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Best ATV Ramps

Best Atv Ramps
Best Atv Ramps

As an ATV rider, it is always easy to imagine the next adventure that we are going to set out to or visualize the majestic landscapes before us, as we venture into unknown trails, at the mercy of what Nature is going to throw at us. There is tremendous power and solace; one can feel at the same time while doing this. 

However, in this effort, sometimes we forget the most important aspect of owning an ATV. This is the challenge of loading our ATV onto a ramp for transportation. One would think that the process of doing this should be fairly simple; however, the inadequacy of the designs out there can be very disappointing. 

Materials and dimensions are so important when it comes to making a decision, and this is where we need the right guidance. Well, to make this simpler for you, we have compiled a list of the best ramps out there that will make you feel a lot more comfortable setting out on a trail.

How do we know which ramp would be most ideal?

Before we move into the types of ramps, let us briefly discuss what comes before that. How do we know which ramp would be most ideal?

What is the weight limit for ATV?

thing that you should know is the total weight of your ATV. Generally a 450 cc of ATVs weigh around 520 pounds depending on whether the ATV is Sports model or Utility Model. One This information comes in particularly handy while choosing an ATV ramp because you must choose a ramp that has a higher weight capacity than your ATV. This will be valuable if you plan to upgrade to a 4-wheeler in the future. 

When you are calculating the total weight of the ramp, it is essential to take into account the weight of your quad which would include the fuel weight, the weight of all the accessories and add-ons, the rider’s weight, and the luggage/cargo weight. 

What is the use of ATV Ramp?

Assess whether transporting your ATV is the only thing that you are going to use your ramp for. If you plan on transporting heavier vehicles or any other vehicles such as golf carts, lawn equipment, or anything else, then you need a different kind of ramp.

It is better to plan for the heaviest piece of equipment that you will need to transport while planning what kind of ramp you would want. 

Things to consider while transporting the ATV. 

If you have a pick-up bed that you plan to load it on, then the ramps that you purchase must be longer than the ramps that you will need for a smaller trailer.

If you are planning on transporting it on a trailer with low ground clearance, that will affect the size of your ramp- in which case, you are going to need a much smaller ramp. These calculations can be done at the time of measuring your minimum ramp length. 

Ease in portability is important. 

You must at least consider going for a bi-fold or a tri-fold ramp. This is because the material that is used for these is much easier to carry and can also fit between your ATV tires. This can become a huge advantage if you look at it from a long-term perspective. 

The thing with non-foldable ramps is that they are bulkier, which means more difficult for storage. However, if your transportation needs are diverse, then trailer ramps, undoubtedly are a better option, as they have a better surface area for other types of equipment. 

Think about the material.

Now, when it comes to ramps, the fight is really between Aluminium and steel. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Steel is definitely the sturdier one, the more durable one with greater resistance to pressure and bending, than Aluminium. 

Steel is less likely to warp or deform, especially under intense pressure. This results in Aluminium being more expensive than steel, but this is the disadvantage, they are more prone to rust and corrosion. 

Aluminium, on the other hand, is generally a lighter material and is less dense than steel. This means that it is more malleable and elastic.

Aluminium is also rust-resistant, and this can be a huge advantage when it comes to the longevity of the material. Because of its low density, Aluminium also prices lower than steel.

Now, that we have got that covered, let us move on to discussing the different types of ramps available out there, after which we can look at the best way of using an ATV ramp.

Black Widow ATV Ramp

Black Widow Atv Ramp

Well, we had to cover this one straightaway. You are going to hear a lot about this ramp and the brand when it comes to ATV accessories.

Black Widow has created quite a name for themselves, and this extends to the ATV ramps as well. If you are looking for something within a budget, you have likely been bombarded by Black Widow advertisements, as their domination over the lower end of the market is well-travelled.

The good part about this is that they are known to deliver on their promise of credible service and premium product. They have a lot of ramps for both individual and paired loading, and you will easily find what you are looking for, whether it is a two-wheeler or a four-wheeled vehicle. 

Each ramp on their rooster comes with featured three heavy-duty hinges which allow for the ramp to fold down from 50″ to 25″ for easy storage and safe transportation. The raised serrated rungs on the ramp are what makes it most suitable for most weather conditions. This makes it very resistant to damage and gives fantastic grip and traction in potentially dangerous weather conditions. 

