similar scale.

Provide essential information about your business

Aside from the prices, clients are more confident with quotes if they include all the essential information about your business. Information to include are:

  • Your business name and logo
  • Physical location
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

This gives the client some assurance that the quote is actually coming from you, and not just a generic template from some unknown source.

Add your prospective client information

Including customers’ information in your business quote also makes it look more professional. You can mention conventional data like:

  • Recipient name and address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Company name

Include the quote’s reference number

Giving your quote a unique reference number is essential to you and your client. It enables you to identify the quote in question effortlessly, especially if you modify your quote or provide a new one. Also, it gives you an easy time when tracking your quotes and eliminates confusion.

Indicate the date of issue and the expiry date.

Noting the date you send your quote to potential customers enables you to price your electrical products and services effectively. With time, factors such as supply and demand rates change, and so does your pricing.

For instance, if the supply exceeds the demand for a good or service, the prices fall. Conversely, when the demand exceeds the supply, prices go up. (2)

Furthermore, you need to include an expiry date. This shows that your offer is limited to a particular time range.

For instance, you may give it a reasonable period of 20 days from the day you issue it. This lets your customers know the amount of time they have to approve or dismiss the quotation.

Thus, you get faster responses. You may consider sending a polite reminder before the expiration date to your clientele.

State the terms and conditions

Including a clear terms and conditions section in your quote makes it look better.

It ensures your clients know the rules they ought to abide by while doing business with you. This goes a long way to establishing good customer service since there’ll be no unexpected frustrations.

Also, it legally binds the contract between you and your customers, thus protecting you in case a dispute arises in the future.

Some terms and conditions you’d want to include are: (3)

  • The payment methods you accept
  • Any deposit customers may need to make
  • The time you expect clients to make their payments
  • Expenses of extra work, if applicable
  • Any unpredictable changes in the project

Outline any additional details

For your quote to stand out, you’d want to add any extra information you’d like your customers to be aware of.

For instance, if there’s any possible decrease in price, you may consider adding it. This further convinces clients to choose you. Hence you get more jobs. Other things you may add here include:

  • A sign-off section
  • A discount, if you’re offering
  • The time customers should expect you to complete a particular task.
  • A gratitude note thanking clients for allowing you to quote for them. You can also indicate that you’re ready and willing to work with them.


A good quote increases the chances of potential clients deciding to work with you. By remembering these tips on drafting comprehensive quotes, you will have an edge over competitors during the bidding process, allowing you to land more contracts.