How to Mount the Cb Antenna With A Roll-Up Tonneau Cover? [Easy Guide]

How To Mount The Cb Antenna With A Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

If you want to mount your CB antenna with a roll-up tonneau cover, I will solve the matter today. I will share my personal experience with you here. I hope that you can install it without any extra effort.

When I was facing the same trouble, I searched the internet, and I found some great tips. Then I tried it by myself and solved it in a very few steps. The process is not complicated; you must attach the CB antenna with the roll-up tonneau cover. So, hang with me, and I will tell you about the process.

Steps to Mount CB Antenna with Roll up Tonneau Cover

I will share the antenna setup process here that you can use on your truck; the steps are as below:

  1. You will need a Steel sheet of 16 GA or more heavy, then customize it according to the body shape of your truck (where you want to attach it). Lock the sheet on the truck’s body as it does not move at all.
  2. You can weld it if needed, but it will damage your truck’s main body.
  3. Then use some metal strap to attach the antenna base to the truck body as it does not move. Use these to connect with the frame and make the frame hold steadily.
  4. Now you can fit your CB antenna what some coarse thread bolts and square nuts. These will hold your antenna straight up ahead.
  5. Finally, check that it fits well with the tonneau cover, and clean the place for a clean look.

Fit your CB antenna properly on the Tonneau cover, giving you a better grip and outlook on your truck. I would suggest getting a CB antenna that is designed for your truck. If you are unsure which one is best for your truck, then go with the one with the best reviews and ratings.

Benefits of CB Antenna

Cb Antenna For Your Truck

There are some benefits of the CB antenna over other common vehicle antennas; those are:

  • Install the antenna as high as possible; the cabin roof or the back rack is perfect.
  • If the antenna is installed on the tonneau cover, keep it clear from the cabin roof line.
  • Install it straight to get the best reception and transmission performance.
  • These antennas are flexible, so there is no chance of breaking them unintentionally.
  • Install it on the back side, as it will perform better.

Install your CB antenna properly and get the best from it.

How to Choose the Suitable CB Antenna for Your Truck?

You need to find the right type of CB antenna for your truck. There are different models. If your truck is a Tundra Crewmax like mine, choose the suitable model that will adjust with the tonneau cover.

I am not sure if you are aware, but most CB antennas are designed to work with the tonneau cover. You need to know if your truck has a tonneau cover or not. The tonneau cover will be black, and it will be attached to the cab.

There is some other option too. If you don’t have a tonneau cover, you need to buy a CB antenna that works with the cab roof. Some trucks do not have a tonneau cover. Some of them have a hard top similar to a hard top convertible.

Cb Antenna

How to Connect a CB Antenna with your Truck?

Connecting your CB antenna with your truck system is not a tough job. You need to connect the antenna wiring to the vehicle when the antenna installation is done. Here you can connect the antenna using an external amplifier. This feature will make the antenna work properly.

Also, you must follow some steps to install the antenna in your vehicle. First, you need to check the vehicle wiring diagram. If there is no wiring diagram, then you can ask the dealer for the wiring diagram. But it is mind soothing that every antenna comes with a manual for installation and activation.

Will the CB Antenna Installation Harm the Tonneau Cover?

CB antenna installation will not harm the Tonneau cover directly; it will be installed on the side of the truck. So, there is nothing to worry about here. You can install your antenna with a roll-up tonneau cover.

There are many manufacturers of CB antennas flooding the market. To ensure that you are buying a good quality CB antenna, you should check the compatibility option with the antenna. As mentioned above in the step-by-step guide, you can install the antenna without harming the Tonneau cover. If you use a 3rd gen Tacoma antenna mount, that will perfectly fit your truck too.

Cb Antenna With Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Can I Install my CB Antenna by Myself?

Installing the CB antenna to your truck is not a complicated task. It will require an hour to finish the job and some effort. It has no extra cost at all. If you take your truck to the nearest mechanic, he will charge a reasonable amount for the job.

You can easily buy a CB antenna from the local store or order it online. If you are going to buy the CB antenna online, then you should be careful about the quality of the antenna. You should know that many low-performance CB antennas are available in the market.

Final Words

I have made a step-by-step guide on installing the CB antenna on your roll-up tonneau cover to make your task easy. You can use the related information to choose your antenna and other matters. I hope you can do it quickly and enjoy a better performance.

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