Quick peek into its main features and benefits:

  • Folds to half its width in storage 
  • Rubber fingers for easy and maximum grip 
  • Raised serrated rungs for maximum traction 
  • Two adjustable straps to secure ramp onto a vehicle 
  • Premium aluminium construction 

Things to be careful about

This is a great ramp if you are looking for light-weight equipment. However, you could find some trouble loading a heavier vehicle on it. The adjustable straps can sometimes slip during mounting, and it is better to keep ratchet straps as a backup.

Cargo Smart Hybrid S-curve Fold Ramp

Cargo Smart Hybrid S-Curve Fold Ramp

The Cargo Smart S-curve Fold Ramp is one of the most smartly designed ramps available in the market today.

The S-curve has been specially designed to distribute the weight at the incline, both at the top and the bottom, with a large enough circumference to load and unload items with low-clearance. This is particularly useful if and when you are loading and unloading your ATV with a flat tire or a malfunction suspension.

Cargo Smart is really showing us the way with their design, especially when it comes to their use of material.

The material that consists of a mixture of Aluminium and composite material creates a ramp that is uncharacteristically strong for its weight and its size. When it comes to this ramp, we have to discuss a few of its features in a little more detail.

Quick Peek into its main features and benefits:

  • The S-curve ramp is elegant in design and at its functional best when it comes to loading and unloading. They also have more commonly used arched ramps, for those wanting to keep it traditional. 
  • Cargo Smart ramps are available in Bi-fold, Tri-fold, and non-folding options, making it very accessible for every type of user. 
  • They have an additional option of ramp kits, which come in two primary sizes of 8″ or 12″. 
  • The main feature- the illuminated ramps are their best addition so far. The in-built LED lights illuminate when the ramp opens up, almost like creating a flight-runway effect. 

Things to be careful about

Even though they do fold up nicely and have superior design, the weight capacity is something that you must confirm from your dealer. They might not be ideal for very heavy vehicles.

Yaheetech Aluminium Ramps

The thing about Aluminium as a material is that it can be deceptive. When we speak of Yaheetech Aluminium ramps, your first look at them and you will feel unconvinced about their capacity. When it comes to their weight capacity, they are second only to the Black Widow ATV Ramps. 

The ramp features a protective design that negates the prospects of metal scratching. There are also caps at the bottom of the ramp, designed specifically to protect against any de-stabilization during loading and unloading. That should be a big relief for owners who are looking to transport heavier equipment than just ATV’s

What we have come to realize is that with most ramps, there is an extra purchase of straps required. Not with Yaheetech Aluminium ramps. These ramps come with very durable safety straps that you can easily strap onto the tail end of the ATV. Moreover, they have been designed for wear and tear, so you won’t have to keep worrying about replacing them.

Quick Peek into its main features and benefits:

  • These ramps are designed for truck loading and are ideal for transferring any 4-wheeler as well as a truck trailer. The single-fold and bi-fold ramps can be used as per your requirement to load an ATV, bike, or a 4-wheeler ATV. Their weight capacity is unmatched, and they deliver on their said capacity pulling up to 1500 LBS. 
  • The design will protect your ride from any kind of damage. With three caps at the bottom of the truck bed and the tail end, it will ensure the loading and unloading happens effortlessly. 
  • Big relief for all the ATV owners out there! We know how inconvenient it can be, for you to buy safety straps separately. As mentioned before, this model comes with safety straps that will allow for loading without buckling or collapsing. 

Things to be careful about

Be careful of the welding as some parts can come to loosen and wear out, earlier than expected. The hinges have been known to come off once in a while, and that can lead to the ramp bending. It is better to completely inspect the ramp and try out lighter vehicles before putting your vehicle, to be doubly sure.


Best Atv Ramps

This one is a great choice if you want to refrain from folding and trying to align the ramps.

Coming in at 1750 pounds in its weight capacity with an overall weight of just 32 pounds, this single-frame ramp spreads about 50′ inches making it virtually impossible for it to shift, bend or get crooked under any amount of weight. The welding mechanism allows for extra rectangular side rails on either side for more strength and support.

Quick peek into its main features and benefits:

  • Let us first talk about the rectangular side rails. These rails are an extremely valuable addition and are meant to resist any bending, and the rectangular cross-section accommodates far more weight. 
  • The heavy-duty hinges are welded, as mentioned before, and with a weight capacity of 1750 lbs, this will easily support your ATV needs. Please check on best ATV ramps further to hold these weights.. 
  • They are manufactured from Aluminium which makes it less dense and extremely light-weight, measuring only 30 lbs., while ensuring high-strength and resilience. 

Things to be careful about

This model might not be the best option for snowmobiles. Even if you have skid plates attached to the ramp, there can be damage to the ramp. It is best to check with your local dealership on whether this model will be best suited for snowmobiles. If you are looking to load your tractor, the chances are that this might be slightly shorter and would need an extension of about 6-8′” inches more.


As the name suggests, these TITAN Ramps bring with them the kind of versatility that you wouldn’t expect from ATV equipment. Whether it is a 4-wheeler ATV or a truck trailer, these ramps are your go-to option.

If you want to transport a dirt bike or a motorcycle, you have the option of a single ramp and the option of both ramps, if you want to load an ATV or a 4-wheeler. You are not going to have a problem with lawn-mowers or truck trailers with this ramp. With a capacity of 1500-pounds, they are both sturdy and resilient in their design. 

Quick Peek into its main features and benefits

  • Whether you are transporting an ATV a few miles or a truck trailer across the country, this ramp is going to be your ideal companion. The arched design allows for optimum clearance, ensuring a safe lift each time. 
  • There is no need to invest in safety straps with this ramp. It comes with heavy-duty safety straps that can be easily attached to the tailgate, to ensure a smooth transition without any collapsing or buckling under pressure. 
  • One can understand that there is a lot of thought that has gone into its construction. They fold without trouble for easy storage and transportation and come with a weight of just 30 lbs, making it very convenient to move around. 

Things to be careful about

Make sure that you inspect the rails of the ramps before using them. Take a good look at the welding and the metal sheet at the ends, to ensure the quality of welding through the ramp. 

How to safely use an ATV Ramp

Loading your 4-wheeled ATV

  • Make sure your ramp is on level ground. Open the ramp completely and let it rest on the tailgate. The ramp should be aligned and should be centred on the tailgate. 
  • Take the safety straps and hook them safely to the bumper and pull on the loose end of the straps, until they are tightly wound around the tailgate. 
  • Use a winch to drive the ATV up the ramp. DO NOT drive the ATV up yourself. 
  • Once the vehicle is on the truck bed, make sure to set the brake and tie the vehicle down. You can now remove the ramp and fold it. 
  • If it is a curved ramp, then make sure that the arch is pointing upward. 
  • It is important to position the ramp according to the spacing of the ATV tires. This means that you can position the ramp, so that the front tires are closer to the ramp, if necessary. This applies to any other equipment as well, such as a lawn-mower. 
  • If you are riding your ATV, make it one smooth transition from the ramp to the truck vehicle. This means that don’t stop or start on the ramps. 


  • The ramp is on level ground and securely attach the ramp onto the truck.
  • Be careful of the pinch points you can see at the ramp hinge locations.
  • Use the ramp for the purpose you have got it for and never exceed the mentioned weight capacity.
  • Inspect the ramp before the first use to ensure that there is no damage to the bolts/hinges or any other hardware. Keep lubricating the hinges as and when necessary.
  • Once the ends are tied, always ensure that there is more tension in the straps. This is going to help keep the ramp stable.
  • There should be no space for the ramps or the straps to move out of place. They should be in complete alignment.

FAQ’s About Best ATV Ramps

Are folding ramps safe to use? 

Generally speaking, they are safe to use. Also, pretty essential if you plan to transport your vehicle from one place to another. If you are investing in folding ramps, as opposed to rigid ramps, you will find that the folding ones have lesser weight capacities. Make your choice according to what you need. 

How long should be a ramp ideally be? 

This depends on the type of vehicle that you have. Normally, they are about 9 feet at the most. However, you should be open to investing in extensions if that’s the requirement of your vehicle. 

Is it safe to load an ATV on my own? 

Well, it is better to have someone with you while doing so. It can be dangerous. 

Can I take my ramps with me along the ride? 

Most folding ramps are very easy to store and to transport, as they take up less space. Most other ramps will fit underneath the truck vehicle or the trailer.


We hope that this was helpful in your understanding of what it means to invest in an ATV Ramp. Our recommendation would be to go for the Black Widow ATV Ramp. They have a great weight capacity and will easily handle up to 1500 pounds of weight.

The other recommendation would be to go for the Yaheetech or the Yutrax ATV ramp. They have excellent weight capacity, and their arched, foldable design can be a blessing for many of us out there. Keep riding!

